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Lewes under threat from cockneys and chavs

On 14 Nov 2004 at 1:13pm northern bigot wrote:
Finding somewhere for a quiet drink in the town is becoming more difficult. Having bought my poppy, the town must have more poppy sellers than anywhere else, and having avoided a big issue seller, a penny whistler and accordian player, and the chavs outside boots, i went in search of my quiet drink.In my view 2 groups are taking over certain pubs.1---Cockneys--gor blimey accented, laugh at their own jokes, normal conversation isnt known to them, they insist on sharing their thoughts with everybody in the whole pub. I feel sorry with the bar staff who have to engage in banter with them, as their cockney behaviour becomes even louder and boring as they become even more pi**ED . Despite this they think they are a cut above, believing Lewes traditions old fashioned, and they are enlightened liberals. These liberals having left london when their areas population became too tinted for them. The yanks call this white flight. 2---chavs Baseball capped, cheap bling, burberry, he always insists on bringing his small child and dog usually of the rotweiller variety into the pub with him. The child is usually called rogan or dexter and his bird "wiv" him is attired in track suit, the top not meeting up with the bottoms there by exposing flesh round the navel region. Wearing bisto style fake tan and hero worhipping posh spice as the height of sophistication.Always on her mobile, so P***ED she cant walk in a straight line and bangs into other customers and tables and chairs.
On 14 Nov 2004 at 3:30pm The Reverend wrote:
only londoners you'll find in lewes are at lewes f.c. lewes has always had chav scum. mainly from landport but alot come over from brighton too for some reason ie whitehawk. perhaps our boots has a wider range of products?
On 14 Nov 2004 at 7:21pm Cockney Hater wrote:
Judging by this the Lewes Liberation Front could well become a reality. We'll amend the manifesto to include chavs, students and all other low life. Cleanse our town, long live the revolution.
On 14 Nov 2004 at 7:34pm The Tooth Fairy wrote:
I agree with you Bigot, finding a pub that isn't infested with the two aforementioned tribes is becoming more difficult as time goes by. Mind you, spending a night in a pub with more than three members of Lewes hockey club can be extremely tiresome.
On 14 Nov 2004 at 8:27pm Duncan Disorderly wrote:
Try Bridgeview social club then. No Cockneys, no chavs, cheaper beer than pubs, no one falling about drunk (except me), quiz nights, live entertainment and a place for a good chat to put the world to rights. Its worth a try, what is there to lose?
On 14 Nov 2004 at 9:16pm Janet Street Preacher wrote:
Sounds great, where is that?
On 14 Nov 2004 at 9:18pm Janet Street Preacher wrote:
What exactly is a chav?
On 14 Nov 2004 at 9:56pm northern bigot wrote:
Janet, a chav is a member of Britains peasant under class. Friends, i cant stand left wing intellectuals either! The type that will turn up next saturday at the town hall to see Germaine Greer, well known ball breaker and female eunach! 15 per ticket. Germaine and Rolf Harris, Australia has a lot to answer for!
On 15 Nov 2004 at 7:52am me wrote:
try the potting shed aka the gardeners there are never any chavs in there as it is a real ale pub and not a pint of white lightning in sight!
On 15 Nov 2004 at 5:31pm Sleeping Lion wrote:
Good old Malling estate club thats the place to be.
On 15 Nov 2004 at 5:48pm Jacque Schidt wrote:
Bridgeview club on the Malling estate is where you find me most weekends. Oh and Thursdays, sometimes Wednesday but only occaisonally Mondays and Tuesdays. Hic. Game of crib anyone? 10p a point, bring it on !!
On 15 Nov 2004 at 6:47pm northern bigot wrote:
Rif Raf free pubs include the Lewes arms, the John Harvey, even if the tables and bar stools are too high, and im 5ft 10. The brewers arms amongst others. " Windy " Gale is complaining in the Sussex Express about the bonfire celebrations and is worried he will be subjected to a "fatwah." Complaining about bonfire in Lewes, is like complaining about water in Venice, what do they expect? Somebody with an axe to grind is far more likely to write a letter to the paper, than somebody who has enjoyed themselves, thereby giving in the local letters page an unrepresentative view of the event.
On 24 Nov 2004 at 5:02pm Bob dillion wrote:
On 26 Nov 2004 at 12:07am The Captain of Landport wrote:
Rev why are you so hard on Landport??

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