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Prince Edwards Road Lewes BN7 1BL 01273 488237 christ-church-lewes.org

May Sun 26
@ Christs Church Hall
Bacon butties, quiz, craft activities and at 10.30 am celebration. Suitable for all ages.
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Fri 31
@ Christs Church Hall
Quiz, Craft, Celebration and Lunch. Suitable for all ages.
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Regular Events

17:00 - 18:00
Beginners Tai chi class. Suitable for all.
We are learning the foundations and principles inherent in all tai chi:
Soft, gentle connected movement, dissolving tension and postural awareness and the connection between mind, breath and movement.
The class begins with warm up exercises, then single movements from the form and finally the form itself.
All welcome.

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18:15 - 19:45
This is an intermediate class for those learning the Wu style long form.

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19:45 - 20:45 This class runs on an on-going basis with short one or two weeks breaks at holiday times at Easter and Christmas and August up for discussion!
Gain strength and improve posture while enjoying this friendly class for a full workout. Take time to breathe, centre and focus helping to rid your mind of life's stresses and come away feeling invigorated and energised. Classes are run in blocks. FREE trial class for all newbies. Please book in advance.

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