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HS permits

On 20 Jun 2014 at 2:50pm Merlin Milner wrote:
Reply from ESCC. See previous posts regarding this ongoing subject.
"As mentioned previously we do not issue any HS zone permits to residents who do not qualify for them. The permit eligibility map along with the zone map for Lewes is available to be viewed on our website at the following link.
Resident permit application forms are available from the Parking Shop in Lewes and on our website at the link above. The guidance notes attached to these forms detail the criteria required in order to qualify for a permit.
In my last response I said that by not including the permit eligibility in our traffic regulation orders this allows us be a lot more flexible and respond to specific parking problems or needs in Lewes. As there is not a hidden qualifying criteria or secret HS zone permits being issued, there is nothing to be added to the permit information on the website.
Thank you for writing to me about this matter. I hope the information will be of use to you and the person corresponding with you. As requested previously if this person believes a permit has been issued to an address not within the qualifying area I would be happy to look into this further. In order to do so please provide me with more details of the permit, or the address it has been issued to."

Check it out here »
On 20 Jun 2014 at 5:48pm Taxpayer wrote:
Thank you Cllr Milner once again. So what is going on?
The single qualifying criteria for a resident's HS permit is that you HAVE to be a resident in a zone to qualify for a permit in it. That is the basis on which any scheme relies. But ESCC have admitted they are handing out HS resident permits to residents who don't live in HS. So if one is not resident what are the qualifications this ESCC officer is referring to, that enables him to issue 15 permits to non-residents and where are these qualifying factors recorded? It is as simple as that. I cannot find these qualifying factors that this officer is claiming exist anywhere, so how did 15 residents apply and get these permits? I am not convince this officers explanation is true. Are you?
On 20 Jun 2014 at 6:06pm Town Centre Resident wrote:
This is classic ESCC rubbish. In a previous thread the Officer already admitted that some residents were being given HS passes. He told us where they were, and confirmed that they did not live in HS. So they don't qualify do they!? How much more obvious does this need to be? Does this Officer not understand that we are all entitled to be treated the same as these people getting special qualification-busting passes. It does not matter where we live we are all entitled to the same passes as this priviliged bunch. To be treated the same we need to know exactly how these people qualified, since the Officer is saying they do qualify. According to the Council's own web page they don't qualify , do they?! Where is the section that describes how residents who don't live in HS can still qualify for it? I live on the edge of HS, do I need to be in a street with no parking bays, a street with a lot of flats in it, a street with a dead end? Which is t? Why won't this Officer tell our own Councillor how some people qualified for something the rest of us would also like. Looks to me like you have stumbled on a bit of a scandal.
On 20 Jun 2014 at 6:36pm The Old Mayor wrote:
We have a car. I wouldn't even consider getting a house without a space to park it. End of. Houses in the centre of town are not cheap, elsewhere one can get an off road parking place for probably the same or even less. FFS stop wingeing.
On 20 Jun 2014 at 7:44pm Local Bod wrote:
Lucky you. If it doesn't affect you, then please have a bit more tact. This useless scheme came in after many of us had lived here for years, and is so badly constructed, we have to park our car 10 minutes away. These special permts, with mysterious , but unsepcified qualifying criteria sound ideal, but there is absolutely nothing on the website telling us what makes some people qualify, and not others. When is someone going to come clean about what is going on?
On 22 Jun 2014 at 10:08pm Plumber wrote:
The Old Mayor is a FOOL. This is corruption. Basically, someone has called a mate in charge of the scheme and said do me a FAVOUR and it will come back to you. Well, someone has done 15 favours (I don't know about the evidence; so can't say for sure). If 15 parking permits for the HS to non HS residents; then someone is doing "favours".
If you set up some rules; then violate them for your mates (only). You are corrupt. Perhaps that is why you are the OLD mayor and not the current one.
Someone needs to be held to account, And I hope the poor person (that signed the form) has the strength and conviction to whistle blow on the person that MADE them do it.
Let us STOP this now.
And why are we selling everything to SudBud?

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