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Digital TV

On 3 Nov 2004 at 11:23am Huron wrote:
I'm thinking of moving to a property on the High St, at the Pelham Arms end, and was wondering if anyone has had any luck getting Freeview digital signals round that neck fo the woods. The post code check says you can't, but they can be pessimistic. Really don't want to get a satellite dish.
On 3 Nov 2004 at 4:39pm me wrote:
I doubt the council would allow you to put up a satelite dish on the high Street anyway. I have a friend who lives opposite the black horse and he can't recieve freeview. Might work with a booster tho.
On 3 Nov 2004 at 10:57pm Mr Engineer wrote:
I installed a high gain aerial in the loft of a house in St Anees crescent and we got all Freeview digital terrestial channels. Note this was a high 3 story house and the aerial cost 45 (excluding installation charge!) - so yes, with a high gain good quaility aerial, yes you 'should' get fair results. You pick up from Heathfield transmitter (no services available from 'Lewes' or 'Newhaven' transmitters yet) - Expect to pay at least 100 to get a pro to fit an aerial. Or consider new deal from Sky for their non subscription satellite offer. CHeck www.freesatfromsky.com
On 4 Nov 2004 at 11:13pm Huron wrote:
Thanks for the info. The house faces South, so apparently can't even hide a dish on the back wall as it'd be facing the wrong way to get a clear view of the satellite. Looks like it's either taking a punt on a high gain aerial or back to life with 4 channels, and no widescreen signal. Are there any hints on when Lewes might get a proper freeview signal?
On 7 Nov 2004 at 11:16am Mr Engineer wrote:
Digital TV in Lewes is anyone's guess....ask uninformed people who beleive the government's hype (the gov stand to make from closing old non digital transmissions) and you'll be told 2006 and all UK will be digital. Ask sensible engineers and they'll quote 2006 to 2015 (I favour 2010) - the trouble is that in Lewes there isn't enough frequency space to add new digital channels without severe interference to old 4 channels (and possible vice versa) so, digital transmissions can start when old analogue transmissions stop. Problem: who would buy a d digital receiver until they can get service? or who would close existing transmissions until everyone is digital ready? it's a chicken and egg situation. Other problem is that Newhaven transmitter feeds much of Lewes and surrounding areas. Newhaven could/would interfere with French TV and vice versa unless carefully planned, so again another problem to overcome. So either hide Sky dish on ground level or up behind roof somewhere, get a high gain aerial and Freeview or put up with 4 channels. Sorry, no easy answer. Personally I'd consider hiding a Sky dish somewhere... as it's cheapest, more reliable reception than Freeeview) - My own 40cm Sky dish is on a 2 foot high pole behind my hedge and it's virtually invisible. You could argue that the NCP parking meters are much more an eyesore than a semi seethru Sky dish. Dishes can be carefully hidden, a good installer can do that (not a Sky direct installer though!)
On 10 Nov 2004 at 9:42pm Hood wrote:
Us poor individuals cannot build a digital transmitter to receive & broadcast tv worth watching. Whay hasn't the govt converted Lewes & Newhaven? Isn't a 75% salary increase and final-salary index-linked pensions enough to encourage them to SOLVE frequency and interference problems? If they need more money, just sack half the civil servants that aren't needed.......
On 15 Nov 2004 at 1:29pm Andy wrote:
We can get digital TV on The Gallops, but that's a bit higher up than the Pelham Arms. We had to get a better aerial (in the loft) for about 20. Booster did no good.
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