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On 8 Mar 2013 at 3:57pm Curious wrote:
It seems that IndieThinker got rather offended by my suggesting that seeking recommendations for builders, child-minders or other significant purchases / investments on internet forums is the behaviour of the insane.
I stick by that. Personal recommendations by people you know and trust is fine, but from complete anonymous strangers? Who would do that apart from the numb-nuts, surely?
But suitable topics for forum debate would include things like sharing local news and events, encouraging views on local issues, alerting people to changes or new opportunities, sharing learnings and knowledge, etc etc. Or just posing interesting questions. All should provoke further research and cross-referencing by any individuals with particular interest in any aspects of what's discussed, but not become gospel or the basis of significant personal decisions.
Or is it just me who elects not to trust forum posters' advice with regard to anything important whatsoever?
On 8 Mar 2013 at 4:54pm Follower wrote:
Subjects and disciples, that's what you all are at the hand of the person who controls the content, no more should you accept random references from nameless trolls than thrust the powers that be on the forum for the truth to shine through.
On 8 Mar 2013 at 6:11pm Doh! wrote:
Ooh Er!
On 8 Mar 2013 at 6:39pm Malling Res wrote:
I asked a while back for a plumber recommendation. I took a posters advice and the plumber did a fab job.......so ner ner na ner ner
On 8 Mar 2013 at 6:39pm Southover Queen wrote:
I don't agree. You'd ask in a pub whether anyone knew a builder/dressmaker/cleaner without any qualms, so I don't see what's so different about a forum. I wouldn't accept a reference from someone who wasn't a regular poster, or at least I'd treat it with caution, but otherwise I'm not sure that there's a big difference.

On 8 Mar 2013 at 6:55pm Independent Thinker wrote:
Curious, think you missed the point. You're saying people shouldn't base big decisions on anonymous advice alone. Of course not, but when did anyone say you should do that? If people ask for suggestions for local pubs, childminders, builders, framers etc it's to have more options to explore for themselves. As it happens, I also have some pictures that need framing and some names just came up I hadn't heard of, so I'll look into them as well. They might be cheaper and better than the one I used last time. Does that make me insane?

My only point was that with registration there's a better chance (just better, still not guaranteed) that the views posted are real ones by real people who have used whatever service they're commenting on. Not some troll posting under lots of different names, or some pub landlord trashing a rival pub, or pretending to be their own happy customers.

As to your list of alternative topics, they all sound great.
On 8 Mar 2013 at 7:02pm weary again wrote:
I've had fantastic recommendations over the years. Easy to sort out the non starters. Though they have been rare in any case. But maybe this forum has drifted and trust has been eroded by the vitriolic racism and sexism
On 8 Mar 2013 at 7:38pm Ladybird wrote:
Does it really matter and surely it's a personal choice whether you choose to heed the advice of forum posters or not?
Surely there must be more important and significant issues we can all concern ourselves with than this???
On 8 Mar 2013 at 11:54pm Curious wrote:
I'm sorry if I missed the point IT.
Ladybird - probably, but this isn't the United Nations!
But SQ, I think there's a HUGE difference between a pub and a forum. Firstly, in a pub you can look into someone's eyes (unless they wear sunglasses inside, but that's an immediate indicator that they shouldn't be trusted!) - think why it is that British soldiers on 'hearts and minds' missions don't wear sunglasses? Because eye contact is the first filter for trust. Second, you can cross-reference what someone says with what you know about them, or what someone else that you know knows about them. Thirdly, that you can have the sort of in-depth follow-up conversation that isn't possible on a forum.
But maybe that's just me...
By the way, does anyone on here knowingly know other posters in real life?
On 9 Mar 2013 at 1:08am Ladybird wrote:
Curious, clearly someone on the forum has recommended a plumber or a good loaf of bread to you and you have had a traumatic experience. I hope you can find a way to get over this and find peace and harmony in your life.
On 9 Mar 2013 at 1:34am Dave wrote:
I seem to remember The Old Mayor had a similar point of view but I have had several great recommendations from her and if I took someone one from a recommendation on this forum and wasn't pleased with the result I would post that here too so that seems to me a great system, much better than the checkatrade websites that recommend people that pay to be on their site
On 9 Mar 2013 at 2:55am Curious wrote:
There's no need for that sort of sarcastic unfunny comment, thank you Ladybird.
On 9 Mar 2013 at 8:47am Southover Queen wrote:
Curious said: "there's a HUGE difference between a pub and a forum." I'm not sure that it's that huge. That's why I say that I'd differentiate between someone who is a regular here and someone who has never posted. In some ways in fact you know people here better than you might a casual acquaintance in a pub - you've probably got a fair idea of their views on many matters (!) and you probably know whether they're sensible and consistent, at least.

I have recommended the builder who renovated my house here, when people have asked. I have on both occasions invited the original poster to come and have a look at the work, so they have real concrete evidence upon which to base their decisions.

I know one other poster "in real life", but only because we happened to mention it in the pub!
On 9 Mar 2013 at 9:12am Ladybird wrote:
Curious, you are right it was an unnecessary comment and I do apologise. I do feel however that the whole issue is being somewhat blown out of proportion but that is just my humble opinion.
On 9 Mar 2013 at 11:49am Curious wrote:
Ladybird, an appology is all very well but maybe you should think before you speak!
On 10 Mar 2013 at 3:07pm The original Curious wrote:
That last post was not by me. I appreciate the apology Ladybird.
If a forum doesn't have differing opinions and priorities, it becomes a noticeboard!

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