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Barcombe Mills- public access

On 11 Jul 2010 at 3:34pm Karen wrote:
I was at Barcombe Mills today and a man was walking around telling people that the land was private and there was no public right of access
He refused to say who he was except to say that he was representing the owner of a local house - he refused to identify this person either. There are barbed wire fences all along one side of the riverbank preventing walking along the river and despoiling what has been for many years a popoular local beauty spot
On 11 Jul 2010 at 6:21pm supporter wrote:
Karen have you read the other threads here?
scroll down for the ongoing saga.
On 11 Jul 2010 at 8:09pm MC wrote:
Councillor Rosalyn St. Pierre was down there too.
The fence is proving useless. It ends on the gradual sloping muddy bank of the Andrews cut where the fence posts are easy to pull out... and they have been. Someone has made a fire.
I still think a couple of well worded signs should be tried before implementing anything this radical.
On 12 Jul 2010 at 7:48am Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
While I can understand that people are angry and want to get the fence down, it's counterproductive imo as it lends weight to his argument that he is plagued by oiks and lowlife. He'll get more sympathy for his heavy-handedness becuase if it.
On 12 Jul 2010 at 3:14pm Dan wrote:
Its another dump now........let the lefties on a free day out enjoy it with the wrappers, dog crap and dreadful people one sees there now. The owner seriously should have researched what he bought before he did so - tough tits.....
On 12 Jul 2010 at 5:50pm The Man wrote:
And there's a huge pile of rubbish left lying around the bin. Why on earth don't these people take their rubbish home with them?

Dan, I think the numbers of summer visitors to the Mills has increased a lot over recent years (since the guy bought the property), possibly in inverse proportion to their behaviour.
On 12 Jul 2010 at 6:33pm rosalyn st Pierre wrote:
I often go down to the Mills. I am arranging more litter bins in the carpark and Lewes District bin men have kindly said they will clean them out every time they pass. It is right, there are 18 sewage farms above the Mills (on the river and its tributaries) but it is also the input for the treatment works for the drinking water. Raw sewage comes down the river after heavy rain when the storm water causes the sewage farms to release 'excess' water. Last year swimmers did get ill but whether from the river water or excess alcohol I am not sure.Local walkers have used the paths for years, with and without dogs and cattle have been in the fields for years, so no change there on the quantity of animal poo.
On 12 Jul 2010 at 9:09pm Extra wrote:
The Man: The weekend rubbish was cleared early on Monday morning by a retired farmer before being collected by LDC, who will also collect on Friday.
Rosalyn: It's not just animal poo, and it's not in the water!
On 12 Jul 2010 at 10:45pm MC wrote:
Isn't it 38 sewage treatment works constantly draining into the Sussex Ouse catchment, not 18?
On 13 Jul 2010 at 11:54am Joe wrote:
Was at the Mills last night at 9.30 am walking the dog. There was a group of teenagers making a lot of noise, jumping in and out of the river. They had a blazing fire going and were where they shouldn't be behind the new fence.
I can not see the landowner wanting to compromise while this is still going on.
On 13 Jul 2010 at 1:17pm snake catcher wrote:
Eeeeuwww! who wants to swin in seweage water???
On 13 Jul 2010 at 1:53pm MC wrote:
OK, another sign suggestion:

Beware Pirahnas
On 13 Jul 2010 at 10:39pm KH wrote:
Gazza Strip?!! Northern Ireland?!! Does this sound familiar? In the grand scheme of things, get overself Mr!
On 13 Jul 2010 at 10:52pm Elizabeth wrote:
The environment agency have seen fit to change the area by mowing and manicuring the landscape. What was once an overgrown natural wildlife haven, has now become a playground for litter louts.
On 13 Jul 2010 at 10:59pm KH wrote:
Is the landowner going to be responsible for any injuries caused to the public on his land? Any access for the disabled?
On 15 Jul 2010 at 6:07pm Lilo wrote:
I thought the days of Lord Of The Mamor were over?

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