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Chav Boy Racers

On 16 Feb 2008 at 3:00pm Grendel wrote:
Anyone know the names of these tw@ts who are treating the Nevill like a race track?
On 16 Feb 2008 at 9:58pm The Super K wrote:
No but one of them lives in the house at the end of the Crescent round the green. I think we should have a whip round and buy a Stinger. I'd certainly contribute towards it.
On 17 Feb 2008 at 8:46am The Equalizer wrote:
What car(s) are involved??Would one of the car's happen to be vivid yellow of Italian origin with a extremely loud exhaust on it? Aka a little Fiat. I'll help with the lynching. Regards Edward Woodward
On 17 Feb 2008 at 9:18am Sweeny Todd wrote:
Anything i can help with
On 17 Feb 2008 at 10:52am Grendel wrote:
Yes, yellow Fiat is one. Blue Saxo may be another. Retribution will be upon them.
On 17 Feb 2008 at 1:28pm The Equalizer wrote:
Would it be the same lot who have recently graduated from driving around in packs on mopeds? Question -what's the legal stance re noise pollution etc of a modified exhaust because that's what annoys be about knob rot boy driving the Fiat!
On 17 Feb 2008 at 2:18pm Zola wrote:
Is that what the noise is...?I thought it was either a runaway lawnmower,or a chainsaw...
On 18 Feb 2008 at 7:30am a non a mouse wrote:
Wow I logged on to leave a post stating what a idiot i thought the guy in the yellow car was and you all got here first.!
funny thing is I bumped into two old friends on the estate over the weekend we chatted and on both occasions they moaned about said car and his chav mates.
Maybe i'm wrong but isnt this the same house which featured
in sussex express a few months ago? about the disabled man
who thought the council should mow his grass because he's disabled?
this isn't me having a go at disabled people.
just the number of 15-20 year olds always working on there cars on or outside the property.
(shouting obsenities at people who walk past and playing music with explicite lyrics out of there cars next to a childrens playground) can't one of them mow the frigging grass??? not at the tax payers cost.
Also those ugly bloody lights didnt just appear from nowhere
and i'm certain the disabled man didnt climb the ladder.
maybe hes waiting from Council bod to arrange to have them taken down at the taxers payers cost.
this again isnt me having a go at disabled man because of his disability but because i dont know his name.
and what he lets go on outside his house
just how i feel today as my young son screams when that yellow monster
races past and scares him rest asured if you are one of those
chavs and you hurt anyone on the estate there will be a bigger prossesion than the 5th of people willing to stick a pole
up your rear end and march you through the town and your car will be top of the bonfire.
On 18 Feb 2008 at 11:29am FA wrote:
Is the disabled bloke a Mr Paul Cobb ?
On 18 Feb 2008 at 12:12pm The Tooth Fairy wrote:
You must know him fa, he used to live in Landport. Fitzroy Road I believe. One of the benefit brigade. What's Nevill done to deserve him and his tribe?
On 18 Feb 2008 at 2:06pm FA wrote:
I went to primary and secondary school with him if it's paul Cobb that we're talking about. I think the whole family look like something out of the munsters. He was on the front page of the local last summer because no one would cut his hedge for nothing
Didn't think his kids were old enough to drive....but than again, time goes so fast and i'm sure a silly little thing like age wouldn't stop them driving
On 18 Feb 2008 at 3:37pm Nevill Resident wrote:
Yes he did put his own christmas lights up. Its a vey selective disablilty he has. (A bit like the life of brian) He's only a lepper at the start of the week it clears up by friday.
On 18 Feb 2008 at 4:59pm FA wrote:
Is it the same bloke i'm talking about....40ish, fair hair, wheelchair, used to drive a vauxhall cavalier, wife looks about 25 stone and like she's been plugged into the national grid !!!
On 18 Feb 2008 at 5:07pm Another Nevill Resident wrote:
This has to be the only time that I have ever actually been in agreement with Double Yellow Line. These low lives are definitely proof that certain people should not own a car. Perhaps DYL could come round with his paint brush and paint some lines along their part of the crescent. They were parked on the pavement on both sides of the road at lunchtime, and standing in the road chatting making no attempt to get out of the way of cars trying to get past. These people are not nice at all, and it get even worse when the evenings get longer. Something should be done before they start breeding - although have a horrible feeling that they probably already have.
On 18 Feb 2008 at 5:25pm FA wrote:
Is it not worth "organising" something between you....just to let them know that you don't approve of their antics.
On 19 Feb 2008 at 10:49am Taff wrote:
And dont forget the cyclists. Came across one on Sunday driving pass the old bus station in the road going the wrong way!
I would guess about 40. Years old that is not mph.
Are cyclists now exempt from the Highway Code guidelines?
On 19 Feb 2008 at 1:12pm Amethyst wrote:
Does anyone call the police when they are driving around the estate like idiots? I have found that if you want something done you have to keep on at the authorities until it is. You should also contact the council as it is a council house these people live in and if they are causing a nuisance then they will have to do something about it - try environmental health first (Lewes District Council) - sometimes you have to do a little digging to get to the right department. If you all phone the authorities each time they are driving around the estate they will have to take action.
On 19 Feb 2008 at 3:48pm FA wrote:
Police ain't interested...they'll send a PCSO round.
However, if you make the call from a public box and tell them that there's an angry group of vigilates gathering with samuri swords and baseball bats, they'll be round in a shot.
Not that i condone that sort of thing ;-)
On 19 Feb 2008 at 4:50pm Double Yellow Line wrote:
If the vehicles aren't taxed I always find a call to the DVLA hotline has the desired affect (and you get to see the cars clamped/crushed as well)
On 19 Feb 2008 at 4:59pm FA wrote:
Not as much fun as rearranging their knee caps though
On 19 Feb 2008 at 8:33pm The Tooth Fairy wrote:
This women is responsible for council oiks on the Nevill.
Tel: (01273 484277)
Paul and Christine Cobb I think the brat is named Jamie (what else?) 15 Nevill Crescent.
Get writing, get 'em out.
On 20 Feb 2008 at 7:03am FA wrote:
The problem is TF...where do they go ?....by getting them out, it's only shifting the problem. I presume they've moved from Landport for a reason ?...where next, malling ?, Winterbourne ?......then back to Landport, followed by Nevill again blah blah
The old bill ain't interested unless a firearm is involved and the council can't be arsed with them either. Quite surprised at Paul...his parents were really nice and lived up Mill road in malling and both his brothers did ok.
On 24 Feb 2008 at 5:46pm lewesianne wrote:
ever sinse those inexperienced drivers have been w..kering their way round the estate, a huge pair of tyre marks have appeared followed by a stuffed in fence. Why do they think they can go fast when they obviously can't. They need to be in a good old nasty smash-up in which they end up paralised - that will be the only way they will learn. I think a stinger in the road would be sooooo funny and I'd love to witness it!
On 24 Feb 2008 at 9:01pm zola wrote:
The village where I used to live constantly had youngsters who had just passed their tests writing off cars.The cars would get left in the ditches...But because it was out of the way,they would just get cleared up,and no one ever knew who the culprits were...Lucky little ******s....
On 26 Feb 2008 at 9:25pm Janet Street Preacher wrote:
Where's chav when you need him, can't he just take a belt to them?
What are their registration numbers?
On 3 Apr 2008 at 9:44pm DAVE wrote:
Sorry just found this site. Are these the same chavs that sit outside the house leaning on the cars drinking cans of lager with the keys in the ignition playing their music. How comes the police have not come and arrested them for drink driving. A normal human being - a worker - would be arrested. Oh yeah silly me they would pay their own fine and us taxpayers would pay the chavs fine. Up the workers! Glad I go to work to pay for these people. Think they have already started breeding. If he is disabled how comes he can drive a car!
On 3 Apr 2008 at 9:53pm YOU WHAT!!!!!!! wrote:
You ignorant pr@, whats this with (if he's disabled then how come he drives) are you for real. Disabled people do drive you plonker...... crawl back under your rock and stay there....
On 14 Apr 2008 at 11:29am DAVE wrote:
Point taken. My apologies of course disabled people drive. You might not have to encouter this chavs driving past your house like maniacs on a daily basis fearing for your childs safety.

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