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Hello everyone

On 10 Sep 2023 at 3:22pm Matumbadon wrote:
Hey, everybody. I need some help. I want to learn how to create applications, but I don't know if I should learn some programming languages or if there are some services where I can manage without such knowledge. What do you advise me?
On 10 Sep 2023 at 3:24pm Kirimasfbo wrote:
Hi. I totally agree with you. Writing code and understanding programming languages is so boring. Why not go straight to the tasty stuff? Anything is possible! flipabit.dev is the main treat of the modern world. The application builder allows you to create an application without any IT knowledge. As they say, the art of a talented artist comes from the heart, not from the textbooks read.

Check it out here »
On 10 Sep 2023 at 5:58pm Nevillman wrote:
What exactly is kirimasfbo agreeing with matumbadon about? Matumbadon is asking a question rather making a statement that requires of even allows agreement with.
I feel I should write to Bill gates about this.
On 10 Sep 2023 at 9:41pm Tom Pain wrote:
The forum is now hosting advertising as well as slanging matches- go figure.
On 11 Sep 2023 at 2:51pm Nevillman wrote:
Not sure I know what you mean by "slanging matches". I try to make points and ask questions on here but I don't think I've ever been involved in a slanging match
On 11 Sep 2023 at 3:07pm Green Sleeves wrote:
LOL....oh well I certainly have! Bring back Hamid Barr!
On 11 Sep 2023 at 5:24pm Nevillman wrote:
How pleasant for you
On 11 Sep 2023 at 8:07pm Tom Pain wrote:
Nev's got more chutzpa than netanyahu! Smoking gun, I don't understand, what do you mean, me? You must be a conspiracy theorist.
On 12 Sep 2023 at 3:52pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Lol your hero, Uncle Bibi.
On 12 Sep 2023 at 4:17pm Tom Pain wrote:
Do you think he'll succeed in evicting the Africans?
On 13 Sep 2023 at 1:35pm Nevillman wrote:
Have you guys taken a lesson from kirimasfbo and are now writing in code? I haven't got a clue what either of you are on about. I'm not even sure if Tom is dissing me or praising me.
Please feel free to explain any of the points you have made if it is worth it.
On 13 Sep 2023 at 3:10pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Meh. I don't think its that hard to follow...
On 13 Sep 2023 at 3:58pm Nevillman wrote:
So is it me or uncle Bibi who are trying to evict the Africans and which Africans and why?
On 13 Sep 2023 at 4:48pm Green Sleeves wrote:
"Uncle Bibi" = Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, Apartheid Israels Nationalist far right wing and corrupt Prime Minister. He wants African migrants to leave or get put in prison. He's been around a long time, unfortunately for Israel and the region. One of those types that seems to have been in power for about 3 decades like Putin, Lukashenko and other prominent authoritarians and nationalists.
On 13 Sep 2023 at 5:55pm Nevillman wrote:
Thank you green. I'm not sure if I should be flattered or disgusted that according to Tom I have got more chutzpa than him.
Still not sure about the smoking gun.
On 14 Sep 2023 at 10:58pm Tom Pain wrote:
The smoking gun is a common metaphore used to describe a situation in which someone is pleading innocence when they are obviously guilty. Re slanging matches, I know butter wouldn't melt in your mouth but come on.
On 15 Sep 2023 at 11:46am Nevillman wrote:
We clearly have different views on what a "slanging match" is.
On 15 Sep 2023 at 6:35pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Why don't you two take this outside Bill's? Between Argos and Bills, at high noon.
On 15 Sep 2023 at 11:50pm Tom Pain wrote:
I'm so glad you've appreciated the point I made and concur.
On 16 Sep 2023 at 5:02pm Nevillman wrote:
I knew he wouldn't turn up.
On 17 Sep 2023 at 2:17pm biggles wrote:
And you wonder why nobody bothers with this forum anymore you absolute bunch of muppets.
On 17 Sep 2023 at 4:03pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Biggles sounds like one of the forum trolls of the past. Could it be the artist formerly known as Hamid Barr???
On 17 Sep 2023 at 5:35pm Nevillman wrote:
You could well be right green. Even if he isn't a troll I have no sympathy for his comment. Firstly I don't wonder why nobody bothers with the forum. I think that's been discussed enough. Secondly I don't feel any responsibility for entertaining biggles or anyone else on the forum. Thirdly, why doesn't he make an interesting point for others to respond to rather than criticising people who do write on it. Fourthly I'm a big fan of the Muppets and flattered to be likened to them although I'm not so happy at being included in a 'bunch' that includes green and Tom. I rather saw myself as an individual who happens to write on the forum and can't understand anyone who doesn't like doing that.
On 20 Sep 2023 at 5:19pm biggles wrote:
The thumbs up speak for themselves. Muppets
On 20 Sep 2023 at 6:28pm Nevillman wrote:
Thank you for you fascinating contribution to debate in Lewes biggles

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