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H & M Coming to Sussex on Wednesday

On 27 Sep 2018 at 10:12pm The news wrote:
So why are they not coming to Lewes.....LDC would need to clean the streets and cut the grass......Peacehaven will give them a good welcome.
On 27 Sep 2018 at 10:29pm Clifford wrote:
No republican posts allowed I see.
On 27 Sep 2018 at 10:30pm Clifford wrote:
As an explanation, I posted a quotation from Tom Paine, one of Lewes's proudest citizens, but it was not allowed ot appear.
On 27 Sep 2018 at 10:54pm Local wrote:
Great, rich unearned privilege visits county zzzzz
On 28 Sep 2018 at 7:47am Shopper wrote:
Get some some cardigans in H&M.
On 28 Sep 2018 at 8:05am tom wrote:
We have homeless on the streets, we have three food banks supporting working poor, we have underfunded schools who cannot properly support pupils including those with special needs, we have many families with no secure decent accommodation, we have doctors surgeries whose systems restrict appointments, we are witnessing the closure of support agencies for older people and the disabled, we have lost many libraries, we have a local bus service that is not fit for purpose, we have a train service that is a laugh.
Now we are expected to doff our cap to the scions of obscene vast inherited wealth who will waft in and out of our county and maybe make some random charitable gestures. The only the reality they are likely to come up against is a pothole or two. At least some other European royalty manage to live modestly and not rub their subjects' noses in their extraordinarily privileged lives.
You couldn't make it up - and this on a day that a thousand head teachers demonstrate in Westminster to desperately try to protect their pupils' futures.
On 28 Sep 2018 at 8:52am Tim wrote:
Never mind Tom, you’ll get over it.
On 28 Sep 2018 at 9:04am Englishman wrote:
We have beggars in the streets with homes in Landport, we have fag-smoking wide-screen tv owning families taking advantage of free food, and people who abuse the NHS with trivial problems.
Now we have a visit from a very well respected royal family that give pleasure to millions of people, without expecting any subservience in return. Have a great day.
On 28 Sep 2018 at 9:38am Alan wrote:
.......and we have those with a huge chip on their shoulder who spend their days whingeing on this forum.
My first reaction on hearing the news was to wonder whether I might be able to get to see H&M.
On 28 Sep 2018 at 11:04am Earl of Lewess wrote:
Are the royals responsible for the financial crisis? No, so I don't see why Tom is linking the two.
On 28 Sep 2018 at 11:17am Mavis wrote:
I'm disappointed with this post, I thought we were actually getting the H&M Store. Still better they come sooner whilst they're still together eh ? And avoid the Cuilfail and Dartford !
On 28 Sep 2018 at 4:21pm Cap doffer wrote:
Best of a bad bunch imo, except old Queenie 'erself. And that Megan's a looker and no mistake
On 28 Sep 2018 at 4:36pm Round Head wrote:
Cromwell was right, but I bow to democracy.
On 28 Sep 2018 at 8:27pm Dirty Ray wrote:
The question is, are you a roundhead or a cavalier?
On 29 Sep 2018 at 7:22am Sensible wrote:
I have taught my grateful wife and children with Biblical authority the position of the Royal Family in God's blessing upon England. I have read to them the Forty-Fifth Psalm: "Thou art fairer than the children of men: grace is poured into thy lips: therefore God hath blessed thee for ever. Gird thy sword upon thy thigh, O most mighty, with thy glory and thy majesty. And in thy majesty ride prosperously because of truth and meekness and righteousness; and thy right hand shall teach thee terrible things. Thine arrows are sharp in the heart of the king's enemies; whereby the people fall under thee. Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: the sceptre of thy kingdom is a right sceptre. Thou lovest righteousness, and hatest wickedness: therefore God, thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows." We are blessed to welcome such anointed people as Their Royal Highnesses even though they will not visit Lewes on this occasion.
On 29 Sep 2018 at 3:22pm Theresa's Philip wrote:
Who cares? Another pair of parasites wasting our money
On 30 Sep 2018 at 4:00pm Whilst not a Royalist... wrote:
....Here's one person who's has been in a situation that likely not one spineless moaner on her has been in, namely a firefight with the Taliban in Helmand. And one person who came from an unprivileged background to achieve significant success in spite of her sex, her colour & her class....
I'd dare any of you who have made the more frankly offensive remarks to repeat them to any of the troops led by H!
On 1 Oct 2018 at 2:34am One wrote:
Is that it?
A gang of dribbling grunts will visit violence on anyone who says something mean about their master?
And if your going to pretend you served in a conflict, as if that's going to add any weight to your Sun Says beliefs, you really should have picked one you won.
On 1 Oct 2018 at 6:05pm White Van Man wrote:
Just remind me how many Afghan tours did you moaners do ?
On 1 Oct 2018 at 10:29pm One wrote:
Well, she doesn't say she did any more than just the one, but like every other single whiney squaddie I've ever met, she can't seem to stop telling every one about it.
Worse than bloody vegans.

On 2 Oct 2018 at 9:10am Call of Duty wrote:
Wasn't Harry the gunner in an Apache? So his job was sitting in a helicopter more or less invisible to radar some fifty miles behind the front line hiding behind a hill clicking on buttons to blow things up with fly-by-wire missiles? Apache gunner is about the safest job you can do in the army, I don't believe any of them have ever been shot down. Add to that the convenient leak after he'd been there for a weekend meaning he had to come home again and his "Tour of Afganistan" looks less dangerous than his forthcoming tour of Peacehaven.

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