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On 6 Dec 2017 at 8:35pm Geoff Stalin wrote:
They’re having their Christmas shindig at St Mary’s later this month, which I thought was quite a large venue considering the half dozen or so usually on view in their North Street meeting room. Then it twigged, they’re inviting everyone who voted for them in June !! Boom boom !!
On 6 Dec 2017 at 9:10pm inthegutter wrote:
While Labour's popularity in Lewes remains relatively low, they are leading the Conservatives in most nationwide polls.
On 6 Dec 2017 at 9:21pm So Whatv wrote:
Maybe, but it’s the GE that counts sunshine
On 7 Dec 2017 at 6:24am Newms wrote:
In Lewes the Labour Party are the most vital part of the Conservative election strategy other than UKIP . They are almost entirely far left Corbyn -ite Socialists / Communists and care about nothing but some dimly imagined nutty utopia .
It is as if the 20th century had seen the triumph of the planned economy and people had been trying to escape into East Germany not out . They are like some weird extremist cult.
This is the problem with the first past the post system . Whereas on the Continent people have confronted the threat of the far right and far left with their bloody intolerant histories and illiberal instincts , here they are hidden in the two Party structure .
That genius Corbyn in fact did rather worse than the abject failure Kinnock, and only in the last days of the last election did the mass of ordinary Labour voters to whom he is abhorrent , resign themselves to the fact they had no alternative . Many candidates ran “despite Corbyn” campaigns, and it is the Labour Party membership , not its voters who have provided this non opposition that allowed Brexit to happen.
A half decent opposition would by now be 20 % ahead and it would need to be , mid term ,to win on the day . As it is, after the most catastrophic government of my lifetime we will probably have another grim term of Brexit Blue Kip
By the time they are finished the country will look like a blasted workless Daily Mail Editorial theme park. Corbyn is to blame
On 7 Dec 2017 at 8:32am Dexter wrote:
Hooray. Paul Newman, the voice of reason is back spouting Tory revisionist nonsence again; trotting out cut & paste failed Daily Mail rhetoric that Corbyn & the Labour party are Communists. In the whole of Eurpoe, only in Britian is it maintained that Labour Party policies are somewhere left of Chairman Mao. This may have something to do witht the fact that the vast majority of our media is run by neo-con foreigners.
It failed at the last election & it will fail again.
That massive 9% swing of the electorate that Corbyn achieved (without the help of much of his parliamentary party or the said media) only has to be nudged another few points and you'll see a big Labour majority in the next parliament. Oh, smell the fear.
In the meantime, the Conservative circus is still in town making a complete and utter shambles of absolutely everything it turns its hands to. This is an undeniable fact. Any true Liberal would agree but you're not a true Liberal are you Paul?
Let's never forget that this was the election that May was going to win with a huge swing to her & the Conservatives. Labour by ALL accounts were going to be wiped of the electoral map. The result was an abject failure by the Conservatives. One that completely sums up their seven years in power. By the time their cold dead hands are forced from power I suspect that this country will be in tatters.
For me, I hope the Liberals manage to unseat our less than representative MP at the next election. They won't get my vote again though while they are a home to grumpy, myopic, pro-federalist ex-Conseratives espousing failed Conservative policy.
On 7 Dec 2017 at 8:43am Dodjyte wrote:
I find politics and its long winded, rabid supporters very dull and slightly unhinged.
On 7 Dec 2017 at 10:46am Observer wrote:
"n the whole of Eurpoe, only in Britian is it maintained that Labour Party policies are somewhere left of Chairman Mao."
I hear this said quite a lot and I'm not sure it's true. Domestically, perhaps, but Corbyn's views on the EU, on NATO, on foreign policy generally, would be seen as somewhat eccentric in most of Europe, I think. Certainly in France (a bit of an outlier I know) only the very far left is in favour of uniterateral disarmament, even the socialists supported the force de frappe (maybe because it is genuinely independent & not reliant on the yanks).
Even on the NHS, given that most European countries have part-private insurance systems which are not in any way domestically controversial, but would be anathema to most of the current Labour leadership. Same goes for council housing - most countries don't have them, but then again most countries don't have our silly housing market and planning system.
On 9 Dec 2017 at 3:27pm Political man wrote:
Those who find politics dull and propagate negativity about it (and I'm probably guilty at times too) are part of the problem, in my opinion. We need more people to engage with politics, to get involved and make it more representative.
That way, we improve the breed (as it were), and help to create a more informed electorate. Some might argue that, were this truer today, we might not be in the proverbial canoe without means of locomotion.
On 10 Dec 2017 at 9:19am PassTheSugar wrote:
LL seem to me to be more of a socialising club. They have lots of parties and clubs, meeting in pubs and that seems to be it.

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