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Natural Musicians with Chris Holland

This is a training day for those who would like to become kitted up with loads of activities for delivering the Music Curriculum outdoors through Nature Connection activities.

This is Nature interpretation with bells, didgeridoos, guitars and whistles! Discover and learn to share the harmony, literacy, numeracy and science of Nature through fun activities. Make a guiro and a shekere to take home. Suitable for beginners, Forest School leaders, Teaching Assistants, and adept music and class teachers alike.

Chris is a leading inspiration in the field of nature connection and environmental education for families and schools in the UK and increasingly worldwide. He has many things in his teaching bundle including a degree in environmental science and a natural talent for working with groups of people, telling stories, sharing bushcraft skills, foraging, creating environmental art and playing the didgeridoo too. He wrote his first book, “I Love my World”, in 2009 and launched an "inspirational" Storytelling for Outdoor Learning course online in 2017. He lives in Devon and loves swimming, surfing and climbing trees barefoot. Chris is founder of Wholeland, and all of his free resources are available at https://www.natureconnection.co.uk/

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