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On 14 Oct 2007 at 7:55pm Lewesianne wrote:
Cheezy as this sounds, wouldn't it be a great idea if we all agreed to meet in a pub one night so we could all stand around wondering who is who? And if we are feeling brave, we could bring out the name badges!!!
I think this would be hilarious. What does anyone else think?
On 14 Oct 2007 at 8:05pm Landport loony wrote:
And as we realise who is who, we'll all remember the insults we've had over the months and the fists will start flying...LMAO
On 14 Oct 2007 at 8:53pm For The Record wrote:
I was at the Lewes Arms this afternoon and it appears that the Landport Loony was as well!
On 14 Oct 2007 at 9:07pm Landport loony wrote:
And what a waste of time it was too.
On 14 Oct 2007 at 9:45pm expat wrote:
I think it's a great idea, but can you wait until next April, which is the next time I'll be in Lewes?
On 14 Oct 2007 at 9:59pm zola wrote:
I think its a graet idea,ive thought this before.I think the girls should get together one nite in a pub or something,but maybe not the lads,as Landport Loony rightly says there would be a few more insults thrown around than usual,and we all know what a feisty bunch the boys are....I shall be waring a wetsuit,wellies and a gas mask...
On 15 Oct 2007 at 8:24am I dont live in lewes anymore wrote:
A chance for me to visit Lewes...
Sounds like a nice idea to me but I'll have to ask Nursey first.
I'll even polish me Ol' Zimmer frame for the occasion.
S'pose I'd better start saving me pension to pay for the parking charges.
On 16 Oct 2007 at 4:58pm Janet Street Preacher wrote:
Have I missed it?
On 16 Oct 2007 at 5:26pm zola wrote:
No,we havent set a venue yet.Any ideas?It depends how many would be coming really doesnt it.If its a large number of folk,perhaps a hotel.White Hart,or The Crown maybe?Or perhaps the Lewes Arms,or John Harvey Tavern or the Gardners.Pelham,Brewers.....I think it would be a really interesting evening...Sussing out who's who.....Is anyone else up for it??
On 16 Oct 2007 at 6:22pm lauren wrote:
Oh yes....... sounds like fun and would also be interesting
On 16 Oct 2007 at 6:54pm Landport loony wrote:
Well i'll be in the Elly on saturday night watching the egg chasers. The pub will be empty so if anyone wants to join me for a beer....i'll be the one in the black T-shirt at the bar drinking a pint of Harveys.
On 16 Oct 2007 at 8:10pm Chav wrote:
Book St Mary's. That way we can have a bring a bottle party. I'll bring the cheap crap wine. Who's bringing the stella?
On 16 Oct 2007 at 8:48pm The Super K wrote:
Yep I'll be at the smelly too, wearing the same lucky top I have been for the last two games. Can't believe how quiet it was there saturday when we stomped on the Aussies!
See you there Landport Loony.
On 16 Oct 2007 at 9:13pm Lewesianne wrote:
Chav!!! Where've you bin?
On 16 Oct 2007 at 9:31pm Chav wrote:
Why, you missed me then chick? Better get this meet up underway so we can make up for lost time. Make sure the venue is wheelchair friendly, we might have an old boy that smells of the sea coming.
On 16 Oct 2007 at 9:36pm Lewesianne wrote:
Webmaster? A chance to reveal yourself to us! What do you think?
Who wants to meet who the most?
Me, I want to see this Chav bloke! I have an image of him wearing tartan for some strange reason!
On 16 Oct 2007 at 9:45pm Lewesianne wrote:
Don't worry Chav, I'll lend you the tyres off mi Pajero, then you can go off road. Do you wear Tartan by any chance?
On 16 Oct 2007 at 9:59pm Chav wrote:
Sorry Fannyannie, I don't get you. The tartan bit I do because me dad wore it when he used to be a fan of some band, Bay rollers or something. I wear his jeans now and again. Top half denim, bottom half tartan. I think there cool.
Tyres and Pajero? Are they Greek pajamas?
On 16 Oct 2007 at 10:52pm Lewesianne wrote:
Bay City Rollers. Yuk!
On 17 Oct 2007 at 10:58am I dont live in lewes anymore wrote:
I can get through most doorways with Nursey's help Chav.
Count me in.
On 17 Oct 2007 at 5:38pm Old Tom wrote:
you coming chave my hearty mmmmm look out for me e type wheelchair
On 17 Oct 2007 at 6:56pm For The Record wrote:
I could turn up in my BCR's gear!
On 17 Oct 2007 at 8:40pm expat wrote:
You could probably buy some of their old gear off them, I heard recently their manager ripped them off big time and they're brassic.
On 17 Oct 2007 at 9:58pm zola wrote:
What or who is BCR? Sorry folks.Im a bit thick too.....

On 17 Oct 2007 at 10:00pm zola wrote:
Got it! Bay City Rollers....Doh.
On 17 Oct 2007 at 11:40pm Spinster Of This Parish wrote:
Let's meet on the 5th - about 8pm at the War Memorial!
On 17 Oct 2007 at 11:43pm Spinster Of This Parish wrote:
Better still - we could meet at Baxter's Field - I'd like to see what Oliver looks like (probably open toe sandals).
On 17 Oct 2007 at 11:57pm zola wrote:
Can't we ask him along to our deserted pubic house knees up on Saturday night?
On 17 Oct 2007 at 11:58pm zola wrote:
On 18 Oct 2007 at 9:08am I dont live in lewes anymore wrote:
Pubic house?
My, My how the Ol' town has progressed.

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