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Borough Annual Dinner

On 2 Dec 2007 at 9:56am Lewesianne wrote:
Did any one go?
On 2 Dec 2007 at 12:21pm MR and MRS Smith wrote:
We went and had a great time.Food was good and hot, beer was cheap and kept flowing and the company was also excellent. By comparison everything that the dinner Cliff is not.
On 2 Dec 2007 at 12:26pm bertie wrote:
was the borough bonfire dinner held in a bus shelter them
On 2 Dec 2007 at 2:19pm Cliffebimbo wrote:
Is this "slag off the Cliffe" year on this forum? Personally I always enjoy the Cliffe dinner and the company is always great.
On 2 Dec 2007 at 5:05pm MR and MRS Smith wrote:
Well just to let Cliffebimbo know that we have no axe to grind with the Cliffe. We have been to many Cliffe dinners including last years, and the Lewes Boroughs was better. Ask your mum how good it was.
On 2 Dec 2007 at 5:12pm CROSS wrote:
Don't need a specific year to slag the Cliffe do we.
On 3 Dec 2007 at 10:42am Amethyst wrote:
It doesn't matter what Society you belong to as long as you are out there upholding traditions. Of course you are going to think that your Society is better than theirs otherwise we would all be in the same one. But then again, mine IS the best!. ha ha. FOR INDEPENDENCE.
On 3 Dec 2007 at 6:15pm me wrote:
I agree with Amethyst, particularly the end bit. Hold em up!
On 3 Dec 2007 at 7:01pm MR and MRS Smith wrote:
You are right of course but we do not have a membership with either just friends in each.So it is safe to say that we are independent, pound for pound and over all entertainment value the Lewes borough dinner was better than the Cliffes.
P.S I hear that C.S.B.S dinner is 35 each for cold food and a cold venue.
On 3 Dec 2007 at 9:55pm Arctic wrote:
What is your problem with CSBS?
On 4 Dec 2007 at 7:40am Delicate Sensibilities wrote:
In case any of you were thinking of going to the CSBS dinner, Mr & Mrs Smith's comments above are good examples of the lazy snide and untrue gossip that is all too common in Lewes.
The dinner will be 3 courses in the town hall, I'm not sure of the exact price but I think it's 27.
On 4 Dec 2007 at 8:34am The Tooth Fairy wrote:
Not just in Lewes. DS. People gossip everywhere. And it depends on whether you agree with it or not as to it being 'lazy snide and untrue'.
On 4 Dec 2007 at 11:44am Amethyst wrote:
I guess Mr & Mrs Smith drink in the Con Club.
Yes the dinner is 35 which is due to the fact that the Town Hall now costs a whopping 950 to hire - I thought it was for Lewes people but it is yet another money grabbing exercise by LDC. The Cliffe manage because they have a Christmas Fair in the daytime which subsidises their dinner. The price of 35 does not actually cover the dinner, hall, entertainment, decorations etc etc.
I always feel that Bonfire Dinners aren't about the quality of the food or music but the ambiance and a chance to catch up with old friends and I would go at any cost. If you don't like it don't come - you won't be missed we'll have a great time! p.s I will sneak in a little earlier and turn up the heating!
On 4 Dec 2007 at 1:48pm Dahlia Rich wrote:
LDC don't run the Town Hall anymore. It is now the responsibility of the Town Council. And I would rather go to the Town hall than the Con Club, and pay a bit more. Didn't the Borough dinner cost 20? Quite a lot considering the location.
On 4 Dec 2007 at 1:55pm Double Yellow Line wrote:
Gordon Bennett for 10 months of the year you all bleat about whose got the best fireworks/bonfire and for the other 2 whose got the best/worst dinner.
Give it a rest and try talking about something (anything) else.
On 4 Dec 2007 at 2:04pm Amethyst wrote:
DYL - you know this thread is about Bonfire so dont read it if you dont like it. I don't bother reading about Lewes Football Club results because I have no interest in football. I certainly would not go onto that thread to tell them to talk about something which I might be interested in. It might come as some surprise to you that some people in Lewes like bonfire! Try opening a thread which might be of interest to you.
On 4 Dec 2007 at 5:22pm MR AND MRS SMITH wrote:
How silly of me and yes I do look a fool now. NO wait a minute it's you delicate sensibilities and I bet you are a member.Who is the lazy snide one now, how much is your dinner errrrrr I don't know ? you are a true Cliffe member.
On 4 Dec 2007 at 5:59pm Knowledge is Power wrote:
sorry Amethyst, you're slightly wrong. The Christmas Fair doesn't subsidise the Annual Dinner.
I do agree with the other things you've said though!
On 4 Dec 2007 at 10:40pm CROSS wrote:
Your right about the christmas fair the money will be used to subsides insurance premiums.
On 5 Dec 2007 at 9:59am Knowledge is Power wrote:
Badoom, tish.
He's here all week, folks.
On 5 Dec 2007 at 12:39pm Lewesianne wrote:
Have you no scruples CROSS? The word Christmas has a capital C.
On 5 Dec 2007 at 3:13pm CROSS wrote:
In deed I do Two large ones.
On 5 Dec 2007 at 11:08pm LBBS BONFIRE GIRL wrote:
Lewes borough hold their dinner dance for members and their friends, indeed any one is welcome. This is not a fund raising function.We have held our dinner dance in a number of venues over the years including the White Hart, and I and everyone who attended this years agree, that the con club, with it's relaxed atmosphere has been by far the most succesful, the food was amazing the ticket price low and of course cheap drinks. All in all a fantastic night to remember was had by all. (even if some can't remember past 9 o'clock!!!)
On 5 Dec 2007 at 11:42pm zola wrote:
I can't be bothered to look back on old threads,but did I see someone pouring scorn on the Con Club a while back...Why??
I am a member,and attend really good friendly music nights there.The drinks are a tad cheaper,the company great,all walks of life seem to frequent the place,and the atmosphere is second to none.I have heard they do a Sunday Lunch.but only certain Sundays.Must check it out.And the Elevators are there this Friday,so I'll be there.Great place.

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