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Looking for short term let in or around Lewes

On 11 Jun 2021 at 3:59pm Marta wrote:
Hi there, we are moving from London to Lewes but need to find a short term let for 2 or 3 months from 30th June. We will look at any 1-3 bedroom flat or house. Thank you
On 15 Jun 2021 at 8:41pm Local99 wrote:
You do realise how contentious people like you are round here Ė and hence how very unlikely many people are to feel like collaborating with you?
On 19 Jun 2021 at 5:02pm the23rd wrote:
Lewis is a fantastic place to live and very welcoming so donít be put off by local99 types - how about people who have lived here for however long it takes before being classed as Ďindigenousí refraining from selling their homes at market prices and applying a hefty discount to other local buyers - thought not.
On 20 Jun 2021 at 9:29am Mark wrote:
Lewis is a lovely place to live. You're welcome here. But be warned. There's a weird idea locally that Londoners are flocking here and are pushing property prices up. There's resentment about it. It's patently nonsense. Property prices are just high because it's a pretty town with a lovely olde world thing going on and gorgeous architecture
On 20 Jun 2021 at 2:24pm Marta wrote:
Thank you for your kind words.
On 1 Jul 2021 at 11:01pm Basil wrote:
Mark writes, 'Property prices are just high because it's a pretty town with a lovely olde world thing going on and gorgeous architecture.'

And because Londoners can sell a flat in somewhere like Streatham and raise enough to buy a house in Lewes. That and 'the bank of Mum and Dad' for the 'creatives' who lounge around doing very little.
On 2 Jul 2021 at 10:51pm Local99 wrote:
23rd and fellow melts - take a look around you. Observe the proliferation of over-sized vehicles that these new people fel that they needed in London, the similarly over-sized prams, the obsession with the urban 'convenience' of getting everything delivered to their doors with the corresponding surge in delivery vans clogging the town's streets, the demise of virtually any useful practical shops in the town, the delight in spending countless hours sprawling over large areas of cafes whilst being so very important by tapping away on their laptops, the complaints about bonfire 'parades' putting darling Auberon and Jemima at unacceptable risk whilst they fulfil their human right to take the little bleeders along despite their being far too young to be pushed to the front, and so on.
Far fewer people would have a problem with marta's ilk if they didn't try to change Lewes into a rural London.
On 4 Jul 2021 at 5:54pm The23rd wrote:
Ahhh. Super helpful Local99. Now I know how to distinguish a local from the wave of London invaders. They all drive small cars, push small prams, are total strangers to Amazon or indeed online shopping, rarely use cafes or where they do order and leave quickly and would never be seen with a laptop in public. It would help if this code was published somewhere for ease of reference. Next time I see someone struggling with a large item of furniture / shopping bags strapped to their back darting in and out of a cafe Iíll know they date back generations.
On 4 Jul 2021 at 8:55pm Local99 wrote:
Are you always such a bell-end?
You know full well that I didn't bother with an exhaustive list, but if you want a clearer, shorter reference point, just try 'attitude'.
On 4 Jul 2021 at 9:30pm The23rd wrote:
This thread started with a simple question from someone you know absolutely nothing about. But you would rather lazily attribute a whole list of characteristics to people who have decided to move from one place to another because thatís easier than taking people as they come. We might well agree on a lot more than you think when it comes to objecting to attitude but itís lazy and destructive to peg that to where someone moved from rather than who they are. Opening yourself up to the possibility that not everyone who moves here from London is a walking cliche might reap dividends just as I know the vast majority of people who grew up here are friendly, decent and kind.

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