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Beer and Cider Fest at the Elly

On 23 May 2012 at 6:20pm huw wrote:
The Elephant and Castle will be having a mini beer and cider fest on Sunday.
There'll be three traditional ciders and a range of ales including local brews from Harveys, Beachy Head, WJ King, Longman and 1648.
Also, for whisky lovers, we're opening a bottle of 33 year old Bruiladdich on Monday and selling it for charity. Cost per dram will be about 7 pound and two pound from each one sold will go to St Peter and St James (please bear in mind that the bottle can retail for over two hundred pounds)
On 23 May 2012 at 11:55pm LIVEANDLETLIVE wrote:
Why would any normal person want to drink in the worst pub in Lewes? It's full of drug using kids and the staff are rude, arrogant, ugly and mostly fat!!! I will pay the £2 to St Peter & St James for every single person who boycotts this den of iniquity.
On 24 May 2012 at 8:07am padster wrote:
The Elly is a fantastic pub. A mix of young and old, no evidence of drug taking at all, the staff are very friendly and beer is good. The good people of lewes dont need me to tell them that but i couldn't let your abuseive tirade be unanswered. i see you are angry on a few threads. be calm and reasonable not spiteful and nasty.
As a penance you should MATCH the contrubution the elly makes for its whisky sale?
On 24 May 2012 at 8:16am Deelite wrote:
OK. I and my family will boycott the pub. Can you give £10 to St Peter & St James please? Thanks.
On 24 May 2012 at 8:27am Dave wrote:
The Ellie is a great pub and the youngsters in there are no different from the youngsters in any Lewes pub.
As for fat barmaen the lat time I was in there they were all thinner that most of the clientele.
Live and let live why do you call yorself that it seems very inapropriate
On 24 May 2012 at 9:22am Julia Squeezer wrote:
The Elly is a welcoming pub with very good beer and good honest food. It's a good place to meet friends and talk. The service is prompt and efficient. The atmosphere changes from calm and peaceful at mid-day to lively and busier, but still good-natured, in the evening. It's home to several local organisations, including Commercial Square Bonfire Society and the Lewes Saturday Folk Club, and is a proper community pub, as this charity effort shows.
On 24 May 2012 at 9:36am Bullsh1t Bill wrote:
Julia, can you tell me what 'honest food' is???
On 24 May 2012 at 9:40am someone else wrote:
I think the Elly is the best 'local' in Lewes. I can't be doing with the kind of CAMRA self-righteous weirdie-beardies who make a beeline for the Arms.

To my mind, a proper local should have people of all ages wandering through the door, decent food (but not any gastro-pub nonsense), good beer and a decent atmosphere, and the Elly has all those things.

The fact that Huw went straight from nappies to running a good pub is a remarkable achievement. Fair play to the lad.
On 24 May 2012 at 12:49pm huw wrote:
Thanks to all for your kind appraisal (except, of course, the troll at the beginning).
I'm not going to take any more time out of my day to respond to LALL.
All I will say is to someone else, I did a work in Harveys Brewery for a littel bit between nappies and pub running.
Hope to see people here for beer or charity whisky. Myself, my family, friends and the pub and clientelle have made a concerted effort to make money for the hospice and our running total for this year stands at around 10 grand. Not bad for a hive of scum and villainy
On 24 May 2012 at 3:14pm Local wrote:
That is a fantastic total! Brilliant work all round!
On 24 May 2012 at 3:34pm @mrmzholland wrote:
Nice one Huw.
Hope to get along there on Sunday sir.
On 24 May 2012 at 4:07pm uncle ernie wrote:
@Someone else : Yes, the Elly's a great local but your pop at the Arms is bolux!
On 24 May 2012 at 5:10pm someone else wrote:
uncle e - Not a pop at the Arms at all; I just can't be doing with a certain kind of beer tourist, and when in town that sort always head for the Arms or the Gardeners.
On 25 May 2012 at 11:41am Julia Squeezer wrote:
Mr. B. Bill: I think honest food is good, unpretentious, reasonably-priced and nourishing, with no hint of cruelty in the menu (nothing smothered, lashed, crammed, seared) no suggestion that ingredients have been hand-picked from a south-facing aisle of Tescos, and a complete absence of jus.
It's not rocket salad.
On 25 May 2012 at 9:40pm Dave wrote:
Brilliant Julia, well said
On 25 May 2012 at 9:46pm Dave wrote:
And no 'Pan fried', calves liver, how else would you fry it?
Ooooh it makes me seethe, the pretensious marketisms you get in some of these places, sliced pig, hens periods and doubled sliced potatoes for me waiter.

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