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Kings Church Chapter 2 V. 1

On 5 May 2014 at 8:07am Onan the Barbarian wrote:
The Bible does say homosexuality is a sin - it also named a sin after me ( onan ) Neither sins were condemned by JC himself so they don`t count . Even if you consider JC to be a mortal that did/not live. Then just in what he allegedly said ,lies some truth and guidance for life. He hung around with toms and other low life too
On 5 May 2014 at 6:22pm Thorpe wrote:
Do you think JC would vote Lib Dem or Ukip? I think we should be told.
On 5 May 2014 at 9:10pm Onan the Barbarian wrote:
I don`t give a toss
On 6 May 2014 at 8:16am Thorpe wrote:
Have to hand it to you Conan, you seem to have put your finger on the point.
On 6 May 2014 at 9:48am cheese wrote:
well take it off....unclean, unclean
On 7 May 2014 at 11:07am Pilgrim wrote:
Sorry to have missed the first thread on King's Church - away in the sun.
Firstly can I reassure Humdrum & SQ that Jesus said it was fine to eat shellfish, or anything else you want to (Matthew 15:15-20 & Mark 7:14-19). By coincidence Rich Tutt covered this in his most recent on-line teaching on the King's Church Lewes website.
Secondly, yes, Jesus was pretty tough on sexual sins, and sets a standard most people will struggle to keep however hard they try, but he was also forgiving of those who repented, including specifically the inhabitants of Sodom. He also warns us not to judge others - that is his job. He clearly regarded marriage as between a man and a woman (Mark 10:6-12), but I'm not sure why the anti-brigade are so transfixed on homosexuality. Christian biblical teaching is at least equally challenging to the lifestyles of most Lewes non-Christian heterosexuals. It is even more offensive towards those who fail to show proper respect to their parents, towards those who fail to share their resources with their poorer brothers and sisters, and towards hypocrites, especially priestly hypocrites. Jesus cut the 10 commandments down to two, but that does NOT make them any easier to follow.
I'm amused, as a scientist, by the touching faith in science displayed by Karen and King Tut. Maybe they should pop down to their local university and enquire what science has to say about the events leading up to the big bang; about what goes on in the parallel universes physics tells us exist; and about how life on earth first started. If they can report back with explanations any more intellectually coherent than those in Genesis I will be impressed. Visit any university Christian Union and you will find scientists (physicists, biologists, medics) very strongly represented. You will find plenty of them in New Frontiers churches too.
King's isn't the biggest Christian church in Lewes (that honour goes to our friends at Southover), but it is the fastest growing and has a high proportion of younger members. You might find it interesting to take a look one Sunday morning, as Webber did.
On 7 May 2014 at 11:35am Reader of books wrote:
A) The bible doesn't say homosexuality is a sin.
B) The bible was written and rewritten by hundreds of people over centuries, so really is a bit like a newspaper that changed daily.
On 7 May 2014 at 12:42pm Pilgrim wrote:
A) Like it or not, and most people don't, the bible teaches unambiguously that all sex outside marriage is a sin. Jesus is even more demanding than that - see Matthew 5. His standards are even more impossibly high in many other respects. But He is also, thankfully, forgiving.
B) If this were true, Christian life would be much easier than it is and people like the Pope and our Archbishops would have much easier lives. The new testament was written by half a dozen witnesses within a single generation. Followers of the broad and easy path say everything is just a matter of culture, so they can live as they want, but Jesus is very clear about the consequences of choosing that path. Which, he says, most people will.
On 7 May 2014 at 3:31pm Harald wrote:
Just a very quick note about your 'science' points, Pilgrim.
Only one interpretation of quantum physics suggests that there are parallel universes - the 'many worlds' interpretation pioneered by Everett and for the most part generally out of favour nowadays.
Plenty of other interpretations exist that don't propose parallel universes.
Having said that, I do agree that Scientism, as expressed by a worrying number of contributors to this forum, is a particularly troublesome trend in the general public...
On 7 May 2014 at 4:56pm Skeptical Green wrote:
Not sure what 'scientism' is that is being preached against, but I can see why pointing out that a lot of the bible e.g. Genesis is clearly untrue would annoy Christians. Surely the whole point of big bang or singularity based cosmology is that the maths indicates that that is the point at which space time begins so it hardly seems fair to criticise this model for having nothing to say about preceding events. One can accept or reject elements of culturally and historically derived morality or ethics regardelesss of their religious origin. I happen to think that JC was very likely to have existed and must have been a rather wonderful bloke and that he and other Rabbis before him have given us important parts of our moral systems that I value. Doesn't mean I have to accept the dafter bits of Judaeo Christianity or believe in deities of any sort though. Happy to tolerate all sorts of religions and none. So long as I don,t have to do what they say or afford them privileged status in public and political institutions or decisionmaking.
On 8 May 2014 at 4:04pm belladonna wrote:
People can find all sorts of philosophies to live their lives by, but the greatest expression of humanity, to my mind, is tolerance and kindness. That doesn't mean living without rigour or structure, but it does make life nicer if you bear those qualities in mind when dealing with others.

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