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Epoch Times

On Tue 16 Jun at 8:47pm Twostime wrote:
2 things:
1 Does anyone know who delivered the free edition of the "Epoch Times" in Lewes today - Royal Mail?
2 Please be aware, this is not balanced journalism, it is propaganda from a cult named the “Falun Gong”. See for instance the NBC News, or LA Magazine to get an idea. Feel free to read it – I won’t, but bear in mind who it is coming from and their likely “Balance”.

Check it out here »
On Tue 16 Jun at 8:49pm Twostime wrote:
Also check out the LA Magazine article: -

Check it out here »
On Tue 16 Jun at 11:10pm Basil wrote:
'Feel free to read it – I won’t'... How do you know then?
On Tue 16 Jun at 11:26pm Twostime wrote:
Basil, it is a well known, global, propaganda rag. Feel free, but just be aware, that was all I was asking.
On Wed 17 Jun at 10:02am Green Sleeves wrote:
I tend to read a few far right-wing publications just for the lols. It makes you appreciate your own rationality.

However, if I start wishing war on anyone who isn't white and straight and keep banging on about the "silent majority", then please do warn me and I'll lay off the right wing propaganda......

On Wed 17 Jun at 10:04am Tom Pain wrote:
I've never seen it, but I've seen plenty of propaganda rags. The guardian, the daily mail,etc,etc. Also the propaganda box, the TV.
On Wed 17 Jun at 10:10am Green Sleeves wrote:
@TP - to a point, but its foolish to assume they are all just as swivel-eyed as each other. The Guardian, for example, receives far less complaints for its content and fact-checks against it are less alarming than say compared to the Daily Mail. Same with Fox News over say, BBC News. This is not some sort of conspiracy against RW focused media, they just tend to push out more lies, and their readers appear less bothered by facts, and run more on emotion and feelings. Its not to say there is no agenda, but the frequency of lies are very different.
On Wed 17 Jun at 2:29pm David Stanley wrote:
People can't agree on the facts and anyone who things political opinions aren't mostly emotional has very little self knowledge.
As I get older I'm more convinced politics follows personality traits rather than anything remotely rational or fact based.
On Wed 17 Jun at 4:57pm Green Sleeves wrote:
@David Stanley, no. Facts are facts and some wish to deny them more than others to fit their agenda and narrative. That's because the facts often inconveniently get in the way of bad ideologies.
On Wed 17 Jun at 5:16pm David Stanley wrote:
People can't agree on the facts and anyone who things political opinions aren't mostly emotional has very little self knowledge.
As I get older I'm more convinced politics follows personality traits rather than anything remotely rational or fact based.
On Wed 17 Jun at 5:18pm Nevillman wrote:
I agree with David and green in their last points. All the evidence suggests that most people make an emotional decision about their political stance. They then seek out the facts to support that stance. Everyone uses the facts they want. Some people's ideologies and views require more distorted analysis of the facts than others. Because people seek out the facts they think most support their emotional stance things like epoch times exist. I have no idea how many of the facts in it are true and while I am sure very few people are going to be converted by it, I am pretty sure that it will confirm and maybe harden the views of some. You are more resilient than I am green in reading this stuff. I had to give it up 4 years ago. Really didn't find it funny way more.
On Wed 17 Jun at 7:51pm Twostime wrote:
Glad to have alerted my neighbours to the danger of the rag you may or may not have been exposed to.
@Green Sleeves thank you. Facts are facts.
@David Stanley politics is about how we are and the effect the rulers have on us. We got rid of the TTIP some years ago. @Green Sleeves Unfortunately the current government is about to sign a deal with the usa that will steal all our sovereignty whereby extra-judicial courts will be able to fine the UK for limiting their profits. Interesting times friends.

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On Wed 17 Jun at 8:41pm Tom Pain wrote:
I think the left~right dichotomy has become meaningless nowadays. We had the Labour government with it's private~public schemes which should have been called private~government in that the government payed,with public money for developments which the private sector then reaped the profits. How that is any different from the conservatives I don't know. They embarked on foreign wars, killing lots of brown people to enrich multinational private companies, a habit gleefully continued by Cameron's Tories. "The animals looked from pig to man and man to pig and couldn't tell the difference" if I remember Orwell correctly. The sheer financial power of international capital dwarfs nations, leaving them little choice but to bow to their commands or face an IMF regime change.
The American war of independence created the USA to be a republic free from European monarchy's tax burdens but the unconstitutional European ..owned Federal Reserve put a stop to that in time to finance WW1 and the Russian revolution. So now America is the bully boy for globalisation following on from the British Empire.
I was going to say that the only real voting choice was between nationalism and globalism but it looks pretty hopeless. When you think that the World Economic Forum held a practice session for dealing with a world pandemic just two months before the Corona virus hit,they seem to be holding all the cards. Now they're talking about the "great reset" of the world economy,introduced by Prince Charles. Voting is going to be as big a joke as it was in the USSR. Funnily enough the UN has a a site up advertising the New World Order,really!
On Wed 17 Jun at 10:19pm Twostime wrote:
@TP I attenended a rally June 1997 in Brightin where Paul Foot made clear that "NBew Labour" were "Old Tory" it isn't difficult to see how things have moved on since then.
There are other parties we can join or at least investigate, that are not the tories or stright Labour...
On Thu 18 Jun at 8:51am Tom Pain wrote:
My point is~ what's the point! Neither labour or conservatives have any power so how can anyone else. We live in the post democratic age. Was it the Club of Rome that said that, or the unspellable Zbignew Brzinsky, who is~ was a member of the trilateral commission, a globalist think tank that also has~had a certain Starmer as a fellow traveller, along with such luminaries as Mr Kissinger.
On Thu 18 Jun at 9:52am Nevillman wrote:
Look what happened when old school labour members tried to reassert their old values. Corbyn, electoral disaster and a rabid right wing government. Don't blame the Tory press. The electorate don't want it. You may dislike Blair and new Labour but it got elected and did far more for reducing inequality and helping the under privileged than Corbyn or the Tories ever did. What is most pointless Tom is your defeatist attitude. It may be hard to stop global capitalism, particularly at the moment with the current government and leaving the EU but got to keep trying.
On Thu 18 Jun at 10:27am Green Sleeves wrote:
@nevillman, true - Corbyn was monstered (unfairly and disproportionately imo) by the press. Keir Starmer has less baggage and appears to tick many of the boxes that appeal to the media, and perhaps the wider public (in a Blair like way). He's a more diplomatic and articulate speaker than Corbyn, is younger, and has an impressive career track record as a human rights barrister.

Politically, he's a liberal, lefty, pragmatic, pro-european and shares most common core moral and political values with Corbyn, more than perhaps Blair. Superficially, and therefore perhaps most importantly in this rather superficial world, he comes across a lot better doing it than both, and more compelling in putting the case and arguments across. He has my vote, and I think he can win the next General Election. Lets hope we will at least compromise in Lewes and have maybe a Lib Dem MP again.....it would be excruciatingly embarrassing having to tell people we have a Tory MP, under the new Sir Keir Starmer Communist regime
On Thu 18 Jun at 12:48pm Tom Pain wrote:
On the face of it Starmer sounds wonderful,quite the new Blair, perhaps he'll be the one to do an Iraq on Iran if Johnson doesn't come up to the mark. His membership of the little known trilateral commission is a bit of a sticking point though. I can only give Noam Chomsky's critical opinion on the commission, commenting on their publication The Crisis of Democracy~"an insightful book showing the modern democratic system not to really be a democracy at all but controlled by elites....and how the public needs to be reduced to it's proper state of apathy and obedience". Perhaps Starmer has another face he doesn't like to show.
On Wed 24 Jun at 8:08pm vgftr wrote:
I also face that kind of problem for that kind of activities at

Check it out here »
On Sat 25 Jul at 7:44pm twostime wrote:
Ignoring the last post which was just spambot for a product, how are things today? My neighbours received a copy of the "paper" I referenced at the beginning of this post shortly after and were also appalled. I am glad to have alerted some of you. China are not our enemy, neither are Russians. It is all utter BS propaganda.

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