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Aldi parking

On 2 May 2015 at 6:45pm A person wrote:
I went to Aldi around midday today. I knew it would be busy, what with the farmers market and the fact that we're about to have a siege visited upon us because of the bank holiday. So there were predictable queues to get into the car park, and predictable questionable parking decisions going on all over the place.

But what on earth was the bloke in the small dark car doing? He drove round the corner and couldn't see a space. So he then decided to DO A THREE POINT TURN. Right outside the entrance, where all the traffic passes and all the shoppers with their trolleys are jostling. He didn't decide to drive round the one way system: oh dear me no. And it wasn't a three point turn either: it was a 94 point turn in the face of complete disbelief on everyone else's faces! It was like something from a carry-on film, except he couldn't fathom why everyone was gesticulating at him.

If that sounds familiar, please volunteer for a retest...
On 5 May 2015 at 5:16pm Sussex Driver wrote:
No, 'twasn't me, as I was 'oop country for the weekend, and neithe rof my ususal cars is "small" and "dark", but from the sound of it he was doing one of two things...
1. Proving he was totally incompetent, and should have his licence revoked on grounds he is not fit to be incntrol of a motor vehicle in a public space.
2. Proving he was totally inconsiderate of everyone else, and that he will thus fit in well with the majority of arrogant, inconsiderate, and frankly dangerous drivers I encounter on the Sussex highways every day, those drivers whose only thoughts seem to be "How dare anyone interrupt or delay my journey in any way at all...don't they know my journey is the only on that matters, and that my time is infinitely more prescious than theirs....".
Either way, he seems to have been totally unaware, or uncaring, of the inconvenience (and posisble danger?) his mindless action was having on others trying to go about their business.
Shame he didn't actually hit something or someone, that might just have brought him to his senses, and cost him a few quid in insurance claim/compensation too....

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