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Covid in Lewes.

On Sat 20 Jun at 7:49am Amber wrote:
I have been watching the Covid cases in Lewes slowly rising.
In the last month 195-215.
Today we will hear the decision on reducing social distancing to 1 metre.
I haven't been out for 12 weeks and will continue to be as careful as ever. I have severe COPD and do not want hospital. I think 1 metre is not enough. It seems too 'normal' to me. What are your thoughts?

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On Sat 20 Jun at 8:11am bmi19 wrote:
Are you suggesting the whole population should remain locked up indefinitely? Do you regret smoking?
On Sat 20 Jun at 8:14am bmi19 wrote:
Smoking is the main cause of COPD and is thought to be responsible for around 9 in every 10 cases.
On Sat 20 Jun at 8:16am Amber wrote:
I was asking about whether you agree with the impending 1 metre distancing rule.
On Sat 20 Jun at 10:13am Dreamer wrote:
Of course 1 m isn't sufficient. All peer-reviewed research confirms that. 1.5 m is the point at which infections steeply drop off. All the more if combined with a mask.
BMI is setting up a straw man: no one is arguing for a never ending lockdown. It is about keeping measures in place as long as the threat persists. Given the lack of seasonality of Covid, that will likely mean distancing until a vaccine is available.
On Sat 20 Jun at 10:26am Mark wrote:
I certainly don't. This is just Boris trying to put a positive spin on having one of the highest death rates in the world. Go with Boris! Get Co-Vid done - in much the same way that he Got Brexit Done - without actually doing anything about it at all. Everything is oven-ready. Go with Boris. It's a fun game to play!
On Sat 20 Jun at 11:15am Bmi19 wrote:
Many countries are going with 1m. It's about balancing risk and benefit. If we rates 10m apart, transmission would be negligible, but obviously that is not viable.
People need to remind themselves that the mortality rate is very very very low.
On Sat 20 Jun at 12:12pm Dreamer wrote:
BMI: those countries are either combining that with a wealth I other measures (mandatory masks in public space, much more aggressive testing and tracing) and are at much lower infection rates. Or, their infection rates are taking off (see Brasil, Arizona, Texas, Florida).
Lacking sufficient testing (we need well over 200 negative tests per positive test) and tracing (we just learned that we are starting over with the app, along with lies about a collaboration with Google and Apple). And if course hardly anyone wears masks in public. Not to mention that London is already moving towards an increase in cases (don't take my word for it, check the gov.uk website)
People like BMI and Johnson would have moaned about nightly blackout conditions and curfews during the Blitz.
On Sat 20 Jun at 1:23pm Stephen Watson wrote:
You could allow less than 2m at work, as long as the employer is insured for all consequential liability, including the full costs to the NHS of treatment, compensation to relatives of the deceased and compensation for any long term disability (also extended to family members of employees who get infected). Of course, if that insurance isn't available or affordable, then the market is telling us that we shouldn't relax the rules.
On Sat 20 Jun at 2:35pm Tom Pain wrote:
When you take into account the ChiefMedical Officer saying that covid registered deaths are not necessarily BY covid but mostly due to co~morbidity, I don't think we need to panic. The two meter rule has no scientific basis whatsoever. How on earth could something like that be conclusively tested in the open air, think about it. Dr Faucci is even on video saying that masks are ineffective. About the Brazilian figures, I think the report of Brazilian MPs visiting a hospital reporting 500cases and 200 deaths and finding none whatsoever should be held in mind. On the economic front the latest figures of borrowing should not be ignored,one hundred and three point seven billion! Outstripping output forthe first time in sixty years according to sky news. Thinking about the death figures it's useful to consider the casualties of the lockdown~thousands of old hospital patients removed to care homes to make way for non existent covid cases dying for a lack of medical attention and other people needing hospital attention not getting it because of often empty beds being reserved for covid. I spoke to a nurse today who said there are very few covid cases in the south. Has anyone ever heard of healthy people being quarantined along with the sick before, I think it's a world first. And yes I think the government are absolutely useless.
On Sat 20 Jun at 3:03pm Bmi19 wrote:
This virus has a big side effect that could last years.......hypochondria
On Sat 20 Jun at 3:55pm Dreamer wrote:
TP, you need to decide: either don't cite science at all, or stay up to date.
Go to Pubmed and do a bit of reading.
There are countless studies that have looked at the role distances play in infection. Using simulations and models, but also by analysing infection data from numerous countries. The results are clear: 1m and less for any prolonged time is bad. 1.5 m sees an 80 percent fall in infections. 2 m a slightly higher fall. Was 2 m too much? Possibly. Is 1 m sufficient? No.
Similar with masks. Faucci said one thing early on and has since let the data convince him otherwise.
Multiple studies, all experimental, some with flu, some with corona viruses, several large population studies, all show that basic masks prevent infection.
Again: no need to take my word for it. Read the literature. And I don't mean newspapers, I mean the actual, peer reviewed studies.
More TP than the real Tom Paine, yet again.
On Sat 20 Jun at 4:14pm Tom Pain wrote:
How about the Swiss Policy Research ~swprs.org a swiss doctor on covid 19 Your continual toilet humour is beginning to leave a bad smell on the forum dreamer as is your scaremongering.
On Sat 20 Jun at 4:23pm Dreamer wrote:
One doctor publishing his theories on a website vs. literally hundreds of peer-reviewed published studies.
Sure, go with the *one* that suites your narrative, TP. And looking at the website you suggested above: don't forget your tinfoil hat.
I'll leave it at that.

On Sat 20 Jun at 4:37pm Stephen watson wrote:
Information: studies suggest that every extra metre separation roughly halves th echance of catching the virus (see link).."The risk of being infected is estimated to be 13% within 1m, but only 3% beyond that distance." So MORE than 1m is needed to be reasonably safe. I'll be endeavouring to keep at least 2m away from strangers until the disease is eradicated or I've been vaccinated, and I suggest other people do the same regardless of what the government says. I have no confidence in either their competance or integrity, anyway.

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On Sat 20 Jun at 4:55pm Bmi19 wrote:
You are statistically more likely to die by 100s of ways other than Covid19. Really the paranoia is ludicrous.
On Sat 20 Jun at 5:46pm Hyena wrote:
Bmi19, you a bit skinny?
On Sat 20 Jun at 5:52pm Dreamer wrote:
Bmi... In the UK now? Yes. Thanks to the "lockdown" In April? There were three weeks in which more people died as a result of Covid than all other causes of death together. Google "UK all cause mortality"
And an animation to help create a global sense of perspective.

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On Sun 21 Jun at 8:40am The Old Mayor wrote:
I went to the Doctors recently with a problem, she said I had hypochondria. I said blimey, not that as well .
On Sun 21 Jun at 1:57pm Tom Pain wrote:
Surgisphere~ there's a name that will make the Lancet blush. Chloroquine trials suspended due to their report .Turns out they're a joke, a sick one. Trials have started again but according to Meryl Nass MD lethal doses are being used. I read a report some time ago in the Lancet saying peer reviews were not always to be trusted any more due to the pharmaceutical industry's financial interference.(nice euphemism)Bmi19 is quite right, you stand more chance of being struck by lightning. The level of hysteria is getting worrying,such a focus on a severe cold~flu season. Dreamer, when over 90% causes of death are ascribed to covid when it is merely a comorbidity how can it not be the major cause of death? Get rational and stop shrieking about tin foil hats, you're not going to die. Dr Watson, may I suggest you take a leaf out of Holmes book, the study you mention "suggests" which is a great giveaway. Where was the test done, were the windows open,were the testees tested for covid,,were those tests tested to be 100% accurate? etc etc. Fake science, you see but you do not observe!
On Sun 21 Jun at 2:29pm Green Sleeves wrote:
I hate to be the pedant, but only around 3 people a year on average are killed by lightning strikes in the UK. I'm sure you don't need reminding how many people have died of covid since March.
On Sun 21 Jun at 5:00pm David Stanley wrote:
Round and round they go........
On Sun 21 Jun at 10:42pm Tom Pain wrote:
I must admit I was straying into the purple prose zone there.
On Wed 24 Jun at 4:38pm Pedant wrote:
Dreamer - The animation you've linked to seems very selective in the causes it lists. Anything with a higher death rate than Covid seems to be missing.

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