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Adam Clearly

On 30 Aug 2019 at 12:57pm nancy wrote:
Is the Brexit Party candidate for Lewes. Couldn't do worse than our Maria.
On 30 Aug 2019 at 1:13pm Green Sleeves wrote:
What an easy gig being a brexit party politician is. Just keep on repeating about the "will of the people" and "leave means leave" (whilst wearing some references to the Union Jack or St George's cross flags), and if they aren't responding with positive neanderthal grunts, then they clearly are "remoaners" not worthy of your time, as they require substance and facts to have any chance of being convinced (and actual policies beyond ditching EU membership and losing 80 or so FTA's we currently have).

A few conspiracy theories about the EU and George Soros tend to work quite well too. Some people's heads explode when they discuss terms like "globalists".
On 30 Aug 2019 at 7:51pm Sensible wrote:
Mr. Cleary is a highly successful and extensively experienced currency trader and entrepreneur, and is exactly the kind of person the majority of people in Lewes can relate to. I believe he will bring his excellent and cutting-edge experience to good use in The Brexit Party in the endless opportunities that exist in Britain. We do not consider the Conservative Party as suitable for the time being. Many of their members are neither conservative, nor interested in preserving the Party of their ancestors.
On 30 Aug 2019 at 8:27pm Sussex Jim wrote:
A Brexit Party candidate would be unlikely to gain the Lewes seat. All they could achieve in an imminent election would be to split the vote between our current MP and any hurriedly designated Liberal* candidate.
Of course; if the next GE were to be held AFTER we exit the EU on October 31st., the Brexit Party would then have no reason to exist!
*I refer to the yellow party as "Liberal" - as they are no longer democratic, being openly hostile to the result of the referendum.
On 30 Aug 2019 at 10:35pm Bert wrote:
Of course even if the GE was after we exit, we can't be sure any elected government will not charm the EU to allow us back in ! The Brexit party definitely won't do that, so and there are several local conservative MPs with very small majorities. And we, the electorate need to continue hammering home we still want to leave and current MPs are just not listerning to us ! I believe in democracy !
On 31 Aug 2019 at 7:14am Buzzard wrote:
I understand Mr. Cleary runs a London investment business and specializes in cryptocurrency speculation. As such he represents the heart and soul of Brexit, and I warmly commend him to Conservative voters who understand the importance of Making Britain Grate Again.
On 31 Aug 2019 at 8:59am Sensible wrote:
Now it appears some unwashed oxygen thieves are intending to cause unrest and distress amid normal, law-abiding members of the public, by interfering with rights of way on the Cliffe Bridge in Lewes today, because the inferior cry-babies and their leader in anti-democracy, Corbyn, wish to stand in the way of the will of the people. They must be reported to the authorities. I have requested a Section 35 dispersal order through a channel available to me, and expect to see mass arrests and prosecutions, as happened when such an order was disobeyed recently during protests in London. Long-term detention is appropriate, here. I implore loyal citizens today to film and photograph the rabble, and hand over all images as evidence. The will of the people as overwhelmingly expressed in the referendum of 2016 shall be obeyed. We will not be distracted by left-wing forces' invalid portrayal of Mr. Johnson's necessary preparations for a new parliamentary session. A line has now been drawn, by Authority, under three years of unnecessary debate.
On 31 Aug 2019 at 10:14pm Tom Pain wrote:
It's so reassuring to know that the European Central Bank is in good hands. Christine Lagarde, former head of the IMF,convicted of "negligence" ( I wonder what that is an euphemism for?)for handing out sheaves of the taxpayer's folding stuff to a business man is now in charge. No wonder people are so worried about Brexit, if she can escape punishment for that and land another top job she must be good at something.
On 31 Aug 2019 at 11:58pm Basil wrote:
Buzzard wrote: 'I understand Mr. Cleary runs a London investment business and specializes in cryptocurrency speculation. As such he represents the heart and soul of Brexit...'

So what did you make of th fact, Buzzard, that the Cty and the banks told us to vote Remain in 2016 and contributed generously to the Remain campaign? Did you draw any conclusions from that about how useful the EU neo-liberal project is to ordinary people as it is to finance capitalism?
'Electoral Commission figures show that, before the referendum, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley each donated 250,000 to Britain Stronger in Europe, while Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan donated 500,000 each.
Lloyds, which is part-owned by the government, gave loans to the Remain campaign with just one per cent interest.
And what about individual bankers? David Harding, the billionaire founder and chief executive of the hedge fund Winton Capital Management, gave the Remain campaign 3.5million.
Lloyd Blankfein, senior chair at Goldman Sachs (formerly its chief executive), has called for a second EU referendum.'
On 1 Sep 2019 at 8:02pm Tom Pain wrote:
Oh basil, how could you? You're not supposed to notice things like that. The whole Brexit affair runs on calling people names like bigot, conspiracy theorist or racist and things like that. What do you do? bring up vulgar details like cash. You should be more like Greensleeves who has no hard feelings about Saint Soros screwing Britain for millions on black Wednesday, It's just what financiers do, they're wonderful philanthropists who live in hovels in the woods and help the poor.
On 28 Sep 2019 at 12:08pm Dixon wrote:
"Mr. Cleary is a highly successful and extensively experienced currency trader and entrepreneur, and is exactly the kind of person the majority of people in Lewes can relate to."
No he's not.
How is a 'Currency Trader' going to help Lewes?
Please answer this?
Or am I missing something? Has Lewes been floated on the stock market?
Has Lewes been twinned with Switzerland and her Banks?
Society is divided, there are huge problems of housing, wage stagnation, businesses closing.
I Know, lets call a Currency trader

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