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Gull breeding hotspots

On 2 Apr 2016 at 4:17pm Taggle wrote:
Any idea how many of these annoyances are now well established and breeding in Lewes and where ?
I know for a fact there is at least one long established pair on a roof on King Henry's Road, churning out 2-3 (usually all 3 survive) new chicks each year (and have been doing so for the last 8-10 years). The owners of that property don't seem to have made any efforts to move the gulls on) I read in an earlier post here that there also seem to be established breeding pairs in Gundreda Road as well, so that's basically the next road across from King Henry's.
The gull activity above King Henry's Road/Eleanor Close has been more numerous this year so far, far more gulls displaying etc even this early on in the year than in any previous years to date. So I'm guessing this area of Walland's Park is becoming an established and expanding colony and other breeding pairs might soon join the ranks in King Henry's Road, lovely.
Any other hotspots confirmed ?
On 2 Apr 2016 at 4:35pm Too posh for wrote:
Landport then.
On 2 Apr 2016 at 4:52pm Mrs Grumpy wrote:
Also far too many in the Barons Down area. Time for a cull.
On 2 Apr 2016 at 5:27pm Another B and B lady wrote:
We have had a pair who have bred every year for the last 10 on a flat roofed dormer in Elm Grove. The landlord may have, finally, gull proofed it as not sure they have nested yet. They are all around, and in the Grange Gardens, so they may yet nest again this year. They are so b noisy when chicks hatched.
On 3 Apr 2016 at 9:59am Mr C. Gull wrote:
I love the gulls that nest on my roof, they have been there for nearly four years now. Every year we make sure they have every thing they need and we make sure we feed them and their chicks. Seagulls were here first and if you choose to live by the sea what do you expect.
On 3 Apr 2016 at 10:11am Mr. C Lion wrote:
arf arf arf
On 3 Apr 2016 at 10:17am Mrs Grumpy wrote:
Their sh&t damages our roofs and our cars. They make a horrible racket early in the morning. They drive away our garden birds, and, Mr C Gull, it is people like you, who feed them, who are encouraging them to settle in this town which is not, as you evidently haven't noticed, by the sea. Gulls are widespread all over England. I have seen them following the plough in areas of central England. Stop feeding them, or let's have a cull.
On 3 Apr 2016 at 10:41am Mr C. Gull wrote:
Mrs Grumpy your cars do more damage than my lovely sea gulls do. I have yet to see any figures for the emissions released from a sea gull or for the number of deaths caused by sea gull collisions. My seagulls would choose to nest in a more natural environment if their natural environment was not being destroyed by your hideous cars and impractical and unsightly roofs. If you hadn't noticed we live on a pretty small island and therefore you are never very far from the sea.
On 4 Apr 2016 at 9:12pm Rubbish hater wrote:
If people were more careful with their rubbish the gulls would leave. They are only here because people leave so much food lying about for them. Put your rubbish in a solid dustbin while awaiting collection and half their food supply would dry up. Stop dropping food all over the place and that would also help. They are only here because we feed them and now they clean up our waste food.
On 5 Apr 2016 at 7:38pm out of town wrote:
You're right about them breaking into rubbish, but you get some people who feed them from their windows in the flats in Eleanor Close. Foxes are as bad elsewhere in town - one house feeds them, encouraging them & their neighbours have their kids rabbit hutches raided. Feeding them too maybe but it's not funny !

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