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Any vaccination news?

On Wed 13 Jan at 3:12pm Formerly AC-T wrote:
Just wondered if anyone had heard how the Covid vaccinations were going in this area?
Someone told me that on the first day at River Lodge some people ended up waiting for 4 hours, despite having appointments, but apart from that, I've heard nothing.
Will everyone in Lewes have to wait for an appointment at River Lodge, or will some go to one or other of the hospitals? Or even get a summons to Epsom racecourse or the Excel?
In other parts of the country, I've heard (anecdotally) that the vaccination centres had already moved on to vaccinating people in their 70s.
On Wed 13 Jan at 6:16pm Hyena wrote:
Iím having mine tomorrow in Hastings ( I work primarily in St Leonardís) Iím a social care worker for a charity. I havenít yet heard of anyone in their Seventies in East Sussex being vaccinated, again this is only anecdotally though.
On Wed 13 Jan at 10:14pm Tom Pain wrote:
You can have mine if you want it, lend me your arm!
On Wed 13 Jan at 10:17pm Tom Pain wrote:
As a hyena do you get a free rabies shot?
On Thu 14 Jan at 7:04am Hyena wrote:
No, but I have a natural immunity to dicks.
On Thu 14 Jan at 7:54am Formerly AC-T wrote:
Someone I know does frontline social care work and is therefore in the priority group.
They have to go to one of the hospitals for their vaccinations and book their appointments via a website. There are 6 hospitals across both counties and Brighton doing them. She has gone onto the website several times a day for several days, and they are all showing as fully booked, every time.
Another 2 sites are supposed to be opening, in East Grinstead and Hove, so she's hoping to get lucky and get an appointment at one of those.
Clearly, there isn't enough capacity to meet the demand even in the top priority group.
On Thu 14 Jan at 8:28am Hyena wrote:
My organisation was contacted directly by the NHS asking for names of staff, this list was then sent back to them and then staff were phoned individually and offered appointments.
On Thu 14 Jan at 8:44am Robertlewes wrote:
Since that first day confusion itís been very smooth down River Lodge and hundreds of over 80s have been vaccinated. They all wait after the injection in the marquee outside for 15 minutes.
On Thu 14 Jan at 11:04am Formerly AC-T wrote:
The organisation my friend works for has over 1,000 eligible staff, Hyena, so that may be why staff are having to make their own arrangements. Plus it's pan-Sussex, and a lot of staff are peripatetic, so that could complicate things.
Glad to hear River Lodge is working well now. I really don't understand why health and social care staff can't get appointments locally, instead of having to go to a hospital site.
On Thu 14 Jan at 12:07pm stevied wrote:
My mother in law in a Lewes care home was done yesterday, and my mum (in her 80s) is being done on Saturday
On Thu 14 Jan at 12:31pm Hyena wrote:
AC-T , my organisation is about half that size spanning all of Sussex and Kent , with many peripatetic workers, the workers in Kent have been receiving the vaccine for about three weeks, East Sussex started this week . Not sure about West Sussex.
On Thu 14 Jan at 1:20pm Nick wrote:
Isnít it dreadful that people are having to wait their turn
On Thu 14 Jan at 2:14pm Formerly AC-T wrote:
It's not waiting that's dreadful, Nick, I don't have a problem with waiting.
My concern is that it has taken ages in some areas and has been very slow in others. Given that East Sussex has historically had a high proportion of the very elderly among its population, many of whom will require input from social care workers, so why is the council here 3 weeks behind Kent CC in getting these workers vaccinated?
More of a concern is that in some areas, they have already started vaccinating younger age groups, in one (anecdotal) case, people in their early 70s (group 4) are already being vaccinated. We are in an area of high infection rates, and people in group 2 (frontline H&SC workers) still can't get appointments.
It's yet another postcode lottery but, more importantly, it increases risk and therefore potentially pressure on our hospitals.
On Thu 14 Jan at 3:41pm Nick wrote:
It is still early days. Some people are not turning up for there jabs which is wasteful, particularly in respect of the Pfizer vaccine. I know NHS staff who have been offered a Pfizer jab at very late notice in order to prevent wastage. This could in part explain the random perception of things.
On Thu 14 Jan at 4:24pm Hyena wrote:
Nick, I work with people with Aspergers and mental health issues in a supported living and outreach service, we support approximately 50 people , in 10 months we have had 4 people contract COVID both the people we support and staff .
I work and have worked with people who are COVID positive. I may have misunderstood your point but are you suggesting that myself and my colleagues should wait our turn? I personally think there is a strong case for various groups to be prioritised for vaccine including teachers and the emergency services but as ACT has pointed out it does seem to be post code dependent.
On another note , I had the vaccine ( Pfizer)this afternoon, it was at Kings Church opposite the Conquest and was extremely quick and efficient , they appeared to be getting through a large volume of people as it was extremely busy.
On Thu 14 Jan at 5:40pm Nick wrote:
Hyena, it would be logistically impossible for everyone to be first in the queue. This is a massive exercise with lots of links in the chain. Clearly, you were quite near the top of the queue given that there are some 67 million people still waiting!
On Fri 15 Jan at 10:12am Hyena wrote:
You donít say.
On Fri 15 Jan at 2:27pm Formerly AC-T wrote:
Well, the online booking system for health and social care workers to book their appointments has now been removed from the website.
They now have to wait to be told when they can book.
Sounds like it's all going swimmingly. /s
On Fri 15 Jan at 10:01pm Local99 wrote:
Carp carp fookin carp.
On Thu 28 Jan at 9:37am Cedric wrote:
Foundry Healthcare has started calling in those in their 70ís for their Covid vaccinations. Theyíre running a very efficient service........well done to them!
On Sun 7 Feb at 7:46pm MarryLewis36 wrote:
Did you also get a call from 03005610230?
According to 'Who Called Me' website, the telephone number 0300 561 0230 should belong to the NHS Immunisation Management Service.
I am afraid that my mum has been scammed by them. is it possible that the number can be spoofed for real?

Check it out here »
On Mon 8 Feb at 4:28pm Cedric wrote:
I was contacted by telephone from the surgery who gave me an appointment time.
Yes telephone numbers can be spoofed and it is quite common for spammers to clone bank telephone numbers too.
If you get a suspicious call from a number that you recognise as Ďgenuine,íit is a good idea to call them back on a different telephone as they are able to hold the line open if you redial them on the same line.
On Mon 8 Feb at 5:33pm Cedric wrote:
MarryLewis36. Just a bit more info which I hope that youíll find explains it better.

Check it out here »

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