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Good Riddance Lancaster

On 11 Nov 2015 at 12:33pm Rugby Fan wrote:
Thank god Lancaster has gone. The world cup was the most dismal sporting failure I can ever recall; had they done well they would have been demi-gods but they did not.
The early exit, and especially the embarrassing farce of the Australia game has brought pride in our team to an all-time low.
Lancaster`s head was clearly required on a plate but so too is Rob Andrew’s ( and a few players should not see the light again the captain in particular ). In fact the whole club and country system must now be overhauled with as many stuffy old biffers defenestrated as it takes for us to start achieving results
Players abroad - If good enough they play
Players with off field issues – None of the RFU`s business – Its not a business or a brand- if they are good enough they play
Playing Full backs on the wing – Don`t do it
League converts – Fine but picked or not picked with an understanding of the game, is that too much to ask?
Above all lets drop this rubbish about an English manager , we want a winniing manager and we badly need Southern hemisphere expertise.England will rise again , lets take decisive action , clear the decks and look to the future
Come On England !!!
On 11 Nov 2015 at 2:15pm Local wrote:
All the northern hemisphere teams did not perform brilliantly, apart from Scotland who were the surprise team and were unlucky to lose to Australia. What surprised me the most was the southern hemisphere teams seem to recover quicker between the matches, and did not have the injury issues like Wales, and Ireland. Englands performance on the pitch was more about the decision making by the players on the pitch. The Wales game being an example, 2 minutes to go do you kick for the points for a draw, or do you kick the ball into touch? England gave away alot or silly penalties, it is odd how the southern hemisphere teams seem to know how far they can go before a penalty is awarded by the referee, northern hemisphere teams seem to repeat the same infringements. Southern Hemisphere teams are more creative, northern hemisphere is about set plays. Who do you think will replace Lancaster? hopefully it is someone who add a bit of creativity to the England Team, I do not mind England losing if I think they played well.
On 11 Nov 2015 at 4:29pm Rugby Fan wrote:
I do not mind England losing if I think they played well.
Quite-It was always on the cards that Australia would be too good but the manner of the defeat was unbearable ( and being outplayed at home by a limping Welsh team was almost as bad). Agree with everything else you say, it was headless chickens all day long, even good players played badly.
I'm glad Jason Leonard is Prez I feel he is the sort of man who will feel the way everyone else feels about it. I always felt Lancaster was too risk averse .That communicated itself the squad and under pressure it was paralyzing.
Oh well lets hope for better things
On 11 Nov 2015 at 5:18pm Sussex Drinker wrote:
I was sitting in a bar the other night, when in came a German lorry driver. Having parked up for the night, he partook of a beer and a meal. He was keen to engage in conversation, and very soon bored us to the fact that his truck would allow him to drive to England: unload, and be back in Dresden the following evening.
An old man sitting in the corner replied " I used to go to Dresden, drop my load, and return the same night!" The German said "vot were you driving?"
The Englishman replied: " A Lancaster".

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