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On Tue 12 Mar at 8:36pm nancy wrote:
Voted for May's plan this evening when she voted against it before. Why don't MP's take it seriously?
On Tue 12 Mar at 9:17pm Bandit wrote:
Pleased she has showed she can compromise. I think MPs who have been the least flexible will fare the worst when the next reckoning comes.
On Wed 13 Mar at 4:35pm SHS wrote:
This will go down is history as a prime example of the worst negotiation tactics. Wasn't it obvious from the start that the EU had to destroy the UK or risk both other countries following our decision and a big threat to EU prosperity? We should have gone for No Deal 2 years ago and spent the last 2 years actively making sure it would be a run-away success in every respect. Isn't it what a government is for, to run the country and ensure prosperity, security, health and education for all? The current Tory mob are an embarrassment and can't even provide basic essential infrastructure.
On Wed 13 Mar at 6:30pm Bert wrote:
Well said SHS. Surely the country realised we would never get a great deal on leaving, actually one of the main reasons FOR leaving ! The UK is a major contributor, hence the 39 billion leaving fee ! Plus, if leaving is delayed, there will be a further fee monthly, so watch that space ! If the mettle had been grasped 2 years ago we would be feeling the benefits already by now. Politicians stink.
On Thu 14 Mar at 9:09am Nevillman wrote:
Referring to the original post, regardless of what anyone thinks about Maria caulfield or Brexit, I think it is a good thing that politicians (or anyone) can change their mind. I think it is wrong that people get attacked for listening, reconsidering, changing their view and then acting on it.
On Thu 14 Mar at 2:41pm Fairmeadow wrote:
Any others on here get a letter from Maria Caulfield today explaining why she voted for the deal this time?
Her view is that the only options the Remainer majority in Parliament will allow are Remain (or things indistinguishable from Remain) or leaving on May's deal, which is pretty close to Remain. Of those options she thinks May's deal might just end up in leaving to some extent.
Personally I think she is over-optimistic. The negotiations team, all Remainers at heart, will see to that.
On Thu 14 Mar at 5:13pm Sussex Jim wrote:
We should be leaving on the 29th.- deal or no deal. The EU are just laughing at us; they have no intention of giving way. No deal may cause a bit of disruption for a short while- but nothing that we cannot handle, to obtain long term gain.
On Thu 14 Mar at 7:34pm sunshine wrote:
Yeah, lets just get out... we can make Britain great again! I cant wait. Got the bunting ready and I can just see our Maria riding down the High Street on a huge British bulldog (what other breed?) throwing fivers to the homeless and delivering a marvellous Brexit Victory speech from the top window of Cote. Wonderful times are ahead.
On Thu 14 Mar at 10:17pm Green Sleeves wrote:
It's shocking that Lewes is represented in Westminster by a Tory, let alone a head banger brexiter. What a dolt.
On Fri 15 Mar at 12:55pm David Stanley wrote:
Not shocking at all. The constituency includes Seaford and lots of villages full of retired and tax paying ordinary people as opposed to Lewes which is full of urban elves and multi degree wearing scolds escaping from a lawless diversity they fully prescribe for everyone else.
On Fri 15 Mar at 7:46pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Jesus wept. What?! You are far from "ordinary", and that's not always a bad thing....but the jury is still our in your case

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