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On 23 Jun 2010 at 12:25am McCauley wrote:
Anyone else going to Glastonbury this weekend?
On 23 Jun 2010 at 8:31am Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
Good god no. Like everything else, it was so much better in the 70s and 80s. You used to be able to park your car next to your tent instead of ferry your stuff miles, there were no old bill and you could take your dog.
Those were the days.
On 23 Jun 2010 at 8:59am Decent Citizen wrote:
Those were the days indeed. We did it so much better then.
On 23 Jun 2010 at 10:53am Toque wrote:
I remember Glastonbury when it was better too, not just the organisation of the festival but the music (it's now far more mainstream than it was, practically a Radio 1 Roadshow).

It's the police and the requirement for public liability insurance that have made festivals expensive to host and attend, and consequently less fun. Glastonbury has become too big, there are far better smaller festivals around that are much more in keeping with the original spirit of Glasters.
On 23 Jun 2010 at 1:37pm Penguin wrote:
I remember seeing Hawkwind at Stonehenge. That was free until they stopped it.
On 23 Jun 2010 at 4:52pm MC wrote:
I loved Stonehenge. Anarchic, stoned, weird. Glastonbury was always a bit too nice..... and there were no stones. I saw The Crass as Stonehenge too, the year it all went a bit Pete Tong. Where's Wally?
On 23 Jun 2010 at 7:39pm Smiler wrote:
I saw Hawkwind at Stonehenge apparently
On 24 Jun 2010 at 12:45am McCauley wrote:
Alas, the best times (allegedly, depending on your viewpoint) were before my time. I'll try my best to enjoy it though. Only wondering if anyone wanted a lift - but seeing as I'm leaving in 5 hours that's a bit redundant now.
P.s I saw Hawkwind playing in HMV Oxford St. a few weeks back. No corporate tie-in there then...
On 24 Jun 2010 at 8:43am Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
Bloody hell, I'd forgotten the entire existence of Hawkwind. I saw them at a venue called the Sundown in Brixton, which I believe is now the Academy.
I might have seen them at Fairfield Hall too, but Hawkwind at Fairfield Hall seems too incongruous so I may have imagined that.
I'm amazed any of them are still alive.
On 24 Jun 2010 at 10:31am Sandals and socks wrote:
I saw Leo Sayer at the Brighton centre once. Does that count?
On 24 Jun 2010 at 12:10pm StevieD wrote:
Hawkwind played Hastings Pier a few years back - how the mighty hath fallen...
On 24 Jun 2010 at 12:37pm music man wrote:
As much as i enjoy watching Glastonbury weekend on the TV i don't think i would like to go to big and crowded, much prefer smaller gigs.
Really looking forward to Rock in the Bog 9th-10th July and seeing Whos Who a top Who tribute band, amonst others that will be playing. Hope the weathers good, gonna camp. B-)
On 24 Jun 2010 at 1:41pm Penguin wrote:
I think Hawkwind have had so many changes of band members over the years that what you see now is nothing to do with the original band. A bit like the roadsweeper who had used the same broom for 30 years, and only had 20 new heads and 5 new handles.
On 24 Jun 2010 at 1:41pm Old Cynic wrote:
Stevie D was there a puppet show as well? (Spinal tap ref there for the young uns)
On 24 Jun 2010 at 10:00pm MC wrote:
Hawkwind played at the Assembly Rooms, Tunbridge Wells when I was in the 6th form at a nearby school. They performed with Stacia the naked dancer. Caused quite a stir. Wish I'd seen it. I still occasionally listen to Hawkwind albums Space Ritual, In Search of Space and Warrior on the Edge of Time. :-)
On 25 Jun 2010 at 7:21am Clifford wrote:
I saw Van der Graaf Generator at Fairfield Hall - that seems bizarre in retrospect too. I saw Genesis at the Lyceum, which doesn't seem to strange.
On 25 Jun 2010 at 7:54am music man wrote:
Any other foeum posters going to rock in the bog? B-)
On 25 Jun 2010 at 11:18am MC wrote:
Van der Graaf Generator. Now there's a band. Brilliant and so undervalued. I still love Pawn Hearts, Still Life and Godbluff. I saw them at the Roundhouse when I was 17 or so.... the first time in my life I'd seen a Camberwell Carrot. Amazingly, I can still remember the gig.
I'll go to Rock in the Bog I think.... when I find out when and where it is (in the bog?)
On 25 Jun 2010 at 11:44am Clifford wrote:
When I was 'asked' to leave one of my early jobs my workmates had a whipround and asked me what present I wanted. I asked for the Van der Graaf Generator album 'The least we can do is wave to each other'.
On 25 Jun 2010 at 12:13pm Smiler wrote:
Scorched Earth does it for me every time, in fact i'm going to listen to it now
On 25 Jun 2010 at 3:12pm Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
Bloody hell, I saw Van der Graaf at the Fairfield Halls too.
I wonder what Peter Hammill is doign these days? He was a very strange guy.
On 25 Jun 2010 at 11:22pm wrote:
He's still making albums and he's a wonderful guy. Currently listening to La Rossa from Still Life. Impossible to convey what this track does to me.
On 26 Jun 2010 at 7:46am music man wrote:
Rock in the bog is on the 9th & 10th of July in a field (Bog) opposite the earwig corner turn junction. £10 for Fri night 15 for Sat night or 25 for the weekend with free camping.
On 26 Jun 2010 at 10:51am MC wrote:
Got it:


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