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Yang Style Tai Chi Class for Beginners

This Yang Style Tai Chi Class is suitable for complete beginners, those who have studied tai chi or other martial arts elsewhere before and who would like to get back into it, and everyone else in between.

Our Lewes class focuses on body alignment, rooting, grounding, softening, and mindful movement through a short tai chi form (about 20 moves).

Our school (covering the sussex area) teaches a Full Yang Style Curriculum, so you will have access to an extremely wide breadth of classes/workshops/seminars and extended learning, plus a community of lovely tai chi people to train and practice with! For more info check out our website: taichiandinternalarts.com

Starting later in the year, we will also be teaching Tai Chi Sword in Lewes, and we recommend getting an understanding of our style of 'bare-hand' practice before you embark on sword!

Your first class is free!

20/month for those receiving state pension, jsa, students, PIP etc.

Lewes New School @ 7:15pm
19:15 - 20:15
30/ month

Talbot Terrace
Lewes BN7 2DS 01273 477074 w: lewesnewschool.co.uk

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