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I wonder...

On Tue 5 Oct at 9:27pm Basil wrote:
... if my post appears today.
On Wed 6 Oct at 12:54pm Nevillman wrote:
While you're on basil, why not tell us how happy you are with brexit and how the neo liberals are on the run.
On Wed 6 Oct at 9:57pm Tom Pain wrote:
Those neo-libs as the New Riders of the Covid Surge are having a very good run.(or should that have been Raiders) All the billionaires are increasing their wealth like never before. Its very peculiar how the top 1% manage to do so well when the general economy takes a dive. Don't speculate why that should be, its not polite and you know what you would be called and it wont be polite!
On Thu 7 Oct at 11:20am Basil wrote:
Nevillman - Very happy that we've left the protectionist EU superstate project. I went to the dentist yesterday and had a painful tooth extracted. Yes, I'm one tooth down but I'm pleased to be rid of the source of the pain.
On Thu 7 Oct at 3:22pm Parent wrote:
It is far easier to fool somebody than to convince them they have been fooled. (Paraphrased, from Mark Twain)
On Thu 7 Oct at 5:12pm Nevillman wrote:
You are right Tom. The neo liberals have free rein without the added protection of the EU competition policy. Don't forget basil it was the EU that saw off ttip. You will see what true neo liberalism looks like when we have us trade agreements. Looking at the world with some knowledge of economics, politics, history and geography then I truly think of decision to leave the EU looks more foolish by the day but I have no wish to go through the old arguments again and accept that enough of my compatriots were fooled that the leavers won. I shall however remain a remainder, remowner and rejoiner until i see some evidence beyond an irrational fear of an EU superstate project to convince me.
The reality is that basil, Tom and nevillman will be long gone before this plays out so I have nothing further to add on the matter unless specifically goaded. I was only seeing if you had any remorse yet basil but I am not surprised. I think parent sums that up well.
On Fri 8 Oct at 9:58am Tom Pain wrote:
I don't think it's a matter of being fooled, as with all political choices, one picks the least worse. Its all just a tax farming operation. The party system ensures that all candidates are "safe hands" and voting- a charade.Let's face it, the government is just stakeholder in the global public- private partnership network.
On Tue 12 Oct at 2:27pm Nevillman wrote:
You might have a point about general elections Tom but that is a different topic and in 2016 there was a straight choice between in or out of the EU. In my opinion many of the electorate were fooled by all manner of methods. It is my belief that as time passes .more people will realise they have been fooled. I don't expect you or basil will ever come to that realisation for obvious reasons.
On Tue 12 Oct at 6:41pm Tom Pain wrote:
We're in a world system. The UK and the EU, even Russia and China. The globalised financial system is doing away with national borders bit by bit. They've stated it many times.
On Fri 15 Oct at 6:05pm Nevillman wrote:
Another interesting topic Tom that I would be happy to respond to in its own thread. I'm interested to know your view on the topic of this thread.. Were many people fooled into voting leave in the referendum?
On Sat 16 Oct at 8:32pm Tom Pain wrote:
It all depends on what propaganda the foolees (!) Believed. Both sides pushed exaggerated claims to win the vote. One always notices the other side's distortions but not usually one's own. What I was saying was that it made no difference whether or not we stayed or remained, it's just a distraction from the big issue, which is the globalisation of real power. Another thing no one has commented on is the intention to flouridate our water. The focus has been on poor peoples teeth! And the government's hypocritical concern for them. Whereas the important issue is the effect flouride has on the mind- very bad.

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