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Firemen receive compensation

On 7 Dec 2016 at 5:38pm Lewes Voter 3 wrote:
Someone just told me about this. Half a million for the firemen's families and for the others who were injured ten yrs ago. Not very much is it?

Check it out here »
On 7 Dec 2016 at 6:10pm Biggles wrote:
£510,000 between 15 families,2 of whome lost their loved ones is an utter insult.East sussex fire brigade have spent the last 10 years trying to pass the buck and still accept no responsibility for the loss of these brave men and women who put their lives on the line everytime they go to work.
One word
On 7 Dec 2016 at 7:15pm Lewes voter 4 wrote:
They were not actually firemen : one was a photographer and another was an observer. They were also told it would be dangerous to enter the site, by the owner. Yes, it's tragic, but don't people in all occupations have life insurance?
On 7 Dec 2016 at 11:24pm wrote:
No. Not in the army they don’t. People choose to join up for their tax funded career training programme, and if something happens to them, I’m expected to compensate them for it on poppy day because they ‘fought for my country’ by killing the world’s poorest civilians in securing the oil supply for companies that our wealthier members of parliament own shares in.
Evidently, they join up without the faintest idea that soldiers sometimes get injuries or die. In light of that, it seems pretty unlikely that a fireman would consider there might be an element of danger in their work.
On 8 Dec 2016 at 4:00pm Advocate wrote:
It is terrible that two men had to die in this tragedy. However we mustn't discount their own responsibility. They defied fire service guidelines by entering the area. Guidelines state in a fire of this nature to set-up an exclusion zone and to let it burn. Of course if the fireworks were stored properly this wouldn't have happened. So while the owners were liable, the deceased also had their own part to play in their demise, as sad as that is.
On 8 Dec 2016 at 7:31pm Tim wrote:
Ok lets get this completely and utterly correct. I was one of the attending officers in charge of the first appliances attending. The two people who made the ultimate sacrifice were a RDS watch manager in charge of a fire engine and the ESFRS media support officer. Anyone wishing to confirm the correct details of the following court action of this event it can be found on the internet. The amount stated yesterday in the press wasn't shared between the families. Regarding the Winter family, the event happened and have they paid their time in prison - end of !
After 10 years we still remember our friends with the utmost respect and love but please if you wish to put any comments on here make sure they are correct.
Tim Austin ESFRS 30 yrs. 4 months. 22 days - retired.
On 11 Dec 2016 at 10:23am and thats a fact wrote:
The fire fiighters ran out of water, fact, the swimming pool was still full after the fire fact, the fire brigade withdrew appliances to a safe distance fact, they were still so close three got written off fact, the fire brigade did not treat the fire as one of explosives fact, the two men should have been withdrawn long before the water ran out, but of course the film memory card in the cameras hadnt. Fact It took an enquiry and a court case over compensation for the real facts to come out, Fact ESFR got it wrong Fact. Two men died needlessly and their families had to endure 10 years of prevarication, not to get over it but simply to get as far as sorting compensation, they probally never will get over it, ESFR should have been in court on corporate incompetance charges and Thats a Fact
On 11 Dec 2016 at 2:40pm Manikin wrote:
By paying out the fire brigade at last has admitted responsibility. Should the owners now seek a pardon on the corporate manslaughter charge and should they to be receiving compensation?

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