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Exit from Brexit?

On 10 Aug 2017 at 9:53am Sashimi wrote:
"Boris Johnson should be jailed over Brexit claims, says ex-David Davis aide" story in the Guardian. James Chapman former **political editor of the Daily Mail** and Conservative special adviser to the Brexit Secretary claims the Government is clueless and completely unprepared and "the frontbenches of the main parties [are] “paralysed” and “terrified of being called saboteurs, wreckers and people defying the ‘will of the people’”.
Interesting. It seems 'Exit from Brexit' is now back on the table. Read all about it at the link below.
Apologies for posting anonymously. I used to post as 'John Stockdale', registered it on the Forum but can't cope with the meaningless PW I was allocated, so I'm back to using the name of my late dog.

Check it out here »
On 10 Aug 2017 at 10:17am My prediction is... wrote:
The whole thing is a calamity, a lot of people like the idea of being free from the ties of the EU and mass immigration, but from the campaign onwards we've been fed nothing but wishful thinking.
Now the reality is starting to become clear (I'm not talking about the reality of Brexit I'm talking about the reality that our politicians are unable to deliver it) it would be nice to have a better informed vote.
On 10 Aug 2017 at 6:19pm Newms wrote:
The whole thing has become so depressing its painful to even think about .I am starting to get an unpleasant feeling that having never cured the fundamental problems behind 2008 we may hit a double storm from which the country will not recover in generations.
One irony is that the only reason for optimism is that the world is growing steadily with what was once the third world racing into the modern age .
It has been a combination of trade, capitalism political progress and NGO initiatives that have brought about this miracle, and it is the only good thing on the horizon
No surprise to see that mighty intellect Caulfield suggest that International Aid should be reduced . (She is one of very few people to have written more books than she has read .1 )
On 10 Aug 2017 at 6:23pm Mavis wrote:
Turkeys don't vote for Christmas, they just don't want us to leave, which beggars the question why. They want that gravy train, layers upon layers of civil servants and red tape to tangle and untangle all financed by the populations of 28, 30 odd countries (they haven't finished joining yet) Panic when a nett contributor wants out of a poor poverty struck clutch of needy members, all wanting new infrastructures and economies. Especially at a time when sound economies are struggling too. Lewes remoaners won't like this however.

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