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Change of law

On 23 Apr 2014 at 6:11am Swampy wrote:
The Government want to change the law so Oil Giants can pass pipes under our houses and land without resource to owners.
France has banned Fracking. Wake up people.

Check it out here »
On 23 Apr 2014 at 8:08am The Kronic wrote:
I suppose you live in a tent, feed off the land and don't have any impact on our environment eh Swamps ?
On 23 Apr 2014 at 11:15am Crocheter wrote:
Well I would be worried if a pipe was put under my house...wouldn't you?
On 23 Apr 2014 at 11:22am Rods Tiger wrote:
The Kronic - You don't mind someone putting pipes under your house then ?
On 23 Apr 2014 at 11:39am The Kronics Mate wrote:
Err, there are so many pipes under most people's houses that one more, really deep down, isn't going to make much difference - at least the new law looks likely to make sure the homeowner will be entitled to some form of payment for the (possible) inconvenience of having a new fracking pipe passing under his/her feet - more than happened for most people when new tube lines and rail tunnels were built.
As for the risk of earthquakes, and the risk of all that supposeldy nasty fracking fluid killing off your precious garden plants, or poisoning your home-grow veg, I think you are mor elieky to get run over by a bus than see either of those happen.
On 23 Apr 2014 at 12:51pm Rods Tiger wrote:
Yes, The Kronics Mate, I'm sure that the Tory government and major oil companies will have my best interests at heart and will be extremely careful not to poison my land or cause damage to my property. After all, they have an exemplary track record of not causing disasters and mayhem. And I'm glad that the new law "looks likely" to compensate us, ahahahahaha.
On 23 Apr 2014 at 1:02pm Swampies Mate wrote:
No Kronics Mate, no payment for the pleasure. Just a complete right of way. It ain't like having solar panels on your roof. There is absolutely no benefit, except the price of power won't go down, ever !
On 23 Apr 2014 at 5:13pm realist wrote:
Kronic, you will be the first to complain when you have a flame coming out of the kitchen tap.
Thank you environmental protesters for keeping these issues in our minds so that there is a bit more balance than just MP's and Lobbyists doing what they like without anyone noticing.
On 23 Apr 2014 at 9:05pm Deelite 2 wrote:
Umm.. This is to enable drilling companies to frack under your house. Fracking includes small explosions created by a mechanism that often runs on depleted uranium and the injection of 4 million gallons of deliberately poisoned water at the unnervingly high pressure of 13k psi. It also allows drilling/fracking rigs to be placed right next to your house (whether you like it or not).
The local authority in Ohio has just stopped a number of fracking operation as they were causing localised earthquakes. People in the Texas Eagle Ford play are getting respiratory problems from the air pollution problems caused by intensive fracking. Yet more people in Pennsylavia are having to buy in water as their local supplies have become polluted by nearby fracking operations.

In their insane 'Dash for Gas' our government are intent on bringing all this to Sussex. Enjoy.
On 24 Apr 2014 at 2:19pm Ann Dependent-Thinker wrote:
Ah, I always feel so much more enlightened when all the local properly tarined/qualified experts with first hand experience of fracking, and an unbiased, objective view, have put others right.
Good to see that fracking may be one way of getting rid of that nasty old Uranium stuff too, sort of solves two problems in one go, buries toxic Uranium deep underground and releases an as yet untapped power source as a bonus...looks like an "win-win" scenario to me.

Flames coming out of taps - well that's a new way of delivering a domestic gas supply I suppose, and of course all those stories have been objectively checked, and conclusively proven to be solely due to gas that has been fracked - there's never been any other posisble cause, nor any case of "flaming taps" in un-fracked locations has there (rolls eyes in despair).....

The water used to frack is "deliberately poisoned", water pressures used are "unnervingly high". People in Texas are definitely "getting respiratory problems" due to fracking ... good to see that all this is accepted and presented as a 100% proven fact, and that there is no other possible explanation for their unfortunate illnesses.
No sign of deliberately emotive language being used there is there (rolls eyes again), just a nice objective approach to presenting the facts.... why let people make their own decisions based on their own evaluation of the true facts when you can try to scare them into accepting your own view of things via use of scare tactics eh ... (Have we all forgotten the end result of the MMR vaccine "scare story", how the "scientific expert's evidence" behind the story was later throughly disproven... and how many kids came to suffer as a result of the "knee jerk" reaction of their gullible parents to the scare story that the populist media had run with?)
And an oil rig might be sited right next door to my house - well I guess that depends on whether there's room for it among all those other houses that seem so popular (funny that, many of those fighting the nasty capitalists involved in fracking seem so keen to buy homes in a scenic part of the country, and hope to sell them on, or rent them out, at a profit....). I hope the rig doesn't block the wind from reaching my wind turbine, and that it doesn't cast a shadow over my solar panels either.... I'm sure it'll be okay...just so long as they leave me room to put my ever growing collection of "recylcable" waste bins out.
So, in short, anyone who does not subscribe to the opinion that fracking is the work of the Devil incarnate is obviously completely deluded, and must be shouted down at every opportunity, including those of us who are as yet undecided, or who are seeking objective information before they make up their own mind.
As for those who may (perish the thought) believe that fracking is perhaps one of the "least worst" options to providing some energy to an ever more energy-hungry society and way of life.. well, they're obviously all capitalists keen to make a quick buck with no thought whatsoever for the long consequences aren't they.
Nope, lets all go back to shivering in unheated caves, living a subsistence life-style, unable to communicate with people beyond shouting distance from us, and only able to travel as far as we can walk or run.... sounds like a perfect idyll to me. Oh no, silly me, renewable energy sources can supply all our energy needs forever can't they... so we can forget fracking but still live in a comfortable manner.
Dont forget that all those much-favoured wind turbines/tidal turbines/solar panel farms are totally green in terms of all the natural resources required to build them, transport them, erect them, and then maintain them, and that they are completely 100% recyclable too, such that no part of the planet was irreversibly harmed in extracting the various materials needed to produce all that steel, copper and/or GRP was it?
Dream on.... until we get back to relying on wooden windmills with sails made from natural fibres, or building wooden water wheels, and are all happy too consume far less energy in our daily lives (regardless of the consequences that may bring - for example imagine how many windmills might be needed to power an MRI scanner or an X-ray machine, let alone an operating theatre and life support equipment at a typical large hospital, and I cant wait to spend an hour have my teeth drilled by a man-powered drill) then living off truly 100% "green" energy supplies, in the manner to which we have all become accustomed, is a myth.
Fracking is not great I agree, but then nor was coal mining, nor oil extraction, nor burning trees - modern life has to be a compromise.
Like it or not, a degree of fracking will probably form part of that compromise - its just that when we realise its likely to be taking place in our neighbourhood, rather than out of sight in the North Sea or Arabian peninsular, a number of us who don't often give the oil extraction location a second thought when filling up our car, or when using the diesel-powered bus or train, suddenly suffer acute attacks of NIMBYism regarding possible fracking in our beloved Sussex, and accpet horro stories without properly evaluationg them, nor balancing the properly proven risks against the possible benefits.
Making our own dificult decision based on our own objective evaluation of the real facts, and then living with the consequences of that decision, is far harder than simply jumping on the latest populist "anti establishment" bandwagon without thinking through the possible consequences.

On 24 Apr 2014 at 2:52pm Deelite 2 wrote:
I suggest you look up all the issues above and then report back with 'the facts'. They are easy to find and to substantiate.
On 25 Apr 2014 at 9:21am Kobblers wrote:
At least we'd be less dependent on Russian gas......
On 25 Apr 2014 at 10:00am Southover Queen wrote:
We aren't dependent on Russia to anything like the same extent as Germany; most of our gas comes from Norway and other European countries.

It seems to me that in this country we have been burying our heads in the sand about energy efficiency, so that not only have we exhausted our offshore reserves to no particular benefit to the country (compare us with Norway) but we've also failed to take account of the approaching energy crisis. In Sweden new buildings are now so efficient that they use virtually no energy, even in the middle of winter. So whatever the arguments about climate change, I cannot understand why as a country we prefer to risk damaging our environment to provide energy rather than reducing the energy we all need.

I don't support fracking because I think it's unnecessary and incredibly short-term - the current estimates are that fracking would only provide about forty years worth of energy. Rather than consuming like there's literally no tomorrow, how about thinking about reducing consumption and how about a government which sets about doing just that?
On 26 Apr 2014 at 8:05am Mr Sensible wrote:
Ann Independent Thinker.

There's little point in being an independent thinker if you have no knowledge. Before writing massive uninformed posts perhaps you should do some research into fracking and then use your independent brain to reach some conclusions? Until you have your thoughts on the matter are erroneous, and serve only to justify your knee jerk emotional response to yourself.

You could start with the link below. A US court case settlement in favour of a family whose health was badly damaged by nearby fracking operations. As Deelite mentions above 'air pollution in Texas'. At least she has done some research.

Check it out here »

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