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Dog day care

On 14 Sep 2014 at 10:36am New dog owner wrote:
Can anyone recommend a dog day care facility in Lewes or Brighton?
We are not planning on using one this side of Christmas but thought we could do some research in case the need arose.
On 14 Sep 2014 at 2:10pm Horseman7 wrote:
Julie Mewett and Family of The Dog Stop, Crisp Road. Easy to find on line. Say Flying Roobarb sent you.
On 14 Sep 2014 at 4:57pm Southover Queen wrote:
My neighbour sends her dog to the Dog Stop often - they'll pick up early in the morning if you need to be out all day. She says her dog has a great time.
On 14 Sep 2014 at 9:59pm New dog owner wrote:
Thank you. I saw Dog Stop from my search, was hoping for some positive replies.
On 15 Sep 2014 at 4:07pm Err, is it me...? wrote:
I know I can't look after it all day, and I don't want to leave Fido shut in the house all day, but I'll buy a dog anyway, and simply farm it out to a "doggie-day care centre" five days a week, or whenever my busy social schedule means i'm going to be out all day...
So people are buying dogs as trendy fashion statements, rather than as companions or guard dogs which they are commited to care for themselves...?
...more money than sense some people, if they want to pay to havesoemeone else look after their mutt, but it's their money to waste so good luck to those who can profit from them...
How ever did people manage thirty years ago when there were only 'boarding kennels' - oh yes, now I remember, they either left poochy locked indoors all day, or they popped home at lunchtime to let him out, or they didn't buy a dog in the first place because they knew they couldn't care for it properly.
It's a bit like having kids but then wanting to send 'em to all day nurseries as soon as they can take them I suppose....
Whatever happened to common sense...?
(Now expecting to bring down on myself the wrath of all those dog lovers who want a dog but who cannot afford not to go out to work all day etc...)

On 15 Sep 2014 at 5:05pm Fido wrote:
If your dog is female she can come and lodge with me each day - no charge.
Well....... there will be a small price
On 15 Sep 2014 at 8:05pm Country boy wrote:
I would also query whether a residential property in Landport is suitable for a boarding kennels. Looking on google earth the houses look quite small with little in the way of gardens. I suppose all the regulatory checks must have been carried out though.
I'm not sure I'd fancy living next door to a dogs boarding house.
On 15 Sep 2014 at 8:08pm New dog owner wrote:
Well I knew it would happen but it did take longer than I thought it would.
Err, is it me...? You have absolutely no idea of my circumstances. I will just fill you in on the basics and try and use little words so as not to overwhelm you.
I do not work. I do look after my dog all day everyday. He has at least three walks a day and is very happy.
The reason I enquired after day care is for those very rare occasions that I have to be away from the house for more than a few hours. e.g. Taking my elderly mother to a hospital appointment. I have no intention of sending him all day, everyday, but thought, as a considerate owner to find somewhere suitable should the need arise.
I would suggest you try and mind your own business and if a thread is of no interest to you and as in this case, you have nothing of worth to offer, move along.
On 15 Sep 2014 at 9:12pm Southover Queen wrote:
Exactly. In fact, many people would consider the fact that you're doing the research now shows that you're a very responsible dog owner.
On 16 Sep 2014 at 9:53am Err is it me...? wrote:
Hi New Dog Owner,
Sorry if you misinterpreted my comments, no personal criticism intended, as SQ says, you are planning ahead, which is commendable. In hindsight perhaps I should have made that clear.
I just cannot get my head around the fact that an industry appears to have has grown up to cater for those who seem to want the "fun" side of dog ownership, but who don't want the responsibility of the "chore" side like daytime accomodation, walking their pet, or washing their pet. The rise in "Dog walking services", "Dog day care", and "Mobile dog wash" vans is, to my mind, a worrying trend, thats all I'm saying.
Yes I know the arguments will be raised about unexpected changes on circumstance, unexpected commitments meaning owners cannot be at home as planned, or of lonely infirm/elderly owners who like the companionship of a dog, but who are too inform to walk their dogs as much as the dog really needs etc etc etc. Those are not the people I'm aiming my comments at.
I just wish far more people would consider the degree of commitment required before they buy a dog (or any other pet) as a weekend/evening "toy" or "fashion statement", that's all.
As for those irresponsible owners that let their dogs s**t on pavements (or public areas) without clearing it up, or those stupid girls who carry small dogs wearing cutesie bows int heir fur around in their shoulder bags ...lets not even go there!
On 16 Sep 2014 at 8:43pm Roly Mo wrote:
Waggy Walks in Ringmer
On 17 Sep 2014 at 1:39am Horseman7 wrote:
New Dog Owner - should you decide to use The Dog Stop, contact them well in advance as they employ quite a lengthy setting up process. They will want to meet you and your dog at their premises. Your dog will meet their own dogs and regular client dogs to make sure they will get on. Then there's oodles of paperwork to comply with both Mewett and local authority requirements. All vaccinations, including kennel cough, must be up to date. It's also useful for one of them to visit your premises. Then in a dire emergency they can let themselves into your property and rescue your dog, for instance if you had an accident and ended up in hospital. Also be prepared for your dog to come home very tired and happy. If you look at the many photos on the Twitter feed you will see why - the dogs spend a lot of time running round in the water and fields at Papermill Cut.

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