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On Sun 24 May at 8:30pm Nevillman wrote:
I really haven't followed this but I know he is in trouble over lockdown. I know I don't like him and would like to see him go but that does not mean he has to go over this. Can anyone please tell me their opinion on whether he should stay or go in connection with this incident and why.
On Sun 24 May at 8:50pm pickle wrote:
I think he should be fined as anyone else would have been if caught and I’d like him to step up and show some humility for once rather than his predictable display of arrogance which we saw from him this morning. I’d like him gone, but I’ve wanted him gone for a long time now.
My parents have a place in Cornwall, I could have gone there for the lockdown - if caught I’d have been fined, but I wouldn’t get sacked.
On Sun 24 May at 10:57pm Hyena wrote:
Boris is showing his true colours, hopefully he won’t be long following Dom out of the door.
On Mon 25 May at 8:19am Stephen Watson wrote:
Of course Cummings should have resigned as soon as the story broke. The whole strategy to defeat the virus depended on everybody obeying the lockdown rules, which as presented were quite unambiguous: if you have symptoms, stay at home, do not go out for any reason. It is especially important that people in leadership positions give the right example by obeying the rules and being seen to obey them. Millions of people have done so, often resulting in great hardship. Once it was clear he'd not done so, his position was untenable and he should have resigned immediately. By hanging on he causes prolonged damage to the govenment he is supposed to be serving. This whole unhappy exercise is going to make it much harder to maintain lockdown discipine if we get a second wave, which could be much worse than the first. I'd never have thought I would agree with the Daily Mail abd Piers Morgan on any issue, but there we are.
On Mon 25 May at 9:16am Green Sleeves wrote:
I think if you also happen to be one of the architects of the lockdown policy, then the optics doesn't look so good when you are seen as bending the rules to help you and your own.

I'm sure another government U-turn of sorts will come this week - Cummings will go (resign), Boris will look foolish and indecisive again and as the screw begins to turn we will see Boris Johnson once again withdrawing from the media spotlight/interviews and we won't see him again properly for weeks on end. He was a terrible idea for a Prime Minister even during "normal" times, but now we are left with this clumsy, irresponsible individual steering our country through monumental events such as Brexit and the coronavirus outbreak. What an embarrassing new low in the UK's history (which sadly Lewes contributed to by electing a tory - pat on the back, lads).
On Mon 25 May at 11:32am Blatant Liar wrote:
Man of privilege breaks rules and gets away with it
So what, this is hardly shocking let alone local
On Mon 25 May at 7:06pm Hyena wrote:
So Cummings has had a couple of days to concoct a ‘plausible’ story, doesn’t wash with me. Loved the new conciliatory, simpering tone as well , when he goes he needs to audition for RADA.
On Mon 25 May at 11:20pm Tom Pain wrote:
Who cares, he's got a ton of shares in hand sanitisers and doesn't give a damn. He's Mr. Punch, just there for you to boo.
On Tue 26 May at 7:20am Hyena wrote:
We should all care.
On Tue 26 May at 2:10pm Mark wrote:
He's Machiavelli. He's The Prince.
On Tue 26 May at 2:14pm Mark wrote:
He runs this country in the current vacuum of effective leadership. It's a disastrous time for it to happen.
On Wed 27 May at 7:43pm Nevillman wrote:
I think people might be thinking who is the government to tell us what to do with lockdown. On Monday I saw several large groups of families with kids hanging out together in a nearby park. No old people with them at all. I don't say this so that some people can go into Lewes present mode and talk about morons or whatever (having said that it is up to you what you say) but that increasingly people are just going to catch it. They accept the risk and are getting on with it. It's up to people who don't want to catch it to continue self isolating. They don't care what the government says or wants.
On Thu 28 May at 9:00am Formerly AC-T wrote:
The hypocrisy of this saga should be shocking, but is par for the course and no more than I would expect from this shower of egomaniacs who think they're superior to the rest of us and don't need to follow "rules".
I'm disappointed in our MP who, as a nurse, should recognise how lockdown saves lives, but only if the majority of people observe it.
I hope that she might yet come out and call for Cummings to go, maybe a concerted effort to persuade her to do so by email might work. She still needs our votes, after all.
On Thu 28 May at 9:46am Stephen Watson wrote:
So, Nevillman, what you seem to be saying is - second wave here we come, it's what people want? And with lockdown now a busted flush, it could be much bigger than the first wave. Bear in mind that we already have the most excess deaths per million of any country in the world.
On Thu 28 May at 12:31pm Green Sleeves wrote:
@ ACT - the only time our MP will speak out against Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings will be shortly AFTER their resignations, and only if that happens to benefit her. To give her credit, she's loyal at the time like a good (storm)trooper. Shes probably happy to dig in though till 2024 and probably hoping this will blow over.
On Thu 28 May at 3:13pm Nevillman wrote:
Not sure I'm qualified to say that Stephen but the people I saw were not obeying lockdown. I can't speak for the millions I didn't see but very few can really think the government has the authority to tell us how to behave in relation to this at all. If schools go back then increased infection is surely inevitable. I'm not sure it's worth looking at figures at all as we don't know who has or has not had it and only in the long run will international comparisons be meaningful.
I shall continue to look out for myself and family. It shouldn't be too hard to continue avoiding infection even if there is a big spike in infections generally.
On Thu 28 May at 9:54pm Stephen Watson wrote:
About 7% of people in England have had the coronavirus, according to a survey by the ONS (Office of National Statiustics) - see link. In other words, 93% are still at risk, so we are pretty much as vulnerable as a nation as we were at the beginning of lockdown. If we let it take off again, all those weeks of lockdown will have been wasted and tens of thousands more will die,

Check it out here »
On Thu 28 May at 10:42pm Nevillman wrote:
Not sure. The main difference between now and the start of lockdown is that those who are vulnerable know how to self isolate. We shall soon more accurately know the chance of serious consequences for healthy younger people and that should determine the death rate. Realistically we can't all carry on self isolating for ever.
On Mon 1 Jun at 2:03pm DJW wrote:
Hi check out sack cummings on face book this will give you the complete story.

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