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Library closures

On 2 Mar 2018 at 9:18pm Shadrack wrote:
ESCC closing libraries yet Tory Cllr glazier keeps his 37% allowance increase - typical Tory
On 2 Mar 2018 at 10:37pm Zak wrote:
Didn't know you could read Bro
On 3 Mar 2018 at 8:15am Sensible wrote:
Public libraries aren't used by anyone of significance any more. Close them. Save public money. Google does a much better job of cataloguing things than librarians do. I am made angry by driving past buildings that cost millions of pounds of my tax money that are entered, and far less used for legitimate benefit, by a tiny minority, and where invalid opinions or worthless literature are given the same status as proper works by being housed on the same shelves. And the class of people who use libraries rarely reach income thresholds where paying tax troubles them.
Absolute waste of public money. Paid for by the many, managed by a self-selecting minority-loving neo-communist elite who've never competed in the private sector, and used by no-one who matters. Shut them and cut taxes.
On 3 Mar 2018 at 9:00am @sensible wrote:
You would like your taxes spent on free access to the Internet for all then? Not sure you are in full control of your ideas.
On 3 Mar 2018 at 10:07am Curious wrote:
A lot of pertinent observations made in a rather forbidding manner. The old County library had a lot of very interesting books as ,to a lesser extent, did Albion street, especially the local section. Anyone who has read1984 will draw their own conclusions. The empty utopian bait of communism is once more being dangled before the vulnerable audience of youth. Hard copy books can be burned but they can't be altered as can those on line. The communist revolution in Russia was financed by the biggest capitalists in the world. The blood soaked slave state that resulted tells you why.
On 3 Mar 2018 at 10:08am Sensible wrote:
The Internet is paid for by private enterprise. It is acceptable to allow access to it by disposal of charity (if an Internet company is willing to accept such a client with its obvious risks of credit default and immoral practices), but never through taxpayers' hard-won resources.
On 3 Mar 2018 at 11:20am @sensible wrote:
Your talking rubbish.
On 3 Mar 2018 at 11:34am Bookworm wrote:
@sensible wrote: Your talking rubbish.
Oh dear, heís muttering to himself again in public.
And @sensible, itís ĎYouíreí by the way. If you read more books - from our public library - youíd know that.
On 3 Mar 2018 at 4:20pm Shush wrote:
While Sensible comes acros as a bit of a moron, heís right that libraries are becoming less relevant. When I was a kid books were a luxury and while we had quite a few we used the library regularly. Now books are more affordable and easily picked up cheaply second hand. More and more people are moving away from paper books and moving to Kindle etc and kids use google rather than the library to do their homework. The number of people in the library must have declined significantly. I canít see public libraries lasting unless they change the services that they offer. Even the DVD loans and computers have become less popular.
On 3 Mar 2018 at 4:23pm SHS wrote:
You, your neighbour or a foreign power can distort, hack or completely destroy internet content and access. Not so books. In the future, will bed-time stories be chosen and broadcast via a foot-of-the cot screen, by private enterprise? As anyone who has turned the pages of a well-written and illustrated text book will know, as any child who has been swept away by an Arthur Rackman illustrated fairy tale will tell you, the internet cannot replace books and no sensible forward-thinking government to try to make it happen.
On 3 Mar 2018 at 5:14pm Reader wrote:
My children always had a bedtime book SHS. Didnít get them from the library though.
On 3 Mar 2018 at 8:02pm Dexter wrote:
Manufacturing, ship building, making cars, public transport, local jobs, a balanced national economy, local schools, pubs, hospitals, nurses, pensions, dencent wages for decent jobs, community, hawker jump jets, planes on aircraft carriers, police officers, fire brigade, miners, Berni Inn, libraries.
There always appears to be no coherent plan to replace things when austerity or the free market decide things are no longer necessary.
Sensible is right, it's the free market that drives this country and there is no space for sentimentality or dignity.
Once they're gone; they're gone.
On 4 Mar 2018 at 11:48am Rods Tiger wrote:
The use of Ringmer library, one of those destined for closure, has increased over the last 4 years. It provides books and reading groups for the young, internet access an IT skills coaching to the elderly, social interaction connected to the Village Hall. Reducing isolation in the infirm and elderly and increasing a sense of community. It costs £7.700 a year to provide this service. Amazing value for money, so why close it ?
On 4 Mar 2018 at 1:32pm Curious wrote:
It's called globalisation. All the finance has been moved offshore. How long do you think a service economy is supposed to last? Europe is being turned into the new third world. Ignorance has to be cultivated and a new serf class created, see the Kalergi plan mentioned previously by another poster
On 4 Mar 2018 at 3:08pm bored wrote:
If you get rid of libraries without giving the entire country access to every book, study etc contained in libraries then you are restricting access to information and knowledge based on personal wealth. This is why we don't get rid of them. Services may reduce, some may close but getting rid of them is a very bad idea.

Libraries try really hard to stay relevant. Compare what an old library used to be like to modern ones. I volunteered helping older people get to know how to use computers and internet In Lewes. Lots of motivated people there. They run many schemes to make the best use of resources and tax payers money as possible.

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