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Fisher street

On 1 Dec 2014 at 10:21am Disgusted of Lewes wrote:
Having just walked along Fisher street I'm wondering if it's time the pubs and the bonfire boys & girls were made responsible for the mess they cause. 3 big piles of sick and the remnants of fireworks that ESCC highways obviously don't have the resources to come and clear up.. It's truly disgusting.
On 1 Dec 2014 at 11:14am the kronic wrote:
3 big piles of sick almost a MONTH after bonfire and the REMNANTS of fireworks.
I bet you are sitting in your one bedroom bedsit all on your own almost having a seizure, you sad sad individual.
On 1 Dec 2014 at 11:33am DofL wrote:
I may be sad, but read the post dopey.. I was walking along Fisher street so couldn't possibly be sitting in my flat!
However, feel free to get out of your flat and take a walk and I'm sure you'll agree.
On 1 Dec 2014 at 12:21pm Symptomatic reaction wrote:
Of course, the vomit may not have been due to alcohol - it could have been down to a dodgy take away... or even down to a genuine stomach upset... but lets just blame the Pubs and Bonfire, its easier that way than work out exactly who is to blame.
Yes, pubs (and other businesses) serve alcohol, but they don't force people to drink it to the point that they are physically sick, do they? e.g. I regularly use a Lewes pub to meet friends for a few pints, but we are mature enough to make sure we don't drink so much that we vomit on the way home.
@ Disgusted - The problem lies with those that consume alcohol to excess, not those that supply it. Blame the idiots who drink to excess for the piles of vomit, not the pubs!

Firework debris -I think LDC/Town cleaners do a brilliant job overall on 5th/6th Nov each year - maybe they just missed a patch of Fisher street...
@ Disgusted: If you are unhappy about firework debris from Bonfire night then why not do something constructive and contact the Town Council or the Cleaning Dept and report your concerns...oh, but that wouldn't make you feel as good as having a dig at bonfire (or pubs) on here would it?
On 1 Dec 2014 at 2:47pm Tired Local Bonfire Fan wrote:
Of course Symptomatic is right, you should not presume that the firework debris is from bonfire. Those of us living in the town centre know that the mess could be the result of the selfish idiots, who were setting of fireworks at 2pm in the weeks after bonfire. (nice timing, thanks for that) I fail to see how ESCC could be expected to tidy up , unless someone tells them. The town centre is vibrant because unlike many places it is still full of 24hr residents who love bonfire. But we also need sleep at some point.
On 1 Dec 2014 at 3:12pm Old Bloke wrote:
What an odd expression - 24 hour resident.
Is that one of these in vogue expressions like blue sky thinking and various other sh**t.
Having said that Disgusted of Lewes (loads of them around all professional offence takers) sounds a bit of a dope to me.
Whatever is claimed about the Bonfire Mob no one can say they don't clean up after their orgy of sparklers and bangs
On 1 Dec 2014 at 3:25pm Out of curiosity wrote:
Do any bonfire societies let off fireworks in Fisher Street on the 5th? What remnants of fire works are there?
Commercial Square's prayers are close, some street pieces are set off in the High Street, but in Fisher Street? Surely too small and tight to let off fire works. I can't remember seeing or hearing any there on the 5th.
Guess I know what route I'm taking home tonight.
On 1 Dec 2014 at 5:38pm P.C wrote:
Disgusted of Lewes I was walking along fisher street back in oct
the Road a mess the building need a good clean . It need renaming ARSHOLE AVENUE
On 2 Dec 2014 at 2:15am 24hr resident wrote:
Old Bloke. Isn't 24hr resident just an expression that someone has used to make the point that many people are at home in Lewes town centre all the time. they have children, are elderly, live above businesses etc. I think we can work out what it means, without your trying to belittle the author. You simply end up sounding like an insufferable pedant, rather than make a simple clear point that I would agree with.
On 2 Dec 2014 at 10:24am Cobnut wrote:
The detritus in Fisher St is from thousands of rookies that we're let off by bonfire boys and girls in the middle of the night on 22nd Nov and it's been a mess down there ever since!
On 2 Dec 2014 at 1:02pm Pedant wrote:
Isn't 24hr resident just an expression... Yes it is, like the other idiot expressions 24/7, end of, back in the day, OMG...
On 2 Dec 2014 at 1:40pm Pendant wrote:
see comment above about pedants who are so keen to make pointless comments about slang they don't like, that they undermine their own credibility. Shakespeare is full of invented slang, and unusual spelling. You sound like the sort of person who would listen to Martin Luther King, and point out a split infinitive. That is why you are still criticising people on a local internet Forum, and not listening to your latest Booker Prize winning novel being read on Book at Bedtime.
On 2 Dec 2014 at 4:10pm bastian wrote:
cobnut-rookies don't make a mess, that was chinese fire crackers-I live in town and was woken up by a blue this morning, so what! It's good to be alive.
On 2 Dec 2014 at 6:09pm bomfire boy wrote:
Perhaps it was peak bang
On 3 Dec 2014 at 1:24am Red eyed wrote:
I feel good to be alive at various times from midnight onwards. It is getting very tedious. If anyone would like to be woken up on my behalf, do let me know.
On 3 Dec 2014 at 4:39pm Penguin wrote:
They were indeed Chinese crackers, although rookies would of course make just as much mess if you let them of in the same quantity - only it would most likely be blue!.

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