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Euro 2016 petition...

On 28 Jun 2016 at 12:10pm Clifford wrote:
A lot of England supporters are unhappy about the result of the game with Iceland yesterday and have launched a petition for a replay until they get the right result. I'm sure a few of the posters on here will support that wholeheartedly.
On 28 Jun 2016 at 12:12pm Maxwell wrote:
I bet a lot of those England supporters are the same ignorant scum who voted Leave
On 28 Jun 2016 at 1:01pm You just don't get it... wrote:
Using phrases like this "ignorant scum" to describe an out voter is the main reason OVER half the country felt the need to vote out...
You realise the majority have been shat on by successive governments for the last 50+ years right?
I get the impression some of you vote conservative from aspirations alone.
On 28 Jun 2016 at 1:11pm pn wrote:
They did win, surely you are aware that in Brexit Britain any fact can be changed the day after the event ?

On 28 Jun 2016 at 1:17pm Dexter wrote:
Clifford. Was that petition started by a defeatist UKipper as well?
On 28 Jun 2016 at 1:33pm Mark wrote:
"Ignorant scum" is more unkind/rude language than I would ever direct at anyone, but I do think that you now need to concede that it was the wrong way to vote. As a dyed-in-the-wool Clifford's, my motivations for voting remain will vary somewhat from Paul Newman's but the fact does remain.... We now have the very pragmatic, broad-minded, eminently sensible Angela Merkel saying, quite understandably, that there will be no access to the European market without open borders. This should have been predictable. I find Comrade Clifford's attitude perplexing. Emancipating ourselves from the EU softcore neo-liberal hegemony project in order to set ourselves up for life in a hardcore neo-liberal little Tory state minus Scotland.
On 28 Jun 2016 at 1:34pm Mark wrote:
Important word missing. Dyed in the wool leftie
On 28 Jun 2016 at 2:02pm Soup Dragon wrote:
But it wasn't OVER half the country that voted leave. It was 17 million people, which is 37% of the electorate or just over a quarter of the country.
On 28 Jun 2016 at 2:05pm Clifford wrote:
Mark: if people decide it's what they want to do they'll remove the government of a Tory neo-liberal state. It has proved impossible for anyone to end the EU's austerity programme, even though workers in France are at least striking and demonstrating against the labour 'reforms' associated with it.
On 28 Jun 2016 at 2:29pm Ben wrote:
Sh•t on for the last 50 years? I think you will find that the poor are many times better off than they were 50 years ago. The problem is they will never be happy however much they are given.
When is there's a labour government are they content? No.
On 28 Jun 2016 at 3:31pm ignorant scum wrote:
ignorant scum so that's what i am ... Maxwell YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER
On 28 Jun 2016 at 5:18pm Statistics wrote:
Soup dragon, nobody under the age of 18 is allowed to vote so that bumps up the percentage pretty significantly.

Also for all the outcry that the youth have had their futures stolen, whilst 70odd% of 18-24 year olds voted Remain, only 36% of them bothered to vote at all so actually only about 25% of total 18-24 year olds voted Remain, hardly a crushing mandate is it?
On 28 Jun 2016 at 5:43pm Lewes Resident wrote:
Lewes voted 'Remain' in the referendum unlike some other parts of England and Wales. There's a petition below to ask our MP to represent her constituents' views in Parliament accordingly:

Check it out here »
On 28 Jun 2016 at 6:03pm Clifford wrote:
I think you've misunderstood what a referendum is, Lewes Resident. It's not counted on a constituency basis, but on a national basis. I'm sure you would have objected to anyone making your suggestion if the result had been the other way round. Another case of 'scratch a Remainer and see how skin deep democracy is'.
On 28 Jun 2016 at 6:04pm Tim wrote:
Yep, Lewes Remain, the posher, better educated, self confident, liberal urban class high on house prices and employment levels. AKA "I'm all right Jack".
On 28 Jun 2016 at 7:02pm Maxwell wrote:
Ignorant scum
On 28 Jun 2016 at 7:58pm astrid wrote:
I watched the rather painful match and although I went to bed peed off at the result. It would be wrong of England fans to even think of taking that away from Iceland. embarrassingly they were, on that occasion the better team. Also I voted Remain and was gutted to wake up friday to hear the result. Although I did sign the 2nd referendum petition ( I felt I had to be doing something) I have conceded that it would be highly undemocratic. when ever people asked am I patriotic 'YES' is my answer however at the moment it is waning as we need to stick together stop all this pathetic point scoring and bitching and work to make this country better!! for everyone, young, older and future generations. Not just ourselves. whether some may like it or not!!
On 28 Jun 2016 at 9:51pm PN wrote:
Astrid that’s all very well , but pension pots are emptying , jobs are being lost the pound is at a 30 year low and the phoney war before this starts to hit people will soon be over.
I`m no high flyer or anything but so many of the jobs in the City are therefore access to the EU and if you talk to anyone the gloom is asphyxiating . The clock is ticking
Right now it’s a wait and see but if we leave the single market we lose not only a chunk of banking but everything else that needs non cross boarder compliance . Legal advice Insurance phama , some media and IT , when its gone we are going to be permanently poorer , much poorer .
The Nations creditors are waiting on the crucial news , can we still stay in the single market ? If we do it will not be on terms that allow us to close our border and we will have to comply with most EU laws ( you could get back the CAP and fisheries but I promise the fishermen will moan anyway when they are not allowed rape the sea )
Any responsible politician will have this one thought in his mind .If they kick us out then this country will take decades to recover and the misery will be on a Greek scale . People will turn on them liars but it will be too late
What I am saying is it is not all lost yet , as the catastrophe unfolds the cases of Regrexit will grow and the political weather will change . Then, when they come back and say , we are out of the EU but still in the single market and immigration will not change from the EU( you could put this much better), it can be sold .
Keep the faith , its no good falling out with people I know people who voted Brexit thinking it for the best .If they won`t listen to the Bank of England the treasury the President , Angela Merkel , every Chancellor since Lamont and the PM and the Labour Party and the Unions they won`t listen . They will have to see
By the time the negotiations are going I want the suggestion that Brexit was a good idea to be accepted as the sick joke and National con it was and is. Then we can at keep as close relationship and , vitally , secure a future for the country its young its families , its schools its Health services , for workers rights , for toleration and for the Union if it is still standing
Please don`t give up there is everything to play for , if you care about anything decent ion this country we cannot go along with a misguided mob who will as quickly turn on the people who lied as they did on the “Experts “.
Kepe objecting , write to our MP , sign petitions , win the argument every day ( its not hard) .
This is the most important thig that will happen in our lives and giving up is just not on !!!!
On 28 Jun 2016 at 10:37pm Fred2016 wrote:
Everyone is forgetting that parliament has to approve a new law for Brexit to commence. So who knows what is going to happen.
On 30 Jun 2016 at 10:32pm Soup Dragon wrote:
@statistics, it was only 37 % of the electorate, which, last time I counted, is just over a quarter of the country. Facts. I know there are under 18s that can't vote, hence the distinction between the 'electorate' and the 'country'.

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