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On Mon 22 Jun at 8:43am Blatant Liar wrote:
Interesting that no mention of the Reading murders appear
The woke mafia are probably waiting for the Guardian to say it was a right wing plot
On Mon 22 Jun at 12:05pm Nevillman wrote:
Peculiar post blatant. You are posting on one social media site that another one has said nothing about an issue in reading. If you have something to say about it why don't you just do so. Who are the 'woke Mafia'? I'm assuming there is some criticism of people you choose to see as a homogeneous group that you do not agree with. Can you be more specific please? It is a new expression to me and I would like to have some idea who is included in it.
On Mon 22 Jun at 1:23pm Green Sleeves wrote:
"Woke" is a newish term that insecure old white folks are now using to describe younger people that happen to be morally superior, kinder and more open minded than them. I suppose if you attach "mafia" to it, it sounds more menacing. "Woke" came to more prominence when satirist Andrew Doyle wrote a spoof book about it. Old, out of touch, tories lapped it up as if it were their modern adapted bible.

It just yet another overused term like "virtue signallers" and "do-gooders". A cheap, intellectual-free way to smear younger people or those who haven't been totally beaten down by fear and right-wing propaganda over the decades. Thats so woke, mannn.
On Mon 22 Jun at 3:04pm Nevillman wrote:
Thanks green. It's not overused in my hearing. A benefit of being out of touch. Sadly it looks like I miss the cut on this group on age grounds if not the other criteria for membership. I'm sure blatant will be able to slip me into other groups he doesn't like though. Please advise.
On Mon 22 Jun at 3:52pm Stephen Watson wrote:
I see 'woke' a lot on twitter in exactly the context Green Sleeves describes - right wing trolls and troll-like accounts moaning about progressives.
On Mon 22 Jun at 11:11pm Blatant Liar wrote:
Like ‘progressive ‘ is used to describe the failed policies of the nineteen seventies …
On Mon 22 Jun at 11:16pm Blatant Liar wrote:
In answer to your question NM, I can’t get it past the censorship police on LP
On Tue 23 Jun at 7:42am Mark wrote:
Using the word "snowflake" is another weapon that can be used to undermine someone's opinions when you lack any other ammunition.
On Tue 23 Jun at 8:51am Nevillman wrote:
What exactly did you try to say about the reading murders that was removed blatant? Are you accusing symes of being part of the woke mafia?
On Tue 23 Jun at 12:20pm Green Sleeves wrote:
@mark - ah yes, good old "snowflake". Lets also pay a tribute to the "social justice warrior", or "SJW" for short. I believe this was previously referred to as "do-gooders" before the days of the internet.

You do wonder how much progress humanity would have made without misanthropes like the OP and other trolls on here and in life in general. We probably just about have the technology now to fire them all into the sun, its not too late to leave these dark ages behind us.
On Tue 23 Jun at 12:55pm Blatant Liar wrote:
Symes goes with whoever shouts the loudest
He approves numerous Guardian links that have nothing to do with local issues others than screaming racism because some brown individual died of Covid
On Tue 23 Jun at 1:21pm Tom Pain wrote:
Whilst I admire the quality of modesty I fear that the green one is taking it too far. Does"morally superior,kinder and more open minded" go far enough to describe him and his disciples? Parenthetically, I must thank him for his elucidation of the term "virtue signalling", I have obviously misunderstood it in the past.
On Tue 23 Jun at 2:47pm Nevillman wrote:
I'm no clearer as to what symes has censored blatant but even with my lack of awareness of Twitter speak and the latest politically correct jargon, 'some brown individual' strikes me as a bit dodgy.
On Mon 29 Jun at 9:55pm Basil wrote:
Green Sleeves wrote: '"Woke" is a newish term that insecure old white folks are now using to describe younger people that happen to be morally superior, kinder and more open minded...'
I think 'open minded' might be the last expression to use to describe this tiny white, middle class, puritanical and censorious cult.
On Fri 3 Jul at 2:57pm Nevillman wrote:
I rather doubt if anyone describes themselves as woke basil. If you don't think the word is appropriate for someone as they do not appear to be open minded in your opinion, then don't use it. Blatant was clearly using it as a term of abuse anyway. By the time a word like woke comes to the awareness of someone like me then I'm afraid it is already redundant.

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