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On 20 Dec 2017 at 10:17pm Moving wrote:
I'm looking at a house that doesn't have a hallway.
I've never lived without a hallway before.
Does anyone else live in a house with no hallway? If so, do you hate it? If so - why? If not - why?
In this house I'm looking at, you have to walk through the lounge to get to the kitchen. And the front door leads straight in to the lounge.
Is this a problem to live with in anyone's opinion? Or not?
Thanks in advance Lewes.
(P.s why are Lewes house prices soooo expensive?!?!?!?)
On 20 Dec 2017 at 10:39pm Bert wrote:
I wouldn't be without my passage. Mmmmmm draughty !
On 21 Dec 2017 at 7:16am Tim wrote:
In our little house you go through the front door into the living room, then the stairs and kitchen. Two rooms upstairs. No room to swing a hamster. About £300k now apparantly. It's a fairly quiet st but wouldn't be good if it was busy.
On 21 Dec 2017 at 7:55am Phantom wrote:
If you have carpet in your lounge it is likely to get dirty, especially at this time of year, when people donít bother to take their shoes off or wipe them properly. Bit draughty too.
On 21 Dec 2017 at 8:23am Landporter wrote:
I knocked down the wall between the lounge and hall making it all one room. Absolutely loved it. Surely itís whether you like it or not and whether it suits that particular property.
On 21 Dec 2017 at 9:34am Slarty wrote:
Another minor drawback, but open the front door in winter and the cold from outside goes straight into the living room. I just get my friends to go to the back door so its the kitchen that gets cold.
But over all, it is not a problem, IMHO.
On 21 Dec 2017 at 9:36am Q wrote:
I have never understood the popularity of tiny town houses in Lewes. They are draughty, cold and inconvenient. You are always going to have piles of coats and shoes, scarves and umbrellas and gloves round your living room. Overpriced box, probably no parking and tiny outside space. I do hope you are happy there.
On 21 Dec 2017 at 11:14am Passerby wrote:
Sounds like a traditional 'Two-up-two down' cottage, to me in which case you just get used to using the kitchen door instead, with most of the heat and life being in the kitchen, and only opening the front to callers. It just means having a really decent sized doormat inside the door. I grew up in one with a tin bath and the loo in the shed at the bottom of the garden, so if you've got plumbing you're already on a winner :-)
On 21 Dec 2017 at 12:10pm Earl of Lewess wrote:
Could you add a porch for extra insulation and storage for coats and shoes? You ask why housing is so expensive - it's simple supply and demand. There aren't enough houses on sale to meet the demand and there are enough people moving from more expensive areas who can afford the high prices of what is available. You're not just buying a house, you're paying to live in Lewes. There are some lovely houses for the same money in less fashionable places. It depends what you want. I'm seriously thinking of moving back to Seaford.
On 21 Dec 2017 at 12:14pm Mark wrote:
And it's all yours for £300k - life in a Victorian era house. The upside is that they're built to last a thousand years. I wouldn't trade my Lewes workman's terrace for a Burgess Hill house with a sensible hallway ever.
On 21 Dec 2017 at 6:17pm Shocked wrote:
Are you telling us that you're a nurse and you live in a 'workman's terrace'?!
On 21 Dec 2017 at 6:46pm Mark wrote:
@shocked. Your point is? I don't get it.
On 21 Dec 2017 at 6:49pm Shocked wrote:
You are a trained professional and yet you live in a 'workman's terrace'?!?
On 22 Dec 2017 at 7:44am Mark wrote:
Aah... I see. I think that "workmen's cottages" is just another name for 2 up 2down terraced houses of the sort that line many of the streets of Lewes. In Victorian/Edwardian times, I suppose that they would have been the starter homes - back in the days when we had adequate housing stock.

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