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Ah, ah say,

On 28 Aug 2009 at 5:52pm foghorn leghorn wrote:
ah say boy, I got me a broody chicken here. Now quit your hootin an a hollerin there boy an just me some of that good ole homespun chicken advice. An get off that there nest there Henrietta!
On 28 Aug 2009 at 6:41pm north carolina girl wrote:
so........just what type of advice are you seeking?
On 28 Aug 2009 at 7:28pm Old Ted wrote:
Nurse, someone needs your help.
On 28 Aug 2009 at 7:36pm Mark wrote:
I see men in whitecoats approaching
On 28 Aug 2009 at 10:30pm Tax Payer wrote:
foghorn you need to apply vaseline - that will help
On 28 Aug 2009 at 11:16pm north carolina girl wrote:
none of my girls have ever needed it. they just want/need a comfortable and safe place to brood their eggs.....away from predators. of course, they will need their food and water very close by. in 3 weeks, there should be a blessed event.
On 29 Aug 2009 at 1:10am foghorn leghorn wrote:
In plain English: I am a chicken keeper and one of my hens has gone broody. Do any fellow chicken keepers have any advice? Sorry for being abstruse. I was trying to raise a smile. Never mind.
On 29 Aug 2009 at 1:25am Hannibal wrote:
I've got some large scissors, I could pop round and do the necessary, I've never seen a headless chicken run around, we could set up an obstacle course.
On 29 Aug 2009 at 7:59am old Ted wrote:
It's not worth trying humour on here Foghorn - it never comes across. Just ask Spongebob. He jokes all the time but everyone thinks he's being serious.
On 29 Aug 2009 at 8:02am Little Ted wrote:
I see - clever names - au contraire Old Ted I would suggest that ALL of the above posters display more than a little wit in their responses
On 29 Aug 2009 at 10:45am Maria wrote:
I have two sick chickens at the moment: very lacklustre. As for broody hens, get some fertilised eggs for her to sit on - if you do not know anyone who can supply you with them get in touch with me. Best of luck!
On 29 Aug 2009 at 1:19pm gardening wrote:
in this forum, it is sometimes difficult to know which is 'humour' and which is an honest-to-goodness question.
like i've already stated, just do what you can to give your hen some shelter from inclement weather and protection from predators. you won't need to move her from where she is right now......she has most likely already picked the spot . Mother Nature is a really amazing thing; the hen knows exactly what she needs to do, in order to incubate her eggs. occasionally, she will get up for a few minutes to stretch her legs, but she won't ever be away from her eggs for more than 5 minutes or so. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you..... good luck to you all!
On 29 Aug 2009 at 7:51pm foghorn leghorn wrote:
Hello Gardener and Maria,
To explain further, I have 3 laying hens but now Henrietta is broody, not laying and hogging the nest box. I don't want chicks, I just want her to get out of the box and lay eggs as usual. I've been closing the box after the other two lay so she can't get in - anything else I could do?
Otherwise it's roast chicken for Sunday dinner next week!
On 29 Aug 2009 at 8:36pm gardening chicken mama wrote:
d'oh! i'm sorry....but i honestly don't know how to stop a hen from going broody! some of my friends make boxes for the hen that are not large enough for them to brood in, only large enough to lay the eggs. i sure hope you don't have to roast poor henrietta!
On 29 Aug 2009 at 9:26pm aunt fanny wrote:
On 29 Aug 2009 at 11:06pm chicken lickin wrote:

Heres a toast to a great roast, Henriettas given up the ghost.
cook her slow, cook her long,compliments go to the host
lay the table for one more .
Henrietta is no more.
On 30 Aug 2009 at 8:30am foghorn leghorn wrote:
Ok folks, I'm trying my best
With that non-egg-laying feathered pest
I'll give it a week, Let's see and wait
Will keep you posted on Henrietta's fate
Don't worry, I won't do anything hasty
But if she don't buck up her ideas
We'll find out if she is mmmhmmm TASTY
On 30 Aug 2009 at 11:07am chicken lickin wrote:
Henrietas feeling sore
she does not want to lay some more
shes had enough being up the duff
and I think that is fair enough
On 30 Aug 2009 at 5:29pm Smiler wrote:
Foghorns useless little hen
is brooding on her belly
perhaps she'd like to go inside
and see whats on the telly
On 30 Aug 2009 at 6:12pm Goodies Annual c1973 wrote:
Mary had a little lamb and it was always grunting, so she tied it to a five-bar gate and kicked it's little **** **
On 30 Aug 2009 at 7:11pm aunt fanny wrote:
WELL Leghorn Foghorn I sure did bring out the Poets on this thread I wish you and Henretta well
On 30 Aug 2009 at 7:50pm aunt fanny wrote:
Well are we now talking about lamb Goodies Annual, that lowered the tone for a Sunday evening theres always one
On 1 Sep 2009 at 10:32am FELINE wrote:
Foghorn leghorn, you need to keep pulling her out of the nest box and close it if necessary to stop her going in. If you leave her she will sit there for weeks and starve herself. If necessary she will need to go into a seperate hen house where she can't sit in a egg box. You need to break the habit as soon as possible. Is she a hybrid or a pure breed? Also - do you let them roam free during the day as it is easier to break the habit if you do.
On 1 Sep 2009 at 10:53am Ed Can Do wrote:
I think a calm approach is best, don't get over EGGScited. Before you SHELL out for a new box, consider CHICKEN out a few websites on the subject.

On 1 Sep 2009 at 10:56am sashimi wrote:
I think Foghorn Leghorn is more of a farmer than a pet lover in view of his last post, in which case he should bear in mind that with shortening day length, Henrietta and friends should all stop laying for the winter soon. The 'realistic' approach is to 'retire' the lot of them and replace them with 20 week old point of lay hens who will keep up your fresh supplies for the next 12 months. Of course, if they are all now 'family', you'll have to be prepared to go back to getting your egg supplies from Tesco for a while.
On 1 Sep 2009 at 11:22am Ed Can Do wrote:
You mean he should eggspect a barren period now the summer is ova?
On 1 Sep 2009 at 7:16pm Foghorn Leghorn wrote:
Enoeuf of the egg jokes.

Ha! A farmer! I wish. Feline, I have managed to get Henrietta out of the nest box, and she is to all intents and purposes now a normal hen again - apart from the lack of egg production! I shall give her some more time...

Re: shortening day lengths, I was hoping that my 3 hybrid hens continue laying, albeit perhaps less regularly, this winter. We shall see. Birds eh?
On 1 Sep 2009 at 10:29pm aunt fanny wrote:
we used to mix cod liver oil in the chicken feed not to much just enough to get her going let us know if it works foghorn leghorn
On 1 Sep 2009 at 11:56pm Smiler wrote:
We found that putting a clothes peg on the hens clitoris makes the vulva distend and promotes egg production.
Interestingly though the clitoris of a hen is just behind its left ear and can sometimes be quite difficult to find
On 2 Sep 2009 at 9:09am Foghorn Leghorn wrote:
Oh dear; you can take the boy out of Brighton....
On 2 Sep 2009 at 10:58am Ed Can Do wrote:
If nothing else, these eggscelent responses have been most hentertaining. Some of them really cracked me up.

I'll stop now.
On 3 Sep 2009 at 11:30am Foghorn Leghorn wrote:
Well there is good news for Henrietta everyone. 3 eggs in the nestbox this morning.
I was weighing up chicken dispatching methods only yesterday.
I'll have to go to Tescos for the sunday roast instead...
On 3 Sep 2009 at 1:47pm Ed Can Do wrote:
Go to Ben's Butchers or Richards', the meat is significantly nicer and about the same price.

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