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On 9 Mar 2007 at 11:22am Madge wrote:
I'm sorry to mention parking attendants AGAIN but just got back from town after watching one in action. I'm not denying it may have been a lagitimate issue, possibly parking ticket had expired, but we watched attendant (No.70) make a right meal of issuing penalty notice. He pounced gleefully on offending vehicle and promptly wrote his notice. It then took him over 10mins as he pranced round and round the car taking photos of it from all angles and even surrounding building. The whole time he was dithering about doing this he constantly kept glancing up obviously hoping the offender would return and I imagine confront him. The owner did return and from his body language it was clear his ticket had only just expired but he made no fuss, I was so pleased because if the man had protested it would have made that attendants day!
On 9 Mar 2007 at 12:37pm Andy wrote:
I do beleive the "dithering about" is to give you ten minutes or so to return before a ticket is issued....pretty fair if you ask me. I think you've misunderstood the situation...the attendant was cutting the man some slack and giving him time to return....not looking for a confrontation.
We have problems with collecting our kids from St Pancras school at 3pm. It's all permit holders outside the school and if an attendant does walk past, they're always pretty fair.
On 9 Mar 2007 at 1:51pm The Super K wrote:
Your wrong Andy
The ticket was issued and on the car, 1 photo would have been enough and there is no point taking photos unless the ticket is on there.
It wouldn't suprise me if the ticket was being written while his parking voucher was still valid and then just slapped on the second the time was up.
They're all t0ss3rs.
On 9 Mar 2007 at 4:05pm Andy wrote:
Yeah....i suppose they are :o)
On 9 Mar 2007 at 4:49pm council bod wrote:
a parking attendant takes photos of the car and the windscreen also all glass on the car and sometimes the tax disc. This is to prove his case to the council who examine each case in its merits. He photos the pay and display ticket brought by the car owner and the photos are all timed and dated LDC are more than fair with car drivers try parking in Westminster London you will have six parking attendants by your car before you have locked your door the boys in blue here are much fairer than there the ones in London so dont moan about them to much please
On 9 Mar 2007 at 5:23pm Andy wrote:
I agree council bod.....apart from one jobsworth outside st Pancras school last year who nearly got strung up by the gonads from a lampost by some very angry mums and dads, i've had nothing but praise for the attendants.
If you park illegally, expect to get a ticket....simple
On 9 Mar 2007 at 8:24pm ex pa 30 wrote:
madge, i dont think you understand what a parking attendents job is. most PA's are very nice, and extremley lenient. even if you are just in brighton, you will notice the council eforces it much more strictly. you should be thankful lewes PA'S stroll around your car for 10 mins.
On 9 Mar 2007 at 9:50pm madge wrote:
Well i'm usually more than satisfied with the attendants ive seen issuing tickets and i'm fully aware of their procedures regarding photos etc, Im also sure the majority are very fair. I have seen many in action and watched them issue, thinking its vehicle owners own fault because we all know the rules. ive even seen some let people off when theyve returned in nick of time so I assure you i'm not anti attendants at all. I was not alone observing this one today, we had clear view of all his actions, I promise you we did not misinterprit what we saw on this occasion. Maybe oneday someone else will see this particular guy in action if they havent already.
On 10 Mar 2007 at 6:49pm The Super K wrote:
The point is council Bod,........
LEWES is not London, It doesn't have the same problems with congestion, or parking.
In London "Traffic Wardens" ticket cars on double yellows.... NOT cars in carparks that are 30 seconds over their time.
Lewes Does have a problem and they wear Blue, and the sooner the council see sense and get rid of them and turn Lewes in to a place where shoppers can come and spend their money in the shops with out looking over their backs the better.
What would be wrong with carparks like Brighton where you get a ticket and pay for your time as you leave? O yeah NCP don't like them cause they lose out on the 30 fines!
On 10 Mar 2007 at 7:10pm me wrote:
I agree Super K. spring gardens was knocked down in promise of a multi storey car park. Here we are at least 30 years later and still we wait for the multi storey. Nobody would have a problem with paying huge amounts to park in the high street (Except the disabled who should not pay) if there was a cheap alternative. Firstly to build a mutli storey would not benefit the financiers which equals NO MULTI STOREY.
Thatcher Struck upon a golden goose, it was called Global Warming. Such is the histeria that sorrounds these lies that succesive governments have stolen an ever increasing amount of our money in the name of "Climate Change" . On a local level like lewes they continually make it harder/more expensive for car drivers because firstly they know that the country will grind to a halt with no cars(therefore people will have to pay) and secondly that enough people have been indoctrinated into this new religion to allow them to get away with it. Legalised Robbery.
On 10 Mar 2007 at 8:48pm MC wrote:
Regrading your comments about global warming being lies (I hope I understood you correctly)... you'd better be dead sure you are right.. otherwise it's possibly the most dangerous and destructive point of view you'll ever hold.
In comparison concerns about parking in Lewes are completely insignificant.
On 11 Mar 2007 at 12:09am The Super K wrote:
Did you NOT see the documentary on thusday?
All got egg on your face yet?
Grow up and join the universe, nothing man does will make any difference to the great scheme of things. We are just a disease on a planet flying through space at millions of mile an hour. Whats to say we are what its all about and that there isn't a high being waiting to take over?
Face it our existance is meaningless and LDC are robbing us blind, and if you think that not driving you car down the shops or that making Lewes a NO GO area for cars will make any difference to our planet then Grow Up.
And yes i do appreciate you view on the world. Just can't see it being right; and yes I'm very happy with my view on the world.

On 12 Mar 2007 at 6:04pm common man wrote:
Good on yer pal, you live in yer own little world and enjoy, LOL
On 12 Mar 2007 at 6:06pm common man wrote:
On 12/03/2007 common man wrote:
Good on yer pal, you live in yer own little world and enjoy, LOL
On 12 Mar 2007 at 9:03pm MC wrote:
Super K. I'd just like to be sure that my son has a habitable environment to grow up in. It's got nothing to do with higher beings and whether you think you are a disease or not.
On 12 Mar 2007 at 9:51pm me wrote:
On 10/03/2007 MC wrote:
Regrading your comments about global warming being lies (I hope I understood you correctly)... you'd better be dead sure you are right.. otherwise it's possibly the most dangerous and destructive point of view you'll ever hold.
It's getting to such a hysterical level now that denying "Man Made Climate Change" is almost on a par with denying the holocaust.
sorry to burst your eco bubble MC but nothing whatsoever that you or all the thousands of disciples of the new eco religion do will make one single difference to your sons environment when you and I are worm food. The most sinister thing about so called climate change is the people who have everything to lose by it's non-existence.
On 13 Mar 2007 at 8:01am selfish bast**d wrote:
As a single person with no kids I don't care a jot what happens when I am gone.
On 13 Mar 2007 at 11:10am The Super K wrote:
So The Greens have been infiltrated by the commies and help the commies pull of the biggest anti capitalist con of all time.
All came about because in the 70's after 4 decades of the global temperature COOLING and reporters whipping up hestirea of a big FREEZE that would kill of the human race, one swedish scientist said "the carbon Gases humans add to the atmosphere may save the human race by heating the earth slightly WE JUST DON'T KNOW!"
So now after 3 decades of the termperature increasing ARRRRGGGGG were all gona die!
The government rub there hands together and think TAX TAX TAX, we can create new TAXES!
The thing is Climate change is too bigger business now and too many people have got too easier money by jumping on the band wagon.
The earth temperature is not controlled by the amount of carbon in the atmosphear its the other way round and science has proofed this. Temperature rises the 800 years, Yes 800 years later carbon increases.
Do your reserch MC and get back to me with your concerns. And I'm not interested in your Son.
Tell me MC; do you think its right that a Thrid world country in Africa should be made to use wind and solar power the 2 most expensive in inefficient form of power.
Why should the earths poorest people be made to suffer more because a few thousand westerner who can flick a switch and have all the power they need think fossil fuels are evil????
On 13 Mar 2007 at 12:01pm The Super K wrote:
Not bad considering this post started about the parking attendants!
Maybe they are the root of all evil?
On 13 Mar 2007 at 4:46pm Old Tom wrote:
Well if it means we have more nice hot weather lets have more global warming. I will nip out and start my old Jenny it throws out black smoke like soft Mick and I have been meaning to chop down those old trees at the bottom of the garden it wont matter about the smoke coz lewes has lots of bonfires so why should i care just another bit of smoke to add to the rest.
On 13 Mar 2007 at 6:23pm SHS wrote:
Bring on the smoke !! We love bonfires! If they banned cars & lorries from Lewes we could all have bonfires every week and the pollution would still be half what it is now...... Heart-warming if not global-warming.
On 14 Mar 2007 at 11:45am nanny wrote:
parking attendants are pleased if a car owner returns as they are here to keep the town traffic moving keeping the public safe
On 14 Mar 2007 at 11:49am nanny wrote:
only toss3r is you they get 10 mins extra good of the council if you ask me
On 14 Mar 2007 at 11:56am nanny wrote:
thirty pounds does not go to ncp you need educating the council set the rules or is that to hard to understand for small minded people
On 14 Mar 2007 at 3:09pm The Super K wrote:
Ha Ha Ha Ha good one Nanny
How does ticketing cars 1 min over there allotted time in the carparks keep traffic moving?
And please explain why they write the tickets out up to 10 min before your time expires?
Caught them many times doing this, they say they're just being prepared!!!!!
On 14 Mar 2007 at 3:13pm The Super K wrote:
As previously mentioned they do on occasion write the tickets out befor the time is up, on School Hill, Mountfield Road Car Park on Saturdays, and possibly everywhere they can find a car with a nearly expirered parking voucher.
T0SS3RS where blue and apparantly have employed a blue rinser!
On 14 Mar 2007 at 3:16pm The Super K wrote:
OK possibly Not; not much thought went in to that on reflection. Who does get it then? if its the council surely it pays for all the damage to the blown up parking meters?
On 15 Mar 2007 at 3:18pm BOMBER wrote:
Getting back to parking I have had 15 penalty charges cancelled out of 27 over the last 3 years. I would call that over zealous. Just to add I agree with the super k
On 19 Mar 2007 at 6:58pm nanny wrote:
you definatly need wisdom you dont have any idea mind you you prob dont even have a job the amount of time you spend on here and you prob well know mounfield road very sad all you got to do is mock others who do work
On 20 Mar 2007 at 10:02am The Super K wrote:
Yeah good reply NANNY really got your point across. Not really that constructive but I expect the alzheimer's has kick in and you forgot what you were typing about....
On 14/03/2007 The Super K wrote:
Ha Ha Ha Ha good one Nanny
How does ticketing cars 1 min over there allotted time in the carparks keep traffic moving?
And please explain why they write the tickets out up to 10 min before your time expires?
Caught them many times doing this, they say they're just being prepared!!!!!
With regards to my living area and job, If you read this site enough even you could have sussed out I live on the Nevill and Yes I do work in a great job.
You should enjoy you retirement and free tv licence.
The post you were replying to was.....
On 20 Mar 2007 at 6:57pm nanny wrote:
er tickets are not writen very good observing and nanny is a nick name so sorry no blue rince well not here any way
On 20 Mar 2007 at 8:16pm The Super K wrote:
Ask the parking attendands, tickets are prepared befor the time is finished, seen it loads, and caught them by my car twice.
Come to mountfield road car park on a saturday round 4ish, there nearly always there waiting for the footballers tickets to expire. ALL HELPS TO EASE CONGESTION IN THE TOWN THOUGH. KEEPS THE TRAFFIC MOVING!
Nice talking to you though.
On 11 Apr 2007 at 5:41pm blackcat wrote:
For a number of months the council has put in place a parking bay for residents only at the end of mountfield road. We don't know why as we (residents) did not request it.
Every day we witness dozens of happless victims get ticketed in the bay. The sign that says it is residents only is about the size of a house brick and very low down on the Priory school wall - I wonder if any of the fined motorists have looked into whether the sign is actually legal?
Furthermore the blue meanies do seem to come when there are parents waiting in cars for their children from the school. Although parents using cars to collect children should be avoided where possible. I do think its unfair for those who have no choice because of where they live and have to endure the stress of being fined every day. Surely a short-stay pull in bay would be the answer? At the moment the only people who seem to use the bay are the non-resident victims of the blue-meanies. Its almost as if this bay was set up as a deliberate trap to make money on fines?

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