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On 22 Jan 2006 at 11:34pm Lopster wrote:
What's going on in this town I hear a gang of "children" got caught having slashed the tyres of fifteen cars in one night on Nevill (was it the same night I got red paint sprayed up the side of mine I wonder?) - can't be reprimanded 'cos too young - and of course Lewes residents have the luxury of PAYING the council to park outside their own homes - paying for what I wonder? - increased insurance premiums due to the claims that must be it
On 25 Jan 2006 at 7:09pm Mark Rolfe wrote:
even chav can't match that
On 25 Jan 2006 at 7:35pm chav wrote:
woof woof
On 25 Jan 2006 at 10:09pm Mark Rolfe wrote:
Shut up pussy
On 26 Jan 2006 at 8:14am me wrote:
Can i point out the large groups of drunken teenagers/yobs/hoodies (call em what yer like)hanging around the precinct most of last weekend. I see the CCTV is a great deterrant NOT!. It's also nice to see the police make their presence felt NOT! Of course i can't expect the police to do the job they are paid for when there is sooooo much hate crime going on!!!!!!!!!!!! BOO HOO
On 26 Jan 2006 at 12:45pm hoody wrote:
I wasn't aware that "hanging around the precinct" was a matter for the police. Their time is better spent dealing with things that are actually against the law.
On 26 Jan 2006 at 6:59pm me wrote:
As far as i am aware "underage drinking", "verbal abuse", "intimidation", "vandalism/Graphitti" are against the law. "spitting" is just disgusting and a health hazard, "smashing bottles" for others to pick up is just ignorance etc. These are just the things I saw as i walked past.
Actually Your right, I would much rather the police spend time nicking old people doing 3 miles an hour over the speed limit on the bypass on a sunday morning.
On 26 Jan 2006 at 7:20pm Mark Rolfe wrote:
why do people post in other people's names here?
On 26 Jan 2006 at 10:16pm hoody wrote:
Are you telling me you never had a sherry at x mas when you were younger me?
Intimidation is a matter of conjecture and hanging around is not intimidation. Spitting may be the result of a blocked throat due to bird flu and one mans graffitti is another mans Turner Prize winner.
I do agree with your comments about vandalism and i am sure that if you actually witnessed this crime you reported it directly to the police, made a statement and expressed your willingness to pick out the culprits in an identity parade.
Or maybe you didn't actually see these things but just assumed they were about to happen.
The fear of crime is greater than the reality.
On 26 Jan 2006 at 11:04pm lopster wrote:
Are you not the real Mark Rolfe then?
On 27 Jan 2006 at 8:20am me wrote:
Yes I did have a sherry or two but the difference was i never felt the need to stand in the middle of the high street swearing at the top of my voice afterwards. 20 or so kids hanging around the cash point whilst I'm trying to withdraw some money, they are swearing, spitting, drinking and making "clever comments" is not intimidation?
Spitting, well your comment doesn't deserve a reply! Graphitti, what world do you live in! your telling me that tagging is art? Vandalism, I've lost count of the amount of times I've seen "underprivelidged children" Trying to smash the anti-vandal town map in the precinct. Report it to the police Hah, how very utopian
On 27 Jan 2006 at 9:50am I dont live in lewes anymore wrote:
Seaford's perfuct.
On 27 Jan 2006 at 11:27am me wrote:
Top comment PhilX :-) That should be in the dictionary!
On 27 Jan 2006 at 12:30pm hoody wrote:
So you didn't report it then?
Failure to report a crime is a crime in itself.
How would you feel if, as a result of your negligence a REAL crime had been committed.
No doubt it would all be someone elses fault.
On 27 Jan 2006 at 3:26pm I dont live in lewes anymore wrote:
Dear Hoody...
I doubt if you have ever reported a crime recently.
I have... not a life threatening incident but enough to provoke me into dialing that 0845 60 70 999 number...
After several aborted attempts (I gave up and put the phone down)it took 30 mins to get the call answered.
They noted my complaint but as no one was dead weren't interested.
When I said that I thought the phone services wasn't very good they suggested sending an email!
Get real mate.
On 27 Jan 2006 at 6:12pm hoody wrote:
I do not report crimes.
Apparently i commit them.
On 28 Jan 2006 at 1:39am Michael wrote:
Im afraid its the same in any town now.What is there for anyone below the legal pub age to do in any country town in this country.Until this problem is addressed im afraid things will only get worse.
On 28 Jan 2006 at 3:52pm Mark Rolfe wrote:
Are you not the real Mark Rolfe then? aked lopster.
One post in my name was not penned by me.
On 30 Jan 2006 at 11:03am I dont live in lewes anymore wrote:
Dear Hoody,
I am sorry to hear that you have been accused of commiting crimes (alledgedly). I must point out that if true you might not go to heaven... which will be a constant worry to you.
Far more importantly...
I had hoped/longed and yearned to come to Lewes on Saturday. By default (not very clothes conscious), I tend to wear a black Nikki Airmax Hoodie.
Sozs, in the light of your possible criminal activities;
Will I be allowed in?
Will I be arrested?
If Yes to either I woun't bother to fight for a s*dding parking space.
On 30 Jan 2006 at 1:25pm hoody wrote:
Phil my man
Cum and join us at the precinct and we can go on the nick in woolies.
In the words of the great man
"Do you wanna be in my gang?"
Bring your own spraypaint.
On 30 Jan 2006 at 5:11pm I dont live in lewes anymore wrote:
O/K Bruver... I'll be there early...ish.
Naturally I'll bring spray paint.
I can see it now "PHILX WOZ HERE".
On 6 Feb 2006 at 11:21pm LRA wrote:

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