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On Thu 29 Nov at 8:23am tim wrote:
They don't want Mrs May's Brexit. They don't want a hard Brexit. They don't want to stay in the EU.
They don't care about the country they just want to get elected at any cost. The future is very bleak.
On Thu 29 Nov at 9:01am Tax man wrote:
I would not piss on the Labour party
On Thu 29 Nov at 9:15am Really?? wrote:
You're deluded - turkeys voting for Xmas - much? Really, it's time to wake up to what's going on before it's too late. As soon as we're out of EU, the Tories will strip this country and stuff their own coffers (more than they have even been doing) because they know economically it's going to be f***** in the long term. It will return to a feudal state more than it is now - zero hours will become the norm, privatised NHS, you name it WAKE UP! The EU is far from perfect, but you're deluded if you think the British political class care about you and yours, more than the EU elite - deluded beyond belief. Are you really willing to throw away all the workers' rights your grandparents and great grandparents fought for and protection of the environment just because you don't like the Labour party? Fools. Read a few history books before you throw away your country.
On Thu 29 Nov at 10:01am actually wrote:
You talk of what our parents and grandparents fought for. They fought for freedom against tyranny. Some paid with their lives.
On Thu 29 Nov at 11:11am @Really wrote:
Best you don't suggest others are deluded - you make yourself look rather silly
On Thu 29 Nov at 1:11pm @really. wrote:
How about you explain what was wrong with Tim's comments?
On Thu 29 Nov at 2:04pm Dexter wrote:
The problem is Tim, Brexit is a joke, it always was.
It was something invented by right wing nutters looking to profit from the destruction of the welfare state. There is absolutely no doubt that this will give the economy of the UK a good kicking and only those who can protect their wealth (by sending it to the EU, Rees Mogg amongst others) will be protected from that.
In addition to that, most Tory Brexit options will lead to the break up of the UK.
This is a problem creeated by the Conservative party and 'championed' by carpet baggers like Rees Mogg and charlatans like Boris Johnson. Johnson is the worst kind of chancer. By appealing to the Conservative membership's anti-EU tendancy, he sees his opportunity to beecome Prime Minister. He's a chancer, much like our anonymous local MP.
Throw into this mix a bunch of hard left wing ludites and Labour MP's with no courage of their conviction (Caroline Flynt), oh and Blairite opportunists like Stephen Kinnock and both government & opposition have been paralysed. What a shambles.
But Tim, lets be clear; while everyone is entitled to be dismayed by the paralysis of opposition, the Brexit fiasco has been totaly created & contrived by this Conservative Government. It's their mess, own it!
A mess that has seen two and a half years of lies, deception, & utter incompetence. It's a risible to try and blame Labour for the shambles created by Tories. Of-course Labour want to get ellected, that's obvious to any idiot.
For me, anyone please, no-one can be as bad as this total clown show. No-one.
It will also save us being governed by the party effectively in power at the moment because of the inept ineffectiveness of this government; that's the throw-back Flintsones of British politics, the DUP.
At least they're strong & stable.
If you voted for & still support this utter shambles, pardon me if I don't say thanks.
On Thu 29 Nov at 2:19pm Mark wrote:
Interesting that in today's poll of the 3 options the largest number wanted to remain in the EU meaning that the daft road the Tories are taking us down is no longer the will of the people.
On Thu 29 Nov at 2:24pm ester wrote:
I think the country is now split in 3 camps. The soft Brexit lot, the hard Brexit lot and the remainers. So no matter who you favour the other two will get together and outvote you. There can be no winners.
On Thu 29 Nov at 2:56pm Quentin Hogg wrote:
Had to laugh at Jeremy today avoiding a BBC debate with Theresa. He says he doesn't want to miss I'm a Celebrity.
On Thu 29 Nov at 5:17pm Clifford wrote:
ester wrote: 'I think the country is now split in 3 camps. The soft Brexit lot, the hard Brexit lot and the remainers.'

There's no such thing as 'soft Brexit' and 'hard Brexit'. There's Brexit. 'Soft Brexit' was a concept invented by Remainers after the 2016 referendum defeat. We are either in or we are out. There's no inbetween.
On Thu 29 Nov at 5:20pm Clifford wrote:
Mark wrote: '...no longer the will of the people.'

Isn't it funny when you make up a Remain majority now that's 'the will of the people', but when a majority voted Leave in 2016 that wasn't 'the will of the people'?
'The European left sees the EU as promoting democracy, egalitarianism and social liberalism, but the reality is somewhat different. The four pillars of the single market free movement of goods, services, people and money are actually the axioms of market fundamentalism, which is why Mrs Thatcher supported its creation. Meanwhile, the European court of justice has gradually turned itself into a body that enforces a free-market view of the world, placing more and more restrictions on the freedom of member states to make their own economic decisions.'
On Thu 29 Nov at 5:47pm Dexter wrote:
Clifford, I asked you before to qualify your statement that 'Remainers' invented the term 'Soft Brexit'. You keep repeating it.
A couple of months on, have you been able to find any proof yet?
On Thu 29 Nov at 6:17pm Dear Clifford wrote:
Obviously Soft Brexit means May's deal and Hard Brexit means no deal. Don't be a pedantic arze.
On Thu 29 Nov at 7:18pm Hamid Barr wrote:
Clifford making mincemeat of the rabid remainers again.
On Thu 29 Nov at 7:55pm Barking Rabid wrote:
Err, yeah right (maybe in your head perhaps)
On Thu 29 Nov at 9:31pm Rabid Harm wrote:
On Fri 30 Nov at 7:57am Man wrote:
@clifford, prior to the 1975 referendum I saw Tony Benn speak against the EU and he persuaded me to vote leave with his points about not supporting the capitalist club and saying no to the boss's market. Since then I've grown up a bit and realise that we need businesses to provide wealth and jobs. They just must be regulated and the EU has provided a more effective regulation of our businesses than has our own government.
A few years ago people were railing against TPEI as unfettered capitalism. The EU stopped that happening. If we have to have our own trade agreement with the USA then there is no doubt with our lack of bargaining power we will end up with it. The EU needs reforming but we have to be in it to do that.
On Fri 30 Nov at 9:09am @Man wrote:
Tony Benn was right at the time, but things have changed and the situation is different now. So yes, you've "grown up" and recognised the situation is different now - well done, but don't slate Tony Benn for being right back then. I trust the EU political elite more than our own, for reasons you outline.
On Fri 30 Nov at 4:14pm Mark wrote:
Clifford, I think that if I ever found that Hamid Barr was cheerleading me on any issue it would probably make me reconsider.

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