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Dear Mr Plod...

On 14 Oct 2008 at 8:45pm Angry of Lewes (Retd) wrote:
Just read Cliff(e) Bimbo's article nice one - but prompted a rant - HOW STUPID was keeping people off Cliffe Bridge last year - lets hope the local (and indeed shipped=in)constabulary see sense this year and allow people to move freely over the bridge and NOT cause huge dangerous bottlenecks on both sides - H&S gone mad - H&S would surely keep as much spacee open for movement of spectators
On 15 Oct 2008 at 9:57am Free The Cliffe Bridge wrote:
You're going to be disappointed. Same story again this year I believe. Powers that be think it works well.
On 15 Oct 2008 at 11:03am Local wrote:
I'm prepared to bet that gradually year by year there'll be more restrictions until one November we wake up and find the processions is restricted to twice round Tesco and there's a virtual bonfire.
On 15 Oct 2008 at 11:35am Smiler wrote:
What about restricting the bridge works well???
All it seems to do is create a bottleneck and a lot of irritated attendees?
The excuse that the bridge can't take the weight seems a bit weak seeing as it's taken the weight for the last 3000 years.

Does anyone know the real reason they do it?
On 15 Oct 2008 at 12:05pm Free The Cliffe Bridge wrote:
Crowd dynamics/flow
On 15 Oct 2008 at 1:07pm Angryof Lewes (Retd) wrote:
fascist - power crazed - H&S yes-men - wet - nanny-state-worshippers - anti-fun-loving - can't-rememebr-when-I-was-young - kill-joy - old-before-their-time - take your pick - whatever happened to freedom of speech - which is exactly what Bonfire signifies to so many - not asking to watch from the roof of a moving train - or with my testicles (well testicle actually, but thats another story) nailed to a speedboat - just from a bridge - a public right of way - up the rousers!!!
On 15 Oct 2008 at 10:32pm KENDO CASTER wrote:
As far as im aware, the people were kept off the bridge last year because when we bought the martyrs memorial down from the war memorial to light it on the bridge, WE as a society have a duty to protect YOU the public, it will probably happen again this year.
On 16 Oct 2008 at 10:48am Free The Cliffe Bridge wrote:
Kendo, you make it sound as though this was a society led thing. It was/is not, to the best of my knowledge. It is purely and simply a way for the authorities to 'control' the crowd dynamics and as an aside a nice way for them to start creeping barriers and requirements elsewhere in the town.
This isn't the start of the end, it's just one of the first visible acts of the end of Bonfire as we know it.
On 16 Oct 2008 at 12:48pm Cliffebimbo wrote:
To Kendo Caster -So why weren't the society members allowed to stand there either? Why were we prevented by a police cordon from going anywhere near at all? And why did the police tell me that it was due to a weight restriction on the bridge?
On 16 Oct 2008 at 7:21pm The Tooth Fairy wrote:
It was before you went on that magic 'take away' diet bimbo. They didn't want the bridge giving way under you.
On 17 Oct 2008 at 9:21am Cliffebimbo wrote:
Toothy, are you going to the competition tonight?

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