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Dangerous behaviour

On Sun 31 May at 4:43pm octband wrote:
So many people in lewes disregarding the lockdown rules! Mainly teenages in large groups not socially distancing at all. These groups of people are putting our town at risk, the good people of Lewes need to do something about this. Has anybody got any ideas? We need to take action!
On Sun 31 May at 7:21pm Nevillman wrote:
Maybe you just have to accept that a lot of young people have decided to risk the virus and get on with their lives. Those who want to continue to self isolate can do so. Regarding it as dangerous and irresponsible to socialise as long as they don't interfere with anyone who wants to keep apart including their parents in some cases, may not be a helpful attitude. Lots of young people have been very restrained basically on behalf of old and vulnerable people. You can't go on expecting it. Many do not regard the government as having any moral authority to tell them what to do over this for obvious reasons.
On Sun 31 May at 8:52pm Local99 wrote:
Could be that they're selfish cretins.....
On Sun 31 May at 11:07pm Lewesteen12 wrote:
This is funny ahaha making plans to stop kids what are you going to do sit down
On Sun 31 May at 11:10pm Lewesteen12 wrote:
Local99 you need to understand the mental health of us kids there has been many suicides From teenagers Over the lockdown period
On Mon 1 Jun at 2:40pm Nevillman wrote:
Maybe you are a selfish cretin local for expecting young people who probably face little real threat from the virus to keep putting their lives on hold so that you can see pictures of empty beaches. They are not stopping you from continuing to self isolate by going out and having fun themselves. They are aware they are taking a risk I'm sure but have calculated it to be an acceptable risk for themselves. If I was 40 years younger I am sure I would feel I had already done my bit for old people and it's now up to them to look after themselves.
On Mon 1 Jun at 3:20pm Stephen Watson wrote:
Kids will pick up the virus at school and some will pass it to grandparents and some of those grandparents will die. Can you imagine the sheer sense of guilt that those kids will carry for the rest of their lives - even though it wsn't their fault? I think many people are not taking 'calculated risks'. They are being misled and the results, for some people, will be tragic.

Also, if we now get a major second wave, there will have to be a second lockdown and that may last a lot longer and cause much more misery, hardship and economic damage than the first one.
On Mon 1 Jun at 5:42pm Mark wrote:
Indeed. I usually agree with you, Nevilleman but explaining what their rationale could be doesn't make them right.
On Mon 1 Jun at 6:46pm Lewesteen12 wrote:
Thank you Nevill man, some people are so selfish and donít understand the mental health of youngers
On Tue 2 Jun at 10:42am Local99 wrote:
Some people don't understand the physical health of the wider community, and simply stop thinking at me me me
On Tue 2 Jun at 1:15pm stevied wrote:
"the good people of Lewes need to do something about this. Has anybody got any ideas? We need to take action!" - Blimey, it's the McDonalds scare all over again!
On Tue 2 Jun at 7:29pm Nevillman wrote:
A difficult decision over contact with loved ones is facing many people Stephen. I agree that the return of school creates a new dilemma as does any relaxing of lockdown.
My point Mark and local is that I and many others face an indeterminate period of self isolation. I don't see why people who want to return to a more normal life of social interaction and are prepared to take the risk will in any way affect that. There will actually be more businesses coming forward to meet our needs. There will be a spike in cases but they should all be healthy non vulnerable people so should not over burden the NHS. Accurate figures on the death rate at each age, nationally and internationally should be widely published. TV broadcasts on it so noone is unaware of the risks and the importance of respecting distance with people who they don't know and might be self isolating. Anyone who wants to continue self isolating can do so.
What is wrong with that argument? What am I missing? The alternative seems to be continued lock down. Is there another alternative I am missing?
Fortunately I am not in government so what I think doesn't actually matter but interested in your arguments.
On Mon 8 Jun at 10:52pm That Bloke wrote:
Something must be done.
Down with this sort of thing.
On Tue 9 Jun at 1:54pm I say Ding Dong wrote:
It's amazing how mental illness gets so much attention these days. It's used as an excuse, a reason, a problem, an affliction, next someone will be saying it should be added to cakes and pastries. For god's sake pull yourselves together and stop moaning. Just imagine if we'd had a mental health outbreak in 1940. Das ist nicht gut.

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