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Gardeners: Getting Worse

On 11 Dec 2009 at 11:31pm Piggles wrote:
Is it the moderately foul barmaid that now tends the bar, or the lack of Rachel, or what?
On 12 Dec 2009 at 12:37am Dave wrote:
Where has Rachel gone?
She was the best thing about the Gardeners
On 12 Dec 2009 at 3:38am SG wrote:
Is Rachel gone now? Gutting. I know Lisa and Carol, but I never recognise anybody else in there.
On 12 Dec 2009 at 9:07am me wrote:
whos the moderately foul barmaid? the woman who likes to like women or the oversized lady? (Not lisa btw)personally i think the former has an attitude problem, just wondered if i was the only one that thought this. It almost seems it is below her to serve drinks. Bit dumb considering she is working in a boozer
On 12 Dec 2009 at 9:17am huw wrote:
Maybe she just doesn'y like the kind of people who gossip on an internet forum.
On 12 Dec 2009 at 9:51am Piggles wrote:
Not Lisa or Carol. They're both lovely.
On 12 Dec 2009 at 11:44am Bunter wrote:
I've always preferred pubs where the staff are surly.
On 12 Dec 2009 at 12:20pm caffeine wrote:
...and take forever to stop chatting with other customers before they serve you!
On 12 Dec 2009 at 1:01pm Bunter wrote:
... No, I like surly staff because they don't chat with customers. They hate them and can't wait to get them away from the bar.
On 12 Dec 2009 at 4:55pm Bag wrote:
Of course the oversized one (not the lovely Lisa)is going to get away with being rude and having an attitude problem cos she,s the managers girlfriend. By the way does anyone else think the manager is a bit crap?
On 12 Dec 2009 at 9:39pm Andy wrote:
Errr ... does anyone else think it is rather rude to attack people whose identity can very easily be discovered from the information that has been given, while simultaneously hiding behind a computer monitor and posting under an assumed name, like "Bag" for example? I am guessing "Bag" is not the name you were born with, Bag?
And in response to the original poster, Piggles, no I do not think the Gardener's has gone down hill. Maybe the next time you visit the place you might have a conversation with whichever member of staff you find to be "moderately foul" and try to resolve your differences!
On 12 Dec 2009 at 9:44pm Bunter wrote:
Andy - you don't seem to understand. It's normal for someone connected with one pub to come on here having a go at another pub. It's like 'Does anyone know the best place to get a decent pizza?' followed by a post under another name saying 'I think Joe Bloggio's is the best place I've ever been'.
On 12 Dec 2009 at 9:54pm Andy wrote:
Ah, Bunter, but I think I do understand - although I do know where you are coming from in regard to other threads on this board! First, I am fairly sure I know the identity of the OP, and unless I am very wrong, she is a regular in the GA and has no connection whatsoever with any other pub in Lewes. And second, someone very closely associated with a rival pub in Lewes has already posted in defence of GA staff ... which is good to see ;-).
On 12 Dec 2009 at 9:59pm Bunter wrote:
Andy - I stand corrected.
On 13 Dec 2009 at 10:54am Nisus Wettus wrote:
Candidates here for post of the week: -
Andy - the voice of reason, delivered calmy and errh reasonably, AND
Bunter - the ability to admit you're wrong
... so different to what we have seen recently on the forum - HUZZAH!!
.. for my part the GA is one of the great pubs of Sussex - excellent ale, snacks and conversation - always end up chatting to someone in here; a well managed pub a joy to frequent - long may it continue. Bar staff come and bar staff go don't get so stressed, give people a chance to settle.
On 13 Dec 2009 at 11:12am Lopster wrote:
hear hear NW things have been rather errh heated of late...
On 13 Dec 2009 at 11:36am Bunter wrote:
Nisus Wettus - Thanks for that. Andy clearly knows what he is talking about and it seemed only right to acknowledge that.
On 13 Dec 2009 at 3:53pm Prick Stein wrote:
Why do people go out of their way to be rude and personal about people?! It's bloody rude. And the Gardeners is as great as ever! If you don't lkike it just dont go, don't get personal on forums while hiding behind your PC!
On 13 Dec 2009 at 4:33pm spongebob wrote:
Fight fight fight fight
On 14 Dec 2009 at 1:36pm Banshee wrote:
I think it's a great pub, with great staff. I agree with Prick Stein, if you don't like it don't go. I have been in there many times and been served be a lot of different people over the years....everyone one of them was nice!
On 14 Dec 2009 at 5:47pm CBS member. wrote:
I can't believe people can be so rude. I personally am good friends with "the oversized one" (bag & me!!!) I gather by your post you are perfect in every way shape and form!!! Why not make an effort and say something in the pub on a busy say Friday or Saturday night, you never know her Father might even be in there to show you the way out!!!
On all accounts, the Gardeners is one of the best pubs in lewes and if you don't like it chose one of the others to drink in. i'm sure they could make do without punters like you in there anyway!
On 14 Dec 2009 at 7:57pm LG wrote:
Well said CBS member.
On 15 Dec 2009 at 3:54pm Banshee wrote:
Totally agree with CBS

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