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The Sacred Womb -Women group Info morning.

Welcome woman from all walkabouts to join me on Easter Sunday 21 , the perfect day to AWAKEN you Womb and your female essence.

You will also have a taste of The Alchemy of Love I create and share in my experiential groups work and workshops.

If you are curious about your womb, how it works, why is important to be connected, what is the relationship to your female essence and sexuality, how it can be healed......then this workshop is for you!

You will explore, recognise, understand, embody your natural Receptive Power through our receptive channel, THE SACRED WOMB and learn to give it voice.

We will meet in: Receptivity, Meditation, Awareness, Presence, Sisterhood, Ancestral Wisdom, Education, Empowerment, Love & Kind Understanding.

This is a transformational process that supports all woman to clear and heal the womb and the ancestral lineage. It is a Psycho Somatic, Educational and Transpersonal approach to Healing.

*Explore and connect to your Receptive Authentic Power, so you know what it is, how it feels, how it taste, so you can own it, trust it and embodied in you.
*Understand how your heart reacts in expansion and contraction and in the expression of your inner desires, longings and manifestation, you will understand how your fears prevents your for reaching real and grounded manifestation of your dreams, real intimacy and love.
*You will meet and understand your own internal fear mechanism: freeze, flight or fight and by recognising it, you will learn how to use your inner power, intuition and direction .
*You will learn about your body and self regulation that will support you in not getting lost or overwhelmed in the world of your emotions or meeting love, instead, you will be able to maintain your receptive ground, holding and containing your strong space.
*Most important, You will learn to follow your times and rhythm, the moon and the sun, and you will be able to meet your woman, in your receptive sexual female nature, because you will “know it” in your heart.

The group is in formation and we will start next coming Sunday Eve, 5th May 6-9 pm.

Call or Text for more information and to reserve your place.

For Information and Bookings
Uma: 07494239051

The door is Open..
You are very welcome !

Lewes BN7

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