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Council houses

On 12 Apr 2005 at 5:46pm chav wrote:
Now you may think that because i'm chav, I talk nonsense, BUT, how about this.The council have reserved 3 bed houses for asylum seekers in Lewes. They will not give them to us chav's who have baby chav's, they make us stay in 1 bed flats. You may not care when livin in your fancy private houses but thats the way it is. Answer that one.
On 12 Apr 2005 at 6:28pm The Tooth Fairy wrote:
Where are these houses chav?
On 12 Apr 2005 at 6:31pm me wrote:
Can't be many empty 3 bed council houses left in Lewes. Come to think of it there can't be that many council properties empty at all. Right to buy. theres ya problem. On the other side of the coin why would i turn down a 70% discount on the purchase price of a property.
On 12 Apr 2005 at 7:12pm chav wrote:
These houses are being lived in by coffin dodgers. I was up the council asking for a bigger pad and was told that although i have 2 chav minors ( 1 of each ) I have to wait till they are 5 before I was considered for a house.The bird there also told me that as 3 bed houses come up from coffin dodgers moving into care homes (like seaford Sid)etc, they would not become available for locals because they have to allocate them to asylum seekers. Her words, not mine.
On 12 Apr 2005 at 9:40pm The Reverend wrote:
is the discount still that high?
On 13 Apr 2005 at 8:37am The Tooth Fairy wrote:
I think the days of picking up your council house for a song are over. The council now value the house more accurately and I think the maximum discount they allow you is 35% where it used to be 60%. It's still good value when you look at what they sell for on the open market, though not the bargain they once were.
On 13 Apr 2005 at 9:36pm paex wrote:
You may wonder why with a population in excess of 15,000 so few Lewes folk take part in a forum dedicated to their opinions? There appears to be a hardcore of about 20 who are supposedly representative of their views. The truth is that if you read the views expressed you realise that this forum is not unlike a BNP election manifesto in that it is loud and aggressive but in truth bears no relation to what people truly believe.
If this is not the case and the extreme views registered truly reflect public opinion then this will no doubt show up at the ballot box in May and extreme right wing views will win the day. I expect however that the great british public will once again show what a tolerant, accepting nation we are and the bigotted views expressed on this forum will be cosigned to the dustbin where they belong.
No doubt some valiant "true brits" will continue to spout their retoric on this forum amongst their like minded brothers.
Adios Amigos I wish I could say it has been fun but I, like George Washington, cannot lie, you desrve eachother.
On 13 Apr 2005 at 10:12pm chav wrote:
You may be able to keep quiet paexy old son but you wont be able to keep away from here. The temptation is just too much for you.
On 14 Apr 2005 at 10:27pm carpet wrote:
What we need is council houses. Why were they sold? A mate of mine bought a 3 bedroom flat 2 years ago for 40 grand! Why sell them. Then you have nowhere to rent cheaply
On 18 Apr 2005 at 1:53pm benoires wrote:
FYI council house purchases were invented by the Tories in the 1980's. The policy had a two fold 'benefit' in that it provided a revenue to facilitate poll tax cuts (obviously more benefit to bigger property owners)and also saddled the buyer with a debt thus making them more relient on their employers. The knock-on being a workforce more prepared to work for less reward, and disinclined to pursue long term strike action (remember the 80's?).
It's a policy the incumbent Tory party don't appear to have any plans to reverse.
There you go Paex - stick that in your search box and google it!
On 19 Apr 2005 at 8:47pm chav wrote:
isnt it funny how when I mention council houses,carpet pipes up. Knew he was a tin tacky.

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