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On 12 Oct 2016 at 8:00am pn wrote:
The country is full of people who would rather be poor than have Polish people living around them( in tiny numbers) or so it would appear . As I believe I have made clear regularly, I regard this as insanity on stilts.
The far right of the Conservative Party, are pretending that a wish on the part of 52% of the country to leave the EU is a wish, by all of us, to leave the EU, quit the single market and exit the customs union. That will decimate manufacturing services employment and plunge the country into debt and make tax rises interest rate rises and cuts’ services inevitable.
Conceivably over the decades solutions will be found to the vast trading problems but to drop off a cliff as we are about to do is perhaps the stupidest thing any developed country has ever done. (I will make Maria Caulfield pay for this if it kills me)
Can I propose a solution?
Why not let Brexit voters pay for everyone else . They can enjoy the boon of not seeing Polish people which we remainers will allow to live near us , we`ll even get their shopping for them so the Brexit world is not polluted . In return they can pay our increased costs , our unemployment benefit , the increased taxes and the increased interest rates on our behalf which is the deal they voted for How about it Brexit people
Why should we pay for your stupidity ?
On 12 Oct 2016 at 8:19am Tiz odd wrote:
odd times we live in ,a big society party one minute and now an unelected posh BNP,!!...keep fighting everyone.
On 12 Oct 2016 at 8:48am Slarty wrote:
Unless we live in a democracy where the majority (or largest minority) gets the choice then Paul's onto something.
Of course, it will only work if we make anyone who voted Conservatives pay for austerity, student tuition fees, trident, low funded NHS, etc. Or anyone who previously voted Labour pay for the wars Tony got us involved in.
On 12 Oct 2016 at 9:30am go away wrote:
You sound even more deranged as usual paul - also if you want people to cough up how about remainers like you pay us back the £500 billion pounds in membership contributions since 1972? Dont forget all the bailout money for the idiotic Euro as well.
On 12 Oct 2016 at 9:33am Property prices wrote:
You just don't get it do you PN...
Most don't blame the Polish, we blame the politicians (most people would sum politicians up as self serving, thieving, liars).
"I will make Maria Caulfield pay for this if it kills me", I would also suggest choosing your words more wisely in future, naming people at the same time as your making threats (on a public forum) is really not clever.
On 12 Oct 2016 at 11:05am Dubious wrote:
@Go Away. We didn't pay any bail out money for the Euro. Just saying. If you believe we did, then what other 'facts' did you base your vote on?
On 12 Oct 2016 at 11:24am @dubious from goaway wrote:
Via the BBC fact checker:
The UK has provided a total of €6.5bn (£5bn) via the EU for two bailouts: €3bn for Ireland in November 2010 and €3.5bn for Portugal in May 2011.
The UK has made further contributions because the IMF too provided loans for some of the bailouts. It amounts to around €4.5bn.
In addition, in 2010, the UK provided €3.9bn in bilateral bailout loans to Ireland.
Typical remainer not a clue.
On 12 Oct 2016 at 4:08pm Harry wrote:
An altogether sound idea. Make people responsible for their actions. Quite how you put it into practise is another matter entirely. Perhaps we could ask Liam Fox and David Davis, they seem to be full of sound practical ideas to difficult problems. Oh! Wait a moment.....................
On 12 Oct 2016 at 6:33pm pn wrote:
Go away - Our net contributions were about £8.5 bn in 2015 which was a historic high .( The reason for this is that any Free market, eg the UK, must have a robust regional Policy and we were doing relatively well in the EU….. ) The rough £500bn inflation adjusted figure is arrived at firstly by ignoring our immediate rebate , without which it is £350bn ( that money is not rebated it is simply kept ) and ignoring the money spent by the Uk by the EU which in the past let a much lower nett amount than now as we were relatively poorer( the sick man of Europe you would like us to be again) . Completer crapola in other words
On our contributions to Ireland one way or another we have contributed a lot more than that bilaterally . We do more trade with Ireland than we do with the Common wealth in its entirely which shows 1 How pathetic is the idea we can replace EU trade and 2 we were stuck with Ireland anyway and we were lucky some of it was an EU problem.
This is where we are
Carney cancelled a long promised interest rate rise and consumer confidence zoomed because |Carney did not realise the extent to which people were waiting for rates to go up. Deficit reduction was also cancelled to combat the initial Brexit recession.
As this does not change the underlying facts the currency market had not marked down for actually leaving the single market . Now that has been promised the pound is plummeting and it just about 1:1 with the Euro
While this gives a quick boost to exports inflation is surely coming and thought to hit us next year when Carney will have to increase interest rates damn quick and sharply as well. That will reduce demand and that will make already terrified investors shy away . Taxes will have to go up because we entered this madness with National debt at 80% of GDP which is as high as it can go
In this state we enter the process of throwing away every industry we have that works
It is a perfect storm and those MPs who understand it are rightly saying they will die in a ditch before they let this happen ( I am quoting the R4 Parliamentary Correspondent talking about Conservatives )
We are in a fight for our houses our jobs and our children`s future against this mad men. Write to Maria Caulfield , make it clear that she will lose her seat at the hands of unified anti Brexit Town vote if she does not do at least all she can to ensure a Parliamentary vote on the negotiations
Thanks to Brexit we are already a smaller country but there is still time to stop the worst of the economic damage Ed Milliband was right to day when he said this is more important than any Party or any Government .
If youi never do anything political in your life again now is the time to get involved -

Thats enough from me - excuse me
On 12 Oct 2016 at 8:28pm Earl of Lewes wrote:
Very few people have a problem with Poles or other Eastern Europeans, it was more a concern about the numbers and I don't think it's unreasonable to object to a net migration of 300,000 a year. Even at the height of Commonwealth immigration in the 1950s and 60s, net migration averaged out at 12,000 a year. You can't add the population of Brighton and Hove to our country every year without suffering consequences. The infrastructure can't take it and if you build to accommodate the increase in people, it will harm the environment. We are where we are now because the EU refused to discuss his issue - if they'd been more flexible, we would have probably voted to remain.
On 12 Oct 2016 at 8:49pm Taff wrote:
Wish! Wish! Wish = result pn?
On 14 Oct 2016 at 5:15pm Dubius wrote:
@Go Away
I hold my hand up Go Away, I got it wrong, I was thinking of the agreement made in 2011 that the UK would not pay any more towards Euro bailouts.
Typical Remainer - admits when he gets something wrong.
However, I don't believe you knew the facts either, otherwise you wouldn't have had to copy and paste the content of your post from the BBC website.
Furthermore, isn't it strange that you conveniently only copied the parts of the report that fitted in with your argument, and completely ignored the parts that said, for instance, "The UK will not pay for future eurozone bailouts. This has already been agreed by EU leaders", and "The UK has not made a contribution via the EU for the other eurozone bailouts: the three Greek ones, in 2010, 2012 and 2015 and for the Spain and Cyprus bailouts in 2012."
Typical Leaver - only sees part of the story.

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