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Senior Contemporary Dance classes

Contemporary and creative dance classes for those aged 7-12yrs.

With contemporary dance studied as part of many school curriculums, these classes develop physical skills, choreography and performance in this style of dance that will help prepare students for the transition to secondary school.

Senior classes are for those aged 13-18 years and are aim to boost GCSE and A’level dance grades. Classes include Graham, Cunningham and Release techniques, floor and travelling exercises as well as time for students to explore their own creative ideas as soloists or with others.

NATD Grades 1-6 are on offer for those who wish to take exams in contemporary dance, as will new Rambert grades in the new year.

Buy tickets

Ringmer Community College @ 5:30pm
17:30 - 18:30
£7 per class / FREE taster sessions

Lewes Road
Ringmer Lewes BN8 5RB 01273 812220 w: ringmer.e-sussex.sch.uk

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