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On Tue 11 Jan at 6:57pm Nevillman wrote:
Does anyone not think he should resign?
On Tue 11 Jan at 10:10pm Tom Pain wrote:
Perhaps he plays the Lord of Misrule, personifying the "creative destruction" that Cameron wierdly mentioned some time ago.
On Wed 12 Jan at 9:28am David Stanley wrote:
There is no evidence he has a conscience as far as I know.
On Wed 12 Jan at 10:50am Father Hackett wrote:
Too corrupt. No dignity. Typical nose in the trough Tory.
On Wed 12 Jan at 12:59pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Who cares if he broke the rules? He got BREXIT DONE! As a country, we voted for a clown with a long track record of lies, but all of that means nothing because he got Britain out of the evil European empire and all their red taped tentacles. We wanted to split, divide and diminish our country in the world and risk the peace process in northern ireland, and Boris Johnson has bungled his way to achieving that. SUCCESS! We even ironically got more red tape to deal with, but its all fun and games when you're privately educated at Eton
On Wed 12 Jan at 2:25pm David Stanley wrote:
Shower of shenanigans......shitstorm of chicanery more like...
On Wed 12 Jan at 4:04pm Nevillman wrote:
I'm sure the playing fields of Eton are very good for developing resilience and not giving a stuff what the common people think. You are right green, even if he went tomorrow he has ensured that people will be paying the price for him for a long time.
On Fri 14 Jan at 12:17pm Formerly AC-T wrote:
Of course he should resign, but as he's a lying, cheating scoundrel with the morals of an alleycat, I wouldn't hold your breath.
On Fri 14 Jan at 8:18pm SomeLewesian wrote:
What difference will it make?
On Fri 14 Jan at 9:06pm Tom Pain wrote:
Who cares if he breaks rules, he's gona get us carbon neutral in 8 years, let's hope this is a lie too. TOdAY National grid live status- 1% wind energy, 0.1% solar.We're gona be chilly unless half the country is covered in windmills and solar panels by then.
On Sat 15 Jan at 8:26am Nevillman wrote:
Whether or not it makes a difference having a new prime minister isn't really the point somelewesian. The point is whether a prime minister who has been caught behaving the way he has should have sufficient respect for the electorate, the role and himself to resign and if he hasn't, whether he should be in the post.
On Sat 15 Jan at 11:07am Mark wrote:
I think that Partygate is a media storm in a teacup. Who cares if they had a garden party? It's just an issue that people can easily get their heads around. It sells newspapers. The Tories have done so many more destructive things. The Bedroom Tax for example, as well as a gradual privatisation of the NHS via out-sourced contracts awarded to cronies. And then there's the entire Brexit fiasco and the Covid disaster.
On Sat 15 Jan at 1:07pm Nevillman wrote:
The Tories most certainly have done other more destructive things Mark but they were at least legal and should be taken into account at an election. I agree that having a party is trivial and inconsequential in comparison but this is about something different. Laws were passed that meant that people were dying alone in hospital beds, families were kept apart, old people and many others had to struggle alone. The leader of the government who brought this in then ignored it, against the letter and spirit of the law. If that is not a resignation issue then I don't know what is.
On Sat 15 Jan at 2:47pm Mark wrote:
You're probably right Nevilleman, as usual. I just think, at the risk of sounding intellectually snobby, that this is such an easy issue for people get their heads around. We should have clamouring for an end to the Toffs party 15 years before the garden party
On Sun 16 Jan at 5:38pm Basil wrote:
Mark wrote: 'The Tories have done so many more destructive things. The Bedroom Tax for example, as well as a gradual privatisation of the NHS via out-sourced contracts awarded to cronies.'

Yes, but don't forget the Lib Dems deserve to share the credit for that. They were, after all, propping up the Tories when these things happened.
On Sun 16 Jan at 10:42pm Mark wrote:
Oh alright Basil. Those things were the Lib Dems fault
On Mon 17 Jan at 9:25pm Mark wrote:
Speaking of destructiveness... they've decided to get rid of the BBC
On Tue 18 Jan at 11:47pm Tom Pain wrote:
Not the British Brainwashing Corporation? Don't worry Jim'll Fix It!

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