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Freedom Of Speech & Censorship

On Wed 13 Mar at 7:34pm Daz wrote:
If you post something to the Facebook group "Lewes Present" that someone doesn't like, they get you banned from Facebook! Nice!
Whatever happened to freedom of speech, and why do individuals have the power to get you an instant ban! Socialism in full effect right here in Lewes!
Just as a bit of context, this is exactly what I put in a reply to a post:
"Call me a climate denier or whatever you like, but from my research of scientific, unbiased facts (ice cores, satellite data, climate experts etc.) climate change isn't what it's made out to be in the media or by government run or funded agencies.
I like to find out the facts for myself."
Just because I have the ability to think for myself, and not take everything at face value, and because someone thinks that I don't have the right to express my opinion, they run off to the Facebook overlords, scream "I'm offended" and get me banned! Thanks...... Rant over
On Wed 13 Mar at 8:04pm Green Sleeves wrote:
I'm sure you got banned for more than that. I suspect you've not been overly generous with context.

But anyways, what are your "facts" to deny man made climate change? Also, are you that old lady that wears a crash helmet, and is draped in an England flag that comes into town by train and walks around Lewes everyday?
On Wed 13 Mar at 8:55pm Daz wrote:
Nope, that comment is exactly what I got banned for. Some snowflake took offense, and went crying to FB
On Wed 13 Mar at 11:56pm Nevillman wrote:
Your comment is still on the Lewes present Facebook site. Are you saying that anyone can get anyone else banned from using their own Facebook site by just objecting to their view?
On Thu 14 Mar at 12:53am Daz wrote:
Exactly that Nevillman
On Thu 14 Mar at 9:02am Nevillman wrote:
You have made what I regard as a serious accusation. You posted on the Lewes present Facebook site 7 hours ago. That is long after your original post so you can still obviously use Facebook. Can you explain exactly what you mean when you say you say 'they get you banned from Facebook'.
On Thu 14 Mar at 4:18pm bored2 wrote:
^^Probably not, seems like a trolling attempt. Freedom of speech, Socialism, climate change denial, Facebook overlords, I don't need experts, Every sentence ending in an exclamation point. Classic but weak Daz
On Thu 14 Mar at 4:26pm Nevillman wrote:
You haven't come back on this Peter Dadswell (Daz) but have continued to post on Lewes present. I don't believe that it is possible to post on a public site without an individual account so I'm now very sceptical about your initial claim of censorship. You either made a mistake or are deliberately trying to denigrate those who believe in climate change and/or snowflakes. You may even think they are synonymous.
I am incidentally by nature a sceptic and like you have tried to investigate the truth behind climate change claims. While it is possible to find contra evidence eg ice flows that aren't melting, a surfeit of polar bears in a particular area, a very cold winter etc, I have come to the opposite conclusion to you as the evidence for man made climate change is overwhelming. Please can you show your sources. You may have a point that some media sources and government funded agencies exaggerate the effects of climate change but while we cannot be sure what they will be, the evidence does suggest to me that they are potentially very great.
You may not agree that the methods used by those who feel driven to do something about it are appropriate but they are doing something so have my respect. If you are stuck in traffic on Saturday while others are protesting Peter then tough. Please turn your engine off.
On Thu 14 Mar at 9:01pm Tom Pain wrote:
Weather of mass destruction, eh?
On Thu 14 Mar at 10:12pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Daz was full of it, as I suspected. What a piece of Hamid Barr.
On Thu 14 Mar at 10:29pm Daz wrote:
I respect your opinion, and will gladly listen to any honest and open discussion about this topic. As for my ban, the complaint was retracted, and so I am allowed to post again. But I'm not one to respond to fishing or trolling comments.
I'm pretty sure that I won't find myself stuck in the traffic caused by this protest this weekend, as I tend to do all my shopping in Brighton or Uckfield these days. But the people that will be stuck in town didn't want this forced upon them and interfering with their valuable time at the weekend.
On Fri 15 Mar at 8:44am bored2 wrote:
Facebook is a private entity so can ban or censor whoever it wants. It is not the government so it is not impinging on your freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech gives you the right to speak out without fear of government oppression. Not for a private entity to broadcast your views to everyone.

Perhaps you should collate your evidence and submit it somewhere? Given the settled nature of the debate among scientists you may have stumbled on something ground breaking!
On Fri 15 Mar at 12:02pm David Stanley wrote:
As I am not a scientist or political by nature I just hedge my bets by investing in profitable renewables as well as oil stocks.
There does seem to be something of a millennarian cult about some climate change activists but I imagine it is very exciting to feel involved in such things. My own scroogelike character makes me accidentally green in that I cycle everywhere, don't drive much , own a small house and rarely fly.
Is it heartless to state that the easiest way to slow climate change might be to hinder development in those places where population growth is highest?
On Fri 15 Mar at 7:47pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Thanks brother black sleeves for the Intel. It makes more sense now.
On Fri 15 Mar at 8:25pm Daz wrote:
Yes, that is my name, and that is my business name, thanks for the free plug.
I do not feel the need to hide behind a keyboard and remain anonymous just to express an opinion. I am more than happy to have an open dialogue with anyone.
Now, I can only assume that the reason you went on a mission to find these nuggets of public's information about me and post them in here was to have some sort of negative financial effect on my business. Maybe loose a few customers, or even put me out of business? All because I have made my own opinion about a topic that you don't agree with, or maybe it's just malicious intent. Either way I would not want you or anyone who thinks like you as a customer.
People are allowed to have their own opinions, and they are allowed to express them without the fear of persecution or reprise. But as is all too obvious in 2019 opinions that don't fit in get silenced, and if that fails direct personal attacks take place. This is just wrong, and socialism in full effect.
On Fri 15 Mar at 9:10pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Daz, remove the tinfoil hat, you are embarrassing yourself. Nobody is trying to silence you, just expose you for being a paranoid simpleton who rants about the evils of socialism.

Anyways, my Dell latitude 6420 screen could do with replacing. How much would you replace it for me?
On Fri 15 Mar at 9:28pm Tom Pain wrote:
Careful greeny dear, your claws are showing.
On Sat 16 Mar at 8:55am Nevillman wrote:
I think it's wrong to try to affect someone's business like that black sleeves. I shall continue to look for and use a business based on their service and competence rather than their political views. It is interesting that daz associated what may well have been a genuine belief that he had been censored with socialism. 'Socialism in full effect'. This is ironic firstly in that as a society we have rarely been further from socialism and secondly because I would associate censorship with right wing dictatorship much more than socialism.
There may not be the space here for a full analysis of what is socialism but it's interesting to see the old socialism bogeyman being associated firstly with climate change and secondly with censorship.
On Sat 16 Mar at 1:44pm Black Sleeves wrote:
Both my original post and subsequent post apologising have been removed. Nevillman's post originally named Daz not mine.
On Sat 16 Mar at 9:09pm Tom Pain wrote:
Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics,free speech? The National Socialist party of the Third Reich or Nazi party as it's more familiarly known, free speech? There's a YouTube video of George Bernard Shaw talking about socialism which is very revealing. Forced painless euthenasia is recommended for some!
On Sun 17 Mar at 12:38pm Green Sleeves wrote:
How oddly selective of you Mr Pain, but I doubt you would get many historians claim the nazi party was a lefty socialist party....they were far right fascists, but don't let facts get in the way of an old man anti socialists rant. "The ruskis are coming!". You guys use the same tired old talking points...continually debunked but still parroted. It would be like me ruling out free market capitalism based on Somalia and Ethiopia. Even that would be less disingenuous.
On Mon 18 Mar at 10:47am Tom Pain wrote:
The National Socialist party ,Nazi for short. Is that impossible to understand? If I'm wrong about the name of Hitler's party please tell me. " Old man anti socialist rant etc" is just playground tactics. Is ageism now part of being progressive? Everyone who discovers that socialism with its centralised financial system is just fascism with different window dressing doesn't become a right wing nutter except in the minds of those who fear the loss of a cherished illusion. I'm on the side of human freedom not the fascists or the communists who,in my opinion, knowingly or unknowingly merely perpetuate mankind's financial bondage to it's feudal masters.
On Mon 18 Mar at 11:48am bored2 wrote:
@TP You are right about the name but what's in a name eh? Some people even use a name to pretend to be something they aren't, hoping they trick some people!

The Conservative party is my current favourite. Barely a conservative policy in sight. Closely followed by the European Research Group who are one of the least informed groups when it comes to Europe. Add the Tax Payers Alliance into the mix too.
On Mon 18 Mar at 6:59pm Tom Pain wrote:
I had a suspicion that you weren't really bored. Yes , Conservative really is a misnomer for the party pushing commun-itarian-ism. I wonder how many thumbs down I'll get for this.

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